Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Where is Michael Jackson?

The world it keeps on spinning and makes a vortical path around the sun, which makes a vortical path around our galaxy, which makes a vortical path through the physical universe. All energy, all moving ceaselessly and constantly changing. From one instant to the next we are not the same people we were a moment before and the world is a different world. With each day large numbers leave their physical bodies and another even larger number replace them in new bodies.

With this in mind, it helps put the world in perspective - as a place where everything is temporal and short-lived on a cosmic scale. There is one thing that remains and that is the experiences and knowledge recorded into the quantized energy fields of this tide of humanity which washes in and out on the shores of the Earth.

For the past while, the death of Michael Jackson, 80s pop icon, is focused on by the media as a diversion. Much focus is placed on his life, his flaws and his tale of woe. Almost no one asks...where is Michael now? Really? Where are all those who die? Death is the primal fear that exerts such a strong power over the masses that they do not want to think about the inevitable - their own death and the death of their loved ones. The culture of youth is so powerful because youth is the opposite of death in the eyes of most. The young are furthest away, whereas the old are the closest. So the quest to look young is actually a declaration of ignorance regarding the whole cyclic course of evolution. It is the admission of fear, a declaration of one's own insecurities.

I see youth differently. Youth are actually the closest to death. In the eyes of a baby or a toddler you still see the ghosts of previous people and their lives. It's still very clear and unaltered by new regenerations of the past in a new setting with new versions of the personalities they have previously known. Children can see ghosts and astral obsessions easier as well. As a baby they may cry and look into the distance unable to voice what they see, but by 2 or 3 they can tell you about the strange person looking at them or the ghosts coming out of the closet. This is because they are still closer to this non-physical spectra. By the time they are 10 or 11 these things will pass from them and they will be more grounded in the material spectra.

So let's return to the question, where is Michael Jackson now? Odds are he is being assisted by a number of souls whose chosen profession is to assist those who cross over. And in this case, as a celebrity who is heavily mourned and focused upon, he will need more assistance than most. Thoughts are very real things. They can burden someone who does not know how life works when they cross over. They will attract many pseudo astral entities posing as religious figures or angels. They will have to deal with the thought-form bodies and astral doppelgangers that have been formed by billions of people's thoughts. As bad as Michael Jackson's life in the physical, in the astral planes he would be even more distraught. All these frequencies which would tie into him, all the music and songs that people have listened to over the decades now carry "white noise" and this signal garbage would act as feedback all around him.

Explaining to him the basics of universal spectra, reincarnation and the rest would be possible depending upon his state of mind and receptivity. He may already know some of these things when in his quantized field body and may be taken to one of the libraries where one can review ones lives and set up future rounds to balance things that are on dangerously imbalanced paths. A life spent in a sea of materialism and insecurity, seeking love and worshipping youth will give him plenty of things to work on upon his subsequent returns.

In the future, the masses will not obsess about death and they will not mourn the dead. Such sadness, fear and depression is only a burden on those souls who cross over. Michael Jackson is not dead. Not really. For that matter, NO ONE has ever ended their existence on an Earth world. This portion of the spectra is not where such final absorptions, if they occur, take place, even though it's pretty close to these subastral 'hell' spectras. This world is just one classroom in a universe full of classrooms, each with their own content and curriculum.

Birth/Death are flip sides of the same doorway. Out of one room and into another.

It's the very low level of this classroom, that makes this knowledge still scarce. However, eventually, this classroom will evolve too and the societies it houses will be just a bit sharper and more experienced than before. When this happens all the mysticism, ceremony, morbidity and melancholia that surround the transition process will disappear and, later still, people will regularly communicate with departed loved ones almost as easily as we text folks with our cell phones.

My advice to Michael is to pay very close attention to those who are now assisting him. If he does so, his future lives can be much happier, productive and longer than this one was. In his position he can learn to use the love directed at him by his fans and return it to them regenerated, so that it assists them and helps them to find balance as well.

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