Saturday, January 16, 2010

Of Avatar,Overshadowers & Ice Cream (Part 79)

I am heading out to a movie theatre with both Yal-hune and Skuuinja. Skuuinja balked at first, because she knows movie theatres are total overshadowing zones. It reminded her of less happy days. I thought it would be quite interesting to take two extraterrestrials to a film about an alien world. So we are going to see Avatar.

We've taken the Towncar and arrive at the Antelope Valley mall. Here, the film is being shown in both IMAX 3-D and in a normal presentation. We choose the normal. As soon as we left the house I felt the targeting begin, all sorts of emotions, insecurities and a general discomfiting consciousness. It's a challenge to meet the intruding thoughts, expel them without getting imbalanced and focus on one's true desires.

Yal-hune and Skuuinja are getting more than their fair share of stares. It's already rare these days simply not being overweight - much less in perfect physical condition. And although both are dressed to blend in with the current trends, their presence is electrifying the crowd in line waiting to purchase tickets. If they knew real aliens were already among us, I wonder if they would so easily part with their hard earned money to see imaginary ones?

A middle aged woman behind us in line speaks to us. "Are you famous?"

Skuuinja replies instantly, "No. Are you?"

"No, no...I'm sorry, I just thought you might sort of look somewhat familiar..and...well...beautiful and exotic."

Yal-hune interjects, "Thanks so made our day!"

I know Yal-hune doesn't really desire fame and if anything has an aversion to all that fame implies. I also know she always turns around a positive energy directed towards her and returns it with one of her own. Part of me realizes that this little exchange will be included on the "Earth Man and the Emissary" reality show being broadcast to trillions and it makes me queasy upon realizing it. The lack of privacy in the galaxy, really means everyone is observed by large numbers - constantly. Its only on Earth, and other worlds, where the populace is still unaware of these things that the illusion of privacy still exists. The sad truth of it is, we are "famous" despite no action or desire of our own involved. And with such fame comes the visit of beings like Osneegh who hold great hostility towards the races of other worlds and particularly the Confederation world of Htra-deg.

Finally, we have our tickets and make our way into the theatre. The crowd seems younger than I remember. Every other face seems to be a teenager. A group of them in the snack bar line up scope out my companions, and then myself, without even the pretense of casual stares. Yal-hune still seems to draw the most eyes. Her height at a fraction over 6'4" is an immediate eye-grabber. When the rest of her appearance is taken in she is, understandably, quite hard to ignore.

We find seats towards the front, near the center. When the previews begin I realize the volume is way too loud. Theatres are playing the volume as though their audience is already 50 percent deaf. Yal-hune realizes my discomfort and somehow sets up a field that diminishes the volume.

"Thanks." I reply to her actions with my mind.

"My pleasure."

The movie begins and in the first two minutes it reveals itself as an anti-corporate, anti-space exploration hit piece. Dark suits offering a job to a twin during a space funeral for his brother. The evil corporation is looting the resources of Pandora and the military is the hand-tool of choice for this corporate plunder.

I want to bias it horribly. As the movie progresses all the special effects are clearly a tool used to distract and make more palatable the overwhelming negative, anti-US, anti-capitalist message. The film seems like a Jihadist recruitment film. Every supposed victim of America is represented, Indians, Africans, Iraqis, Muslims, Mother Earth - you name it. It's a political correctness propaganda hit-piece designed to shift every viewer another mile to the left of center. To make each naive (na'vi?) child think bad about corporations. With phrases like "Shock and awe" and "Hearts and minds" we see they didn't want to leave any chance that one of the leftist viewers would not realize that this evil corporation was America and this film a leftist fantasy of reprisal against the evil, selfish Americans. Those two lines are probably worth a 100 million in foreign sales receipts and some guaranteed favorable media/leftist press.

I know Cameron's politics and realize this is just his way of trying to sculpt his own reality and indoctrinate others while accumulating money and plaudits from the leftist masses that will eagerly drink this swill without a second thought. My mind is an unpleasant place to be as the movie drags on and on. I watch as the audience cheers the death of the evil Americans in their 'robocop' corporate war machines. Each scene and line has been crafted to twist the minds of the viewers to sway them against the cartoon-depth imperialist corporation and the people that work for it.

Yal-hune and Skuuinja are silent. They absorb all this violence and visual retardation with the look of calm analysis. Skuuinja seems more agitated than Yal-hune, but far less agitated than me. I wonder what on Earth I was thinking of to have gone to see this film.

Skuuinja turns to me and speaks in my mind during the worst of the slaughter scenes towards the end of the movie.

"Relax! Don't let the overshadowers win. They own people like Cameron. You think its a coincidence these aliens are blue skinned? That's the trademark of Norchan overshadowers who work over the film industry - blue aliens. Their goal is to thwart technological progress on Earth. Every Cameron film has been anti-technology. The Norchan overshadowers have used him well to disseminate thought lowering violence and propaganda. Here technology, space travel and corporations are vilified while living in a tree, naked, while biologically connecting with animals is portrayed as more culturally advanced. If the overshadowers can stealthily incorporate symbolic bestialism into a film and simultaneously get the audience to value it - those overshadowers get a 'bonus' - overshadowing time with the celebrities or politicans who have more money, resources, fame or power.

