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Daniel Hauser, our Big Brother World & Cancer

I have been following with some interest the story of Daniel Hauser and his flight from court ordered chemotherapy. Some say he has been kidnapped and think he and his mother should turn themselves in, others think they should run. Several other bloggers have pointed out the precipice we have reached where the government now can dictate even highly questionable medical treatment.

Yes, highly questionable.

My angle on this is the treatment itself. As someone who comes from the future, I am horrified by the state of medical science.

How on earth can doctors cure something they don't even understand? Not a doctor alive in this world today understands what causes cancer.

I do. Anyone from the future knows all this stuff that I will reveal in this blog entry when he/she is only about 8 years old. Cancer is caused by quantum imbalances at the molecular level in cellular DNA that manifest as the cell reproduces. These imbalances now reproduce a cell with malformed DNA. This DNA is no longer capable of receiving signals intelligently and starts reproducing and malfunctioning.

Today's materia medica only understand that some cells somehow go wild. They don't understand the how and why. So they try to kill the cells and because they can't cut open the body and destroy cancer they bombard it with massive doses of radiation which destroys all cells it comes into contact with.

Barbaric. Astoundingly barbaric. From my point of view it's like cracking out a jar full of leeches or bleeding the victims - an act of abysmal ignorance.

In the future, cancer will be cured by identifying each cell that is cancerous and matching all these cells fundamental frequencies until they literally shake themselves apart and explode. The precision by which this resonant cell elimination can be performed is astounding. In the future, it will cure cancer in a day's worth of treatment. With this future technology and scientific understanding all sorts of diseases, now incurable will be cured.

Today's world does not understand the body is electronic - not chemical.

All chemical actions understood now, if viewed closer, are electronic actions. All reactions are based upon frequency relationship. All bonds are based upon field action at the atomic level. All cells in the body function by broadcasting and receiving these quantized signals constantly.

Quantum medicine.

Say that aloud several times and get used to saying it. If you live long enough you will be alive to see the very first infant steps in this direction to seek deeper into the body and it's cell data sets.

This blog entry may alter the future, creating a parallel time stream - but I don't mind. Any future in which one can faster bring a close to the medical and mental dark ages is a good thing.

Yes, epilepsy is the malfunctioning of cells that broadcast signals and interrupt the flow of data through the body. The common cold virus or any virus can be easier cured through resonant viral and bacterial elimination procedures. In the future each virus and bacteria will be measured for their fundamental frequencies and their various subsequent harmonics. Chemical treatment via pharmaceuticals is just as barbaric as chemotherapy. It is imprecise and each drug has legions of side effects, many deadlier or as bad as the condition the drug is supposed to treat.

Watching this world struggle and suffer due to ignorance is quite unpleasant. However, I try not to personalize it. It doesn't help to know that locked in my mind are the answers to many of mans lifelong questions and that, ironically, I post many of them here where they will sit and await discovery in some future time if the internet is archived.

That's the sad truth of the programmed human condition. Give future scientific understandings away for free and it has almost absolutely no value whatsoever to the masses. Charge $100 for a handful of poisonous pills and watch the masses grab for it to the tune of a 3 trillion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry. And chemo is a cash cow for all treatment facilities, much like the CAT-scans for a light bump on the head.

So Daniel Hauser and his mom are on the run. He's received his chemo and doesn't like it. Which is natural. Millions die from cancer that have chemotherapy and the real irony is that many of these die from the chemotherapy - not the cancer. But on their death certificates no doctor writes "death by complications from chemotherapy".

So these doctors are ignorant murderers. They mean well - but so did the healers with the leeches and bloodletting to get out the bad blood. Ignorance and desperation is a bad combination. Doctors take an oath not to harm and yet they know chemo does harm. They know that just as many die from chemo as are saved, but they feel that without chemo they will die for certain. So this is what they cling to as they prescribe chemo, boost their hospital's bottom line and soak the insurance companies to make up for all the illegals they have to treat for free.

Because I know many will read this who may have cancer and will be frustrated that I talk about scientific understanding and technology that does not yet exist, I will talk a little bit more - about a time even farther into the future.

