Saturday, January 22, 2005


I promised's time to deliver.

It is impossible to ignore the influence religion has in our world. Billions of people believe in one religion or another and many of these religions incorporate the pagan ritual of prayer in their practices.

Prayer is one of those things which people commonly accept as noble and good. The supplication to a higher power, any higher power, especially when done for apparently unselfish reasons is considered a very moral act and has been imitated since the first jungle savage kneeled in abeyance to any of his fancied gods.

The reality is that prayer becomes destructive beyond a certain point. As one learns of this infinite universe and its impersonal nature, one realizes that to progress one must learn and embrace, not pagan rituals of appeasement, but rather these scientific principles of energy. Good and evil are not determined by any deities but rather the universe and progressive evolution follow very specific energy principles or laws.

An incoherent signal does not propagate. It dies off and is absorbed into the background. Immortality is really just signal propagation and to achieve such propagation equilibrium of the signal content is all-important. All the answers man seeks and has employed religion to answer can be answered more precisely by observing our universe.

No "angel", "adept", "initiate", "master" or "avatar" would like to see you on your knees in supplication or prayer. They achieved their own elevated positions by discarding any practice which passed responsibility or action away from their own constructive efforts. The act of prayer even when it seems to be unselfish - is always selfish. This is because it projects your own relative understanding of any event unto some deity who with the supposed proper supplication will grant your prayer. The infinite universe is impersonal. It does not answer prayers. No advanced beings answer prayers either for they understand the destructive nature of prayer and would rather see you channel that effort into real and constructive action. Wishes, even when they are for the welfare of others, are still just wishes and are selfish acts. Intelligence demands action - not wishes. Prayer is the equivalent of passing the buck. It slowly removes personal integrity and responsibility and fosters inaction and stagnation. Prayer is fit only for those who have not yet evolved advanced moral understandings and still cannot discern the destructive nuances of wishing and prayer.

Often prayer is supposed to address things that seem "too large" or impossible for a man to influence. This, again, is a misleading and destructive thought pattern that turns an individual away from growth and development and into this useless, stagnant and fearful slave of pagan habit. For there is no thing that is beyond man's influence and reach. He merely is unaware of his own abilities and uses prayer as an excuse, an escape mechanism, whereby the failure of any desired goal or wish can then be laid upon the feet of some deity and he can wash his hands of it.

This is why prayer becomes destructive. It seems moral and yet actual subverts true morality by using a god as an escape mechanism. All goals must be worked toward. If you want to keep the rain away from your parade, don't pray to some god to change it for you - learn how to control the weather. If you want to save some child from cancer, donate your time, efforts and money towards a cure. Prayer is, at its best, a waste of time and at its worse it completely destroys the initiative and action of a large portion of the planet's inhabitants and leads them, not towards immortality, but instead towards assured destruction.

Progressive evolution and immortality of your soul require your own personal growth and development. Stagnation is not an option. Your signal must propagate and to do so it must be capable of traveling through any and all dimensions. To do this, it must learn and acquire new intelligence and new signals. Prayer is only fit for those who are unaware of the universe and its functions and still live using pagan rituals and employing useless pagan supplications for their survival and well-being.

Yes, any angel would wish you climbed up off your knees and turn that prayer into useful, positive action. Any god would be sorely disappointed in the "pass the buck" mentality of so many of his creations - creations who invented a means of denying their own infinite nature and who failed to observe the obvious scientific nature of the universe around them, and that many who, after recognizing it, still resorted to such pagan rituals instead of being scientifically minded about their progressive evolution.

Immortality is possible for those who continue to progress and expand their understanding. Those who cling to prayer and false idolatry have much bleaker prospects and will need to abandon these limiting and destructive habits and develop their mind and ability to employ constructive action in the place of wishes and prayer. Every moment spent in prayer could be a moment used in constructive action. As this time spent regenerates, this crippling habit is akin to taking all your income to play the lottery instead of investing your money and hoping to be rewarded. Both seem to be working towards the same goal but one is secretly insuring your poverty.

Prayer is secretly insuring your misery. Your prayers will go unanswered, as all prayers do until you take your wishes and desires and act on them intelligently. To become godlike requires this 100% devotion to your own progressive evolution and your own efforts to achieve it. It cannot be gifted to you and no quantity of prayer, supplication or appeasement to any god will further this goal - your own personal, progressive evolution.

The next time you kneel in prayer to some deity, listen closely to those who surround you and who are truly desirous of helping you help yourself. Let them lift you up off your knees and help inspire you to act on your desires and focus your mind to ever more progressive, compassionate and lofty goals. You will finally be freed and one step closer to these angels because you will have learned a secret they learned eons ago - wishes and prayer are selfish and destructive to the cause of true immortality.

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