Friday, January 14, 2005

The Power of The Mind

I have certain obligations to share certain information. I haven't signed any contracts or made any signed-in-blood-pacts, but the obligation remains. It's all about balance. Knowledge is never a one way street. The parent who was once a child must now assume the role of dispenser of knowledge. All this data transfers hands to be recycled again.

The human mind is magnificent. It is the zenith of intelligence among the animal kingdom and the point of demarcation between the lower orders of animals and humanity. Our minds can assimilate data and process it, recombine it and create new forms with it. However, the most important aspects of our consciousness are completely ignored by present day science textbooks. Our minds are receivers and transceivers. We receive and transmit data with our environment. What is also unknown is that your thoughts are electromagnetic emissions of energy and attract and repel other signals. A chap by the name of Norman Vincent Peale put out a book over half a century ago about the power of positive thinking. Unfortunately, there was no science behind the author's philosophical musing and materialist motivations presented therein, making the volume mostly worthless.

Positive thinking must have it's roots in understanding. It does one no good to say, "Well..I've lost my job and my car's a wreck, my wife left me but...oh boy! Do I feel good about it!" Pollyanