Monday, May 11, 2009

The Great Mystery

Each day is a wonder. Infinite amounts of beauty await to be realized, enjoyed and partaken of. We are always first confronted with the negative and by default this seems to control our outlook. We can look through life and be depressed about our finances, relationships or our health. We can look at Google News and become depressed about the perpetual muddle of human affairs, violence and suffering.

The universe is really all good. ALL good.

I know that seems to make no sense. But all the evil and bad in the world are necessary tools for good. Evil and bad only have meaning when one is elevated above them.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The number 3 is not small to the numbers 2 or 1.

However to 4 and up 3 is small and getting smaller all the time.

This is the way evil and bad is to mankind. What is not bad or evil from one perspective and level, becomes evil and more evil as one's perspective and outlook becomes more advanced.

So everything in your life which you now consider "good" - will someday be considered "bad" as you live in ever refined concepts. The further you progress the more you will see today's joys as tomorrows sorrows. This process is not a quick one. It is the opposite. For many things it takes many lifetimes.

How many have hobbies that they obsess about for a number of years only to suddenly discard the whole thing later? Suddenly the time spent on some pursuit, which was formerly viewed positively, now is viewed as intolerable. Kids and adults often feel that way about games they spent countless hours of their lives on. Just the thought of playing the game is repulsive. Yet it is not just addictions that become repulsive, even the everyday environment can become a negative when juxtaposed against one's new environment.

The universe sees everything as good. It understands the duality of all things and realizes that positive or negative become entirely determined by position. As one travels this infinite course, everything one once was becomes evil if one continues to progress. All these things will exert their influence, negatively, to ones present.

Here most fear evil. They "hate" evil! The oxymoronic aspects of such still elude them. They want to destroy evil. They want to punish evildoers. All these emotions are evidence that they do not understand what evil is. The jihadist, the child-beater, the thief, all are learning. To them, their actions are NOT evil. It is impossible to do something you don't somehow justify. So all these folks commit heinous acts and justify them.

Every act that you may commit that you know is "wrong" or "evil" - you will also justify. We all do this until we recognize what we are doing. We must look at our actions closely and realize and identify our justifications and put them under the microscope. Once we dismantle these excuses, we can progress more rapidly. We can move away from the many daily "evils" we partake of. Until we stop justifying them, we do not truly understand them as evil.

Justifications are insidious things and sponsor the state of the world we live in. But before we pass judgment on all these others and their actions, we must first tend to ourselves. We must seek out and address our own actions and when we do this we find we are less concerned with others actions. We often point the finger at others so as not to have to point it at ourselves. Once we point it at ourselves we no longer feel the compulsion to use others' actions as a justification for our own.

So back to the beauty...

Once one sees this process in action, the endless cycle of good turning to evil and turning to good again, we see beauty in ALL things.

Yes poverty, disease and death - all beautiful from a certain position of equilibrium. All the misery and wailing in the world becomes like the hum of a bee going about its daily ritual. It is not truly evil. When it is understood, in totality it ceases to be tragic, pointless or ugly. It becomes like a lesson in a book, or like people building a house - and is part of the beauty of the world which is oft-ignored.

Yes, each day is a wonder. If you wrote down and made a list right now of all the things you feel are wrong with your life, I will take that list - turn it upside down and show you all the things that are RIGHT with your life. Illustrating how each of these is a lesson and a stepping stone to an even more elevated position. You will be able to do this for yourself soon and eventually all will be able to put things in a more infinite perspective.


Love is understanding. How many times do people say they "love" someone when they really mean "you are a comfort and salve for my insecurity."

Millions, yes billions, say they love someone or something and don't know the meaning of the word. Love is not an escape. It is not an end to loneliness. Love is the total and complete understanding of someone. Many people can be married for many years and only have a fraction of understanding about their partner and spouse. A couple can just meet and say it was "Love at first sight", but this, too, is an illusion. We can feel familiarity and comfort around someone. We can find people immensely appealing at first sight - but we cannot truly love them at first sight.

Love in this world is very, very rare. It is the result of many lifetimes of experience and a body of shared adversity, experience and understanding that is enormous. Eventually, all will have some semblance of meaning when they use the word LOVE, but for now the word is one of the most abused words in the English language. Love will not merely be reserved for one's closest family and spouse, but will be more nearly universal - as one accumulates more shared experiences with thousands and yes millions of other souls. Lifetime after lifetime, even our enemies will become our friends - if one keeps progressing. A man like Jesus demonstrated this when he did not judge his persecutors, but forgave them, "for they know not of what they do."

Yet his attitude is that of the normal being on some worlds, it becomes normal not to hold grudges or condemn others - because one does not bias their actions and see only the "evil" in them. One understands this justification process, and how each soul struggles against their own intellect - often losing this struggle and committing acts another would not perform.

Till later...

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