Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Humanity's Cage (Part 86)

I am back in Arizona. Encyclopedia and Isis are in custody at the old Shamballa facility. The Atlantean texts have been recovered. Once the news building was surrounded and entered by a fully armed team he knew he had no exit. The pressure is on to bring him up on some sort of charges or cut him some sort of deal where he makes up for the damage he has caused the Agency.

He's withdrawn and doesn't talk much. I don't trust him anymore. I don't trust Isis anymore either. If I do cut them a deal it will not be for their old positions. I'm honest with myself and realize I don't want them around the new Shamballa which has been activated. I don't like playing god with people's lives, but their own attitudes and behavior have washed away all the goodwill I once had towards them. They hold no credit with me anymore and its just charity that keeps me from washing my hands of them altogether and letting them take their lumps for being the most stupid smart people I've ever known. So many people's lives have been turned upside down because of their betrayal. So much work, money and time wasted. That's not what SDAI is all about.

As I type this entry, It acts to clarify my feelings. I can't work with people I can't trust. I will cut them loose. We have the Atlantean texts and if they have made any copies, it won't matter. It's the metallurgic content of the books themselves that is the real proof of their existence. People are skeptics, possibly more so than ever in this digital age. And they know if they keep pushing the matter, the next time they will not be so lucky. They will be incarcerated somewhere where there is no key.

Obama has cut the manned moon program in this year's budget. This was the overshadowing world's punishment for our attempts to advance. As always, the mandate, of the likes of Lal-atha, which has been imposed upon Earth still stands - no human is permitted outside the Earth's orbit. The moon is not ours - it's their moon. Space is not open - its closed. When I had Bush's ear, I could get him to promote manned exploration of space again. But Obama is surrounded by those who are almost totally overshadowed. The aliens plan to bring America and the rest of the world down has worked. Messing with the economy, dumbing down each successive generation with pacification technologies and creating a world of sheep who almost never look up at the sky above them - these are their success stories.

No one even complains much. The overshadowers have the anti-space meme down pat now. They can control the talking heads to talk about robotic exploration and how much better this is or how the money is better spent on the homeless or the hungry. No one tells it as it really is - Earth is a prison and no one is let out.

Humanity's cage.

Yeah, I know I sound depressed. I guess I am. It's been a very tough week and I realize, more than ever, that terrible precipice humanity flirts with. I realize that humanity could be wiped out tomorrow and the Confederation would not fire a single retaliatory shot at the worlds responsible. For beings who only understand the barbaric eye for an eye, the Confederation is not a threatening organization. The only thing that keeps Earth and humanity from destruction are those worlds that have taken a liking to Earth and it's sentient species, but who are NOT members of the Confederation and who are NOT all that developed yet. Beings for whom humanity's destruction would be a cue for their own genocidal rampage on the world(s) responsible - or more likely - worlds those responsible hold dear.

I haven't returned to the house since I've been back and I miss the shielding. I've been too busy activating the new Shamballa and I've slept in the new Tech1 office. Yal-hune has been holding down the fort with Skuuinja and I've hardly seen either more than once for the past week. I can't tell you how much I miss them both.

Life here is not the dirt, trees, sky or buildings. It's the people. When one finds someone who is intelligent and who makes one glad one is alive, one doesn't like to leave those people for any substantial period of time. They are like a battery for one's joie de vivre.

In my hours before falling asleep on this couch I have also been thinking about Tis-mi-ish and the life the future me lives with her. I wonder what I do? I wonder if I am smarter than I am now? Am I a better person or do I backslide and arrive in that future millennia with more baggage of all sorts? Many questions fill my head as I worry about the future and whether that future is set in stone or at risk - flirting with the same precipice of non-existence humanity faces now?

I also think of the Chief's dreams. There's something there I still need to look at. Something I need to uncover. Something very important that might save the world.
But it will have to wait. My eyelids are heavy and I keep falling half asleep as I write this.

Well, this is Tech1 signing off - for now.

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