Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Vacation With My Boss

For some folks, the idea of taking a vacation with their boss would be onerous. The very prospect would turn it into a task and not a vacation. Vacation ostensibly is to get away from work and spend personal time.

Vacationing with my boss is the opposite of work, it is sheer delight beyond all measure. My boss, as regular readers know, is the blond haired, blue eyed being that works in "The Room" which appears all white and bright.

My boss is old. Very, very old. She is a much older woman. ;-) She is much older than Methuselah. She is much older than the Earth itself. This said she still cuts a striking - natch - mesmerizing appearance and I confess I have been crushing on her for some time. She doesn't mind. She understands all this and takes it in stride. She knows and deals with so many beings, that one would think she would become numb to people. I am happy to report it is exactly the opposite with her. She knows so many that it has increased her depth of understanding and appreciation of each infinitely unique individual. When one interfaces with her she reflects back one's own infinite future and this is a very unique experience.

Yes, because she is in many ways timeless, she has become so infinite that she can reflect your future to you - at least one possible future. This makes her rather interesting to be around, as she acts as a bellweather for one's positive, constructive actions. When one is around her it is much, much harder to do the wrong things. She brings out the good in all those she interacts with. When I visit her and her associates in the room, it always manages to help clear away the fog of materialism and see the true course - infinite, progressive evolution.

I have vacationed with her before, but many years lapsed between each one. One doesn't get too many vacations in this line of work. Not because my 'bosses' are stern taskmasters, but rather because a vacation requires one's own ability to make the time and literally step outside the 3rd dimensional timestream. So I have myself to blame for this long duration between vacations.

This vacation was worth the wait. We traveled through the past and the future, stopping off at four worlds besides the Earth. I saw future and past versions of myself - all too often making the same sorts of mistakes I make now - and learning what character flaws I still need to iron out. The best part is the equilibrium it left me with upon my return. The normal biases I hold of all the things going on in the world (i.e ignorance, poverty, materialism, violence, degeneracy, etc.) all were almost nil. I could, and still can, see with her eyes for just a while and I shall try to hold on to that more infinite perspectus she possesses for as long as possible.

Yes, vacationing with my boss is a pleasure. The loving warmth of her personality, the kindness of her spirit and the depth of her soul and knowledge make such vacations a soul-quenching experience that revitalizes, refreshes and renews.

I may work pro-bono, but there are definitely perks of this job that can't be tagged with a price.


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