Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Perrier or Peril? (Part 77)

Since Yal-hune completed our house I have a whole new set of perspectives that have been afforded by the vistas the mind views without overshadowing. My overwhelming desire when I am at home is no longer to apprehend Isis and retrieve the Atlantean texts, but merely to work out the largest imbalances stored in my energy anatomy. I know if I do this, everything else - becomes that much easier and is the path to ever more enjoyable/interesting and productive lifetimes.

Once one understands this process. The action/reaction routine betrays its unintelligence. Like a dog chasing its own tail only to become exhausted and accomplish nothing, reacting emotionally to events in one's life is the exact same circle spin. It only adds to the imbalances that attracted and are carried by those events in the first place. Making them continually snowball into larger problems, more painful imbalanced emotional states and a constant state of imbalance.



"I realize that our being together here at this time indicates we might have been together back then in Atlantis. Do you, too, have a past here that needs balancing? Is that part of the reason for your selection of Earth to act as Emissary?"

"Yes. This is not my first time on Earth. I have lived here in Lemuria and Atlantis, when the technocracy and culture were at greater levels of expression than now. And yes, we were together in Atlantis. I won't tell you more than that, for you still can gain great benefits by self-recognition of this past."

"Do you know how much I love you?"

"Yes, I do. What's more you know I know."

"I just can say it more freely now. No interference to make me doubt or hold back."

"I know. I love you too...infinitely...and I want you to know how much I appreciate these circumstances we find ourselves in. Working alongside you and helping you to recapture your true identity and consciousness has been as rewarding for me as it has been for you."

"I've been thinking. What if I beat Isis to the punch? What if I go public with the Atlantean texts and technologies first, but do so in such a way that diminishes the credibility of them? Include other materials that are artificial or contain false data. So when analyzed the valid will be deemed invalid? Would this work or would it be another negative replay?"

"Distortion, deception and lies are, generally, never a positive course of action. Even if one's intentions are noble to save a planet from ecological catastrophe. You woould be no better than those who produce global warming data out of wholecloth merely to justify their own belief system and acquire power over others. It is not absolutely certain theat the release of the Atlantean technologies will destroy the moon or result in disaster. There are a number of outcomes that actually turn out quite progressive and positive for the Earth after that scenario unfolds."

"There are?"

"Yes. And one has to hold in one's mind that everything will work out best - because it always does. Even the circumstances one perceives as 'horrible' become 'wonderful' when balanced and added to the ol' knowledge and experience banks."

"I agree. One then just wonders what is the best path to travel to these ever-greater perspectives and experiences. Like navigating a tightrope one doesn't wish to get too imbalanced for risk of not being able to recover and descending from a place where recovery is that much more difficult."

"Recover is always possible if one has the strength of mind to master the imbalances. It's the toughest lesson of life and ever new experiences come which try to force one into an imbalanced state. However, once this principle is so firmly entrenched into one's being, it acts as a guidepost to extraction from the deepest depths one may find oneself. It is the key that unlocks any door and the ladder that elevates you higher and higher on your endless passage through the infinite."

"That was very beautifully put, thank you."

"Yes, but as soon as you step out frm under these walls, the obsessions, overshadowers and discarnate entities will cling to you and try and influence your consciousness. They will exploit all your stored imbalances and siphon energy from you when you regenerate them and strengthen these imbalances. The downside of having a shielded structure is that it isolates you and you don't get the opportunity to fight these influences with your own mind. If one stayed here all the time, one's abilities would atrophy over time. One would become reliant on technology to do for one, what one's mind should be able to do for itself."

"I know this is true. What is perplexing is the knowledge that man's mind is like a walkie-talkie and that it is constantly receiving input that is not of it's own origin. And that this creates universal almost schizophrenic results as everyone's mind combats all these external signals."

Skuuinja walks in with several shopping bags in tow. A bag from Dillard's is over one shoulder and two grocery bags are held by her other arm.

"Allow me to assist you."

I walk over to where Skuuinja is standing looking at the two of us.

"Ah, the overshadowing shielding is up. Very nice. Do you realize this is the only place on Earth so equipped? Amazing. A planet of 6.7 billion and only one structure with shielding! I expect that some of my former comrades will be particularly targeting those who enter and leave this structure."

"That's a given. With the good comes the bad. When a child comes to school with clean new shoes, there will always be those who want nothing more than to stomp on those shoes and scuff them up."

"Mmmm. This is more protected than the Norchan shielding technology. Do you mind if I ask what is different? It seems to shield from certain other influences than just overshadowing."