Your reactions are normal because you are sensitive to all the negative intent in this film masking as morality. Cameron is just one of many overshadowed human puppets. He is not a figure to get angry about - he is rather an object of pity. His mind is nowhere near strong enough to resist the overshadowing and has created an unhealthy parasitic relationship as they exploit him as a portal for their anti-human, anti-technology agenda and they reward him materially. Yet as he further travels the material path, the less happy he is. In his mind, this film will make him lots of money and has a good message. A win-win. He is completely blind to its evil."

"Thanks Skuuinja. I'm sorry. It's just getting to me."

"What's more, you needed to see this propaganda and its results firsthand, as did I, to realize just how horrible it is. These theatres seem so far away on my world. Unreal places - Earth was like a big video game and the people were all somehow unreal. I look around, see the very young and older targeted from this end now. I get to see that these theatres are all too real and the people in them are real flesh and blood, with real lives. You did not choose this movie by accident. You did similar propaganda efforts and swayed the masses with the power of your mind. When you watch this film, all the evil you see in it is a reflection of your own efforts to push agendas you believed in, in the past."

I know she's right and its horrifying. This film, by typical standards, has great production quality, special effects and more - but its message absolutely...well it simply sucks. And after all is said and done the CGI and effects are just window dressing for the message. Which means I did the same - use technology to disperse a bad message and make it easier to be swallowed, hook, line and sinker.

Yal-hune seems preoccupied. She is doing something else while she is watching this movie, I just don't know what.

"That's easy enough to answer. I've been following the overshadowing trails, here, in this theatre, and traveled back in time as the movie was being filmed, written and produced. It's quite an intricate set of paths and leads to a number of worlds - all of them quite opposed to humanity and Earth."

"Did you plan to do something or was it just curiosity?"

"Interfering with these things would be counterproductive. Each human must develop themselves enough, learn these basic energy principles and then defend their own consciousness. And for all the evil you see in the film, I see the good elements more inspired folks snuck in."

"Such as? I don't see anything good here."

"Just the realization that there are other inhabited worlds out there is already beneficial to humanity, who have been led to believe they are all alone. Add to that the general appreciation of the beauty and diversity of infinity."

"The good/evil ratio still seems quite imbalanced in my book."

"Yes, but that is for you. Others will have different needs. Those who still are exploitive and selfish will see this as a very moral film. It will appeal to them and help them to balance and identify their own selfishness, violent natures or what-have-you. You know that everything is equal parts good and evil, this film included. You need to take it, embrace it and make it into a positive for you. All things, regardless of their level of development or level of expression can be used as tools to further one's own development and help make one that much more infinite."

I know she's right, but I realize I am too close to these things to see them balanced. I've seen too many die because of stupidity, hate and propaganda. Watched as American children are spoon fed self-hatred, depression and idyllic portrayals of tribalism and communism. I've read, for decades now, the unfiltered reports about the abysmal state of the planet. A world where, even now, more people don't use toilets and crouch in the woods like neanderthals did to relieve themselves. A world where technology, glorified in the first half of the twentieth century and which promised to elevate the hungry, aboriginal masses and end the dark ages, now is portrayed only in a negative light. Now the capitalist system, which gave man a means of living unparalleled, now is being converted into the monster of society by those who would see man live in trees again, swinging like a monkey.

A film like this is the exact opposite of Atlas Shrugged. It's a tool for the overshadowers to turn Earth into an even greater dystopia and undo the work of many who have spent their lives to elevate man from jungle savagery. It's Pocahontas, any Michael Moore film and Robocop all rolled into one big immoral, lying rip off.

Yal-hune looks into my mind and sees the hate still there fermenting and threatening to spread as my consciousness watches the rest of movie and the credits roll up the screen.

I just sit in the chair and let the rest of the theatre empty itself. I fight to recapture equilibrium. I fight to expel the hate that the film engenders within me towards those that created it. The overshadowers are targeting me mercilessly and as they introduce thoughts of great hatred they make themselves more visible. One slip up - one over the top thought is all it takes for me to catch them and expel them. I sense their frustration at not having been more successful.

Yal-hune, aware that my battle is over, turns to me, "Shall we go?"

"Yes. Let's go."

A young girl, all of 7 or 8 years old , comes up to Yal-hune.

"Wow! Are you from planet Pandora?"

I look at her and see she is very intuitive and inspired. She can sense Yal-hune's differences and has no thoughts to yet dissuade her from her natural intuition and recognition.

Yal-hune crouches down and smiles. "No, little one, I am from the world of Htra-deg."


"Danielle....get over here!"


Danielle runs and catches up to her parents now passing through the lobby and turns around to take another quick peek at Yal-hune.

I turn to Yal-hune and realize she was very conscious of her honest revelation, "You did that on purpose!"

"Yes, I did. The truth will serve her well in her future."

Skuuinja turns to us, "C'mon let's go get an ice cream!"

Her joy at the simplest human activities is contagious. In her eyes I see her joy and excitement and before I know it, I see it with the same joy and wonder."


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