Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Parallel Universes

Sure, the new blog photo mentions a travel guide, but by now you know not to judge a magazine, or blog, by its cover. Parallel universes are often thought of as the domain of science fiction, but I am here to assure you that they are quite real. As usual, I will try to explain some of the physics behind these parallel universes.

Technically, everything falls under the umbrella of the word "universe", including parallel ones. So our universe can be seen to contain "parallel spectra" which sandwich our own. The atomic spectra is made manifest by fourth dimensional energy which quantum physicists describe as strings. However, these fourth dimensional spectra spawn an infinite number of third dimensional strings, each unique as is every grain of sand or every snowflake. As this may be helped by a Disney style illustration let's call our friends in the animation department:

As you can see, each universe has an infinite number of sub-vortices, as well as an infinite number of vortices that are connected by a greater vortice which it comprises. Fourth dimensional energy can be seen as a bigger vortex which has its own infinite number of component sub-vortices which demodulate from this energy.

Doesn't that picture make it easy or what? Infinite energy which cannot be created and cannot be destroyed must travel in these infinite fractal shaped forms. Our galaxy is but one tiny facet of an inter-connected chain of energy. You and I are both parts of this energy as well and are learning to manipulate and navigate through ever larger parts of it.

So we have parallel universes to our own. An infinite number of SDAI-Tech1 type folks exist out there, each with some different and unique number of disparities. Energy can manifest an infinite number of similar forms and yet each must always be unique. That is the wonder of the infinite universe.

Now what about that travel guide? Many, many of my parallel quasi-twins are writing and sharing information to their world's residents via their blogs and as I write these words, their educational power is magnified a million-fold because of this collective consciousness which lies behind them. Some have no doubt illustrated this concept better than I, however this particular world and this universe will just have to make do with me.

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