Yes, while a thousand years from now the resonance healing machines will be humming all over the world, in three thousand years many will lay silent. Because humanity will be far more evolved and intelligent than it is now or even a thousand years from now and they will use their mind to cure ALL diseases.

Yes, the mind controls the body. All the signals that fire autonomously can be overridden by the mind. Cancerous cells that are imbalanced can be cured - by the mind. The quantized fields can be balanced by a balanced mind. This means no emotion. No fear. No frustration. No self-pity. No sorrow. It means you have to be able to visualize cancer for what it is - invisibly small, imbalanced electromagnetic fields that exist in a cell at the atomic level. Your mind must corral all these erroneous signals by adding new data and energy into them.

These future humans understand that each moment of their life is part of a continuous flow of energy and that each moment certain cycles are being manifested from the past. So the cigarette smoke many voluntary inhale today may be these souls' way of trying to put a positive balance to the forced smoke inhalation they experienced in previous fires from centuries past. When they get cancer of the lungs, throat or some other form - they have put into phase this past cycle when they died from smoke. To balance this condition and halt the cancer they must realize that the cells are now receiving the damaged and imbalanced dataset from this long ago past.

Yes, no cancer is current. It is always a duality. It is linked to a past experience, or more accurately, many past experiences. To cure it permanently means to balance those data-sets when they swing back into phase in the present. No energy is ever destroyed and so all our previous deaths are still carried with us as a field of energy which recorded those experiences. So if one died in the Chicago fire, one may come back as a fireman - who smokes. This irony is not consciously done - because of this past death the mind tries, instinctively to reverse the negative bias of smoke and fire recorded when one died because of them. So suddenly a career as a fireman seems logical and desirable. Smoking, too, seems attractive.

Malfunctioning cells are actually a great opportunity. Because, in the future, this immediately spurs an introspective look into the past and the quest to balance some heretofore unrecognized and unaddressed malformed field of recorded energy.

Once one recognizes potential past sources of this imbalance and now views this illness POSITIVELY - it reverses, or more accurately, adds new positive data to offset the old negative data. It balances the scale and as a result the cells start to function normally again. The DNA self corrects and the cells can communicate intelligently.

This is the true cure to cancer.

All our illnesses have ties to past events. Everything we do is new, but based on old experiences and information. If you want to be healthier - don't fear disease or illness. And when you do fall ill, think of it as a challenge to your intellect - for that is what it truly is. Seek out the causes of your illness. Sure the present apparent causes of illness seem to be the only cause, but it is not so. For every broken arm caused by falling out of tree lies another dozen tales and related incidents.

And one more important note before I sign off: No one is a victim.

No one.

No one is a victim. Fate does not victimize people for there is no fate. There is only regenerating energy and if some illness befalls you, it is because you were predisposed to such an illness because of events from your past. No one says that brass is victimized by tarnish. We know brass if left in open air will tarnish over time - it is a simple reaction. The same is true for mans illnesses. They are the byproduct of simple actions as well. It is just, like the mysteriously appearing tarnish, our ailments seem to come from nowhere. This is the illusion fostered by ignorance though, for ALL ailments are self-induced.

So to heal faster, remove all thoughts of self-pity or the lament, "Why me?" - for these will only hinder your healing, adding more negatively biased wave forms from your thoughts into your cells.

If you are happy, your cells react instantaneously. If you are angry, sad, frustrated or jealous - your cells react just as fast in a negative manner and each cell born during these emotional tirades will be less intelligent than it's parent. So an emotional person is less healthy than one who maintains more balance, equilibrium and calm throughout their daily lives. It's not just theoretical, it's simply very real scientific principles at work.

Curing incurable diseases can be done now. By yourself. When the doctors throw up their hands or simply predict someones imminent demise - there is no reason on Earth why that person cannot heal themselves completely of any condition. The hospitals of today, overflowing with patients will be someday only be a bad memory found in historic records. The most advanced healing machines will keep people healthy with hardly any fuss at all and soon, for those humans who are a bit more evolved, the machines will become superfluous tools. For all their amazing efficiency, convenience and technology they are still poor substitutes for the human mind.

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