Monday, April 27, 2009

Disease & Illness (How & Why Wonder Blog)

The secret to survival is balance. The body instantly sets in motion its balancing mechanism when a foreign body enters the system. What's more...the mind is the first line of defense against illness.


Yes, every disease is communicable.

From Cancer and Alzheimer's to the common cold.

It's all about attenuation. Attenuation of your thoughts.

We induct many illnesses into our body by our thought processes. Just looking at someone ill and fearing one might get sick, immediately draws sickness unto one. The fear is a very real property that imbalances wave forms of energy that express in cellular structures as part of the immune system. Many pathogens are carried in our body all the time and our mental imbalances trigger a weakness in our immune system permitting one pathogen to flare up and infect cells.

These cells have bean weakened by thoughts.

Each moment we create new cells. The health of these cells is largely determined by the consciousness we held while they were being formed.

A person can get heart palpitations just by fearing for their heart. It's quite common, actually. Any health fear degrades the body.

Yes, this is 30th century stuff in most time-streams. Hundreds of years away from discovery. But as I described many times, time is not linear, it is a cycle and the entire 3rd dimension's timestream is a subset of 4th dimensional energy. It' easy to live in the year 2943, die and then return to the 21st century and feel one has returned to the dark ages.

The doctors of the future are beautiful. Really. They are developed beyond all imagining.

They can simply look at a person and determine their health. They can identify the starts of illnesses, such as cancer from the very first few cell malignancies and can detect any imbalance in the body that poses a problem. They train their minds and are what today would be called "psychic" - however in the future its simply that more of the minds abilities are recognized, honed and trained just like teaching addition and subtraction is today.

These doctors of the future help you to heal yourself. They know that healing always is self-manifested. They help identify the thought processes, attitudes and emotions that brought illness into the body.

The minds of these doctors are advanced even for this future day. They have the ability to reach into the timestream and identify the patients previous lifetimes which are in-phase relationships with their current life, and illness, and reveal them to the patient. The patient then can see that his broken leg has roots in an experience when he fell off a roof during a storm in 1853, a car accident in 1994 and being kicked by a horse in 2155. These lifetimes are feeding data, via the DNA and its supporting energy field, into the cell. Each lifetime that patient has attracted this broken leg or similar injury, and it's not just fate or carelessness, but a repeating cycle of energy.

This cycle once identified has certain emotional baggage that keeps it from being balanced. The more imbalanced it is the stronger these illnesses or injuries become -and the less imbalanced, the weaker the manifestations.

So, to make this brief interlude into the future shorter, summing up, we see that all illnesses find their starts in imbalanced emotional experiences. Hate, fear, sadness, anger....all cause illness in the body. Once one understands this one has a new motivation for refraining from these lower emotions. Knowing that with each thought simultaneously new cells are being created and that one's mental state determines their efficiency - will be a major eye-opener for humanity, which has since the cave-man days engaged gratuitously in emotional outbursts in dealing with the world around them and their fellow humans.

And now specifically to swine flu:

SARS, Swine flu and all similar diseases are born in regions with low fundamental frequencies. Mexico, China and much of the third world are birth regions of these new diseases - created by the minds of their residents and manifested into their bodies. Plagues of the past often came from humans living with rats. Animal cohabitation and the lowering frequency that this animal-human pairing off creates acts as a inductor of animal illnesses to humans. When enough shared frequencies exist in the cell structures an animal disease can jump to a human. By living with the animals they resonate together and make this transfer over time, much easier. So SARS makes its first appearance in a human who lives with animals, like an animal.

Fortunately, for those whose fundamental frequency is elevated - this confers a general immunity to these diseases. This is why the transfer rate is limited or why the NY kids did not get as sick as the people in Mexico even though the basic pathogen is the same. So don't be afraid - because fear is the enemy.

In this future day some of you, who read this, will be the doctors who treat these things and the minds of your patients will be as open books for you to read and you will be the ones who help to eradicate disease in all its forms.

SARS, Swine flu, West Nile Virus, Mad Cow disease...all victimize those whose cell structures had resonance.

To cure incurable illnesses one must put the condition out of phase. What does this mean? We must apply new wave-forms, via thoughts, that now start the balancing process with the previously imbalanced ones. When we do this thinking process - new cells are formed that are stronger and become more capable of dealing with the illness - whatever it is. If one is positive about the illness, this immediately starts acting as a cure. Yes - here is another important tool:

Welcome your illnesses.

Do not fear them or run from them. They are your soul's tools for improving itself and evolving. They are the building blocks to a better mind, body and soul.

Each illness mastered strengthens your structures. One must learn to face illness with a smile and not feel sorry for oneself or get depressed or fearful. This positive attitude will build more intelligent cell structures and this intelligence will also be recorded in your energy field - the sponsoring storehouse of data which manipulates your parents DNA to create your own when you are conceived. So future lifetimes will also carry this improved data. This is evolution. This data transfer between cells and their 4th dimensional energy field is the missing link between evolving species.

Experience confers ability to deal with known factors. Unknowns eventually become known and the anatomy evolves a response to each new factor.

And while I have described the doctors and their abilities somewhat, I have not explained the technology they use. They do not use drugs or inject chemicals into the body. They can control the body via signals. They understand that cells are like little radios and constantly broadcast instructions to other cells in the body. These signals can be reproduced so that the body reacts. Healing a cut can be sped up. Not as fast as perhaps seen on Star Trek or some Sci-fi show, but several times faster than presently. Cancerous cells can be isolated and reoriented to normal. Cells with deficiencies can be corrected. All the dystrophy and ailments that currently have no cure can be healed in this future day.

However, as I mentioned, they realize the physical treatment will not be a lasting cure unless those sponsoring thoughts, experiences and past lives are addressed and balanced. So there primary goal is to assist in the long term cure of recurring ailments and by doing so providing a real cure.

Even the best doctors today know none of this. They understand, vaguely, the statistical benefit of a positive attitude on recovery and that's about it. All the rest, including the real cause and how to provide a lasting cure still eludes them.

So we have a sick world. A world that fears illness and whose emotions and thought processes actually create their ailments. These pandemic diseases man fears are just the replays of similar lives lived in the middle ages when the Black Death ravaged the land. This fear subconsciously is drawn upon and in all their efforts to shield themselves from some disease, they actually weaken their bodies and draw, not necessarily the disease they fear, but any disease. Because this is the way the universe helps us all evolve and become fearless and more intelligent in all our structures - physical and mental.

We master our environment, body and mind and keep climbing up the evolutionary ladder - not just on this world, but many worlds and eventually between dimensions as well. There is no end to the potential for development.

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