Yal-hune answers Skuuinja without hesitation.

"This shielding incorporates a discarnate entity resistance as well as the overshadowing signal resistance found in Norchan technology. Unique fields are generated which act as barriers for wandering and lost souls. That is why on your former world the minds can still be influenced by those loitering souls."

"I wonder if my homeworld had incorporated these technologies, whether overshadowing would still continue? I suspect the strongest sustaining force for overshadowing comes from these past residents who still only know overshadowing and don't wish to see it end. This is a refreshing clarity."

I think about her words and it's true, this is very refreshing. I also sense that the slight hint of hostility that normally exists somewhat between Skuuinja and Yal-hune has vanished. Clearly, the tensions were the result of discarnate entity influence.

Yal-hune is aware of something.

"Prepare yourself. We are going to have a unfriendly visitor."

Skuuinja does something with her wrist device and I wonder just what sort of visitor Yal-hune means.

A being appears in our living room. He is very tall, thin and definitely not human. He is dressed in a light blue metallic two piece, that looks very sixties mod. He has bluish skin and straight white hair that looks more translucent than white.

"Hello. Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Osneegh. I come from the planet E,ddij. We have been watching you and your story as it unfolds and have decided we don't like it. We don't like humans, nor Norchans and especially not any being from Htra-deg. Your shielded zoo, affords you no real protection - as you can see - and this show and yourselves are all a farcical embarassment to the galaxy. We would destroy you all, or better yet - this entire world - so that the galaxy would not have to suffer more of it, but we realize such an act would come with repercussions. So instead we come here to officially declare our objection to this exploitive farce. The messages and beliefs you live by are proven meaningless by the weakness of your technocracy."

He says all this in a native tongue completely unfamiliar, but my neuro-transmitter and data absorption about the galaxy's various races and tongues permit me to understand his every word. I feel no fear, however I am curious as to the failure of the house security system, as well as the extra protection we are supposed to have received from the Confederation to prevent these aliens from appearing all over the place.

Skuuinja has her hand on her wrist device and clearly some sort of weapon is employed within. Yal-hune has surrounded all of us with a field of energy that is different from others I have seen her erect. This field is pink and has a particular distortion to it. I realize Yal-hune, as usual, is one step ahead of our visitor and knows his abilities, weaponry and what type of field to erect to counteract them.

"That is all. As a parting message, know this - all you who watch this show are sub-sentient cretin."

Osneegh of E'ddij disappears. A blue field instantly appears within the house, the moment he leaves and is all encompassing.

"What is that?"

"That is the decontamination ray that just removed all molecules that came into contact with Osneegh. His race is incompatible with most other life forms and breathing molecules that have E'ddij DNA structure within them, induce illness and eventually death in most other beings. A decontamination field was incorporated into the house just for events like this."

I smile and look over at Yal-hune, "Hmm. And who might have known it would come in so handy?"

I know if I were outside I would be fearful - or more correctly put, I would be influenced to be fearful. But for some reason I find the whole affair funny.

Skuuinja, if you will return to my brother's ship he has something to discuss with you.

"Sure, Yal-hune...I'm off!"

She depresses a button and she is gone.

Yal-hune is in my mind. "The device on Skuuinja's wrist has scanned and recorded the E'ddij garment and fields that were employed in his transport. The data will be used to update the data banks and produce effective shielding. E'ddij, as you now know, is not a Confederation world and is rather hostile to the Confederation. My brother's ship and all the Confederation quarantine enforcement craft were each simultaneously distracted with disruptions to their craft and systems."

I scan what I know of E'ddij. It is a large world, very old, very isolated in its part of the galaxy. No aliens are permitted on E'ddij. Like many worlds their Technology is a combination of biological, mental and mechanical apparatus.
There are many worlds the Confederation does not have much data on, and E'ddij is one of those worlds.

I turn to Yal-hune, "Well that was exciting."

"Indeed. And productive. All these events have concealed positive sides. Now the Confederation has the first close up scan of a being and the technology from E'ddij. Within minutes a repeat performance will be impossible as the home's computers - and those on the Confederation ships are updated with the new data.

"I grab the bottle of Perrier on the micro-thin table beside me."

Yal-hune turns to me. "If you mention or think about Perrier one more time this is going to look like a big advertisement for Perrier."

"Yes, I know. I already know the title of this episode."

I smile at Yal-hune and she has already gathered the information from my mind and smiles back."

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