Friday, May 01, 2009

As you know, everything is energy. Energy can't be created (no Big Bang creation) and can't be destroyed (no end of the universe). As a result of this law of nature energy just keeps on existing and changing from one form to another.

Time is energy too. All energy travels in cycles. We measure time in units such as years, days, hours, etcetera, but time has many more properties that can be identified. Time and the mass it is intertwined with interlace and are unified. One cannot extract the happenings of this world or any other from time. Time needs to propagate and to propagate it must regenerate. Each instant must be reborn anew - and yet be reborn from the moment before.

When we live our lives we prove this continuity constantly. Each moment is linked to the moment before in thought and action. So too is history reborn.

For each of us, depending upon our pasts, the history is different. But certain cycles often predominate for large groups of people.

A look at the news will give one insight as to the past. Let's look at recent activities:

A) Pandemic outbreak of Mexican Swine Flu.

B) Only weeks earlier a visit by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to Mexico

C) Mexicans get sick and die, but US variants merely get ill and recover.

D) Discussion and debate of unnecessary torture to extract information.

E) A failing economy.

F) Pirates and ships in the news

Looking at these events and analyzing them the ol' computer comes up with an interesting period in history:

The time of Francisco Pizarro

Pizarro conquered the Incas, searching for gold for his ailing nation. The native population after the conquistadors visit was reduced by some 90 percent after smallpox and measles took their toll on the population with no genetic experience or immunity.

In the conquest of Cuzco, an orgy of looting, torture and mayhem followed in the quest for precious metals to take away.

If we look at the recent events, the visits of Hillary and Obama to Mexico and the disease outbreak that follows their visits, combined with the discussion about the morality of torture in the pursuit of information - while working for one's nation - all evidence how history is never really NEW only regenerated in new circumstances and evolved.

Not everyone alive will have been involved, population development clearly precludes such, but
some of the older souls, leaders and such, will have been involved in this little replay of past events.

Now America arrives, to insure peace and prosperity between our nations. The reverse side of the sine-wave often manifests as the energy regenerates and comes back into phase. We talk about arming ships to protect from pirates and hostile natives. The soul-searching of torture comes up and many realize it is immoral. The others say it brought results.

This particular cycle has probably manifested a number of times since it happened and even the original Pizarro period had roots in previous looting. We simply can easier identify certain cycles with periods of which we have more knowledge.

This cycle was a fairly easy one to recognize. The tell-tale signs and bizarre combination of events made it clear. Other cycles are not always so easy to recognize, but if one does recognize them one can look at oneself in the mirror and analyze one's motivations easier. I can look around here and see the deep seated disgust for torture, because it's not really just about waterboarding 2 mass murderers, but the energy has roots in the torturing of innocent foreigners - just to find gold and precious metals to loot. So this indignation has more power than it should, because it has roots in the guilt of living in a nation that tortured natives for treasure.

This is the way one balances past misdeeds. It's very possible many who today despise torture were not so sure back in the days of Pizarro - and vice-versa. When the ships unloaded the gold, the citizens, far removed from the conflicts, merely were happy to have the wealth added to their national coffers.

Just thought folks might like a little insight into the way life works - and how we get chances to make amends for past misdeeds. We are not born with clean slates. We carry all this submerged data with us and when the cycle comes around again, all sorts of emotions, desires and actions are the result.

It is the nature of life to seek equilibrium, the rolling ball of history keeps repeating balancing old events and evolving with new unbalanced ones. For those who are aware of this process, great headway can be made in mastering one's emotional imbalances and moving on to the next challenge - evolving. Infinitely.

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