Thursday, January 28, 2010

The &%$! Hits The Fan (Part 85)

"We have a real-time feed on the suspect vehicle. It is traveling on the 805 southbound, between La Jolla Village Drive and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard."

I get into the car with Yal-hune. I know San Diego well enough to catch up to him when he stops.

Yal-hune turns to me, "He's going to the press. There are two news channels in the area and his brother is friends with a newscaster."

"Did he tell his brother about the texts?"

"Yes. He's been talking very openly after Isis was captured."

" idiot!"

Breaking a dozen national security laws is serious business. I used to think he was not the type to blab, after all his profile showed extreme strength of character and his PSYESP testing was a perfect score. Now I realize he was in love with Isis and love makes people do dumb things. I call Tech1 in Shamballa,

"We have a Code Argus level leak. Implement Full Sweep. Initiate HERMES. Oh and by the way, I will temporarily resume my position as Tech1, if you will permit it."

"Code Argus? My God...Encyclopedia?"


"Unbelievable. Of course you have your position back. Just in time too - I have hated being Tech1. I'll start the sweep and we'll fall back to Position Delta."

An organization like SDAI, which is so secret it doesn't exist on the books anywhere, has plans for leaks of huge magnitude such as would occur when a top Tech might defect or reveal information after being captured and tortured. Tech1, Tech2 and Tech3 are the only ones who know the details of HERMES. Argus was a creature with countless eyes who could see everything. He was defeated by Hermes who lulled all of his many eyes to sleep. When a leak of this magnitude occurs,identified as an Code ARGUS level leak, everything changes. Even the headquarters of Shamballa has several near duplicate facilities in back up which are activated and the old location is sweeped and destroyed. It no longer serves a useful purpose once its location is compromised. Naturally, this is a gargantuan effort and takes a certain amount of time. Fortunately, we have the manpower available to turn it around in about 16 hours.

I log-in to my blog from my Blackberry and shut it down. News reporters will be looking for any sort of corroborating evidence on the web and collecting details. It ticks me off. 6 years of blogging all buried because of Encyclopedia's loose mouth.

"He's pulling into a news studio."

The voice is the satellite team leader's.

"Do I have that team available yet?"

"Team J is en route via helicopter. They are about 4 minutes away from suspect's current location."

"Good. Have them meet me in the parking lot. We're going to need someone to contact the local authorities and get some cooperation. Last thing we need is to have interference from the local donut crews. Get on the horn with the Mayor's office, The San Diego County Sheriff's office and the San Diego Police Department."

"You got it."

Yal-hune just looks at me.


"You know what."

"No, I don't. Clarify what for me, please."

"I'm not going to say anything. You need to use your mind. All this you are doing is unnecessary if you use your mind."

I look at her and I want to kiss her. Every time I look at her features and particularly her eyes - I feel this urge. It makes it hard to want to argue with her, because I know she is almost always right. If she says I should use my mind, I should use my mind.

Of course! Encyclopedia is a low-level telepath! I should talk to him in his mind and use my mind.

"Encyclopedia? This is to talk?"

"Get out! Get out of my head!"

Yal-hune looks at me as I drive. "There are other ways to use your mind besides telepathy."

"Such as?"

"Think. Feel. Figure out what this cycle you are in is all about. Once you find a source you can work on changing it and balancing it. A team full of armed soldiers is certainly anything but a balancing action."

"He's desperate and dangerous now. He knows he's crossed the line and there is no line he wont cross."

"This is Tech1. I want Team J to remain airborne on standby. Loop the target location in a 1 mile radius."


I try to think. I try to think about the past, my deja-vu's and all this stuff. It's overwhelming and I just don't have time - but I try.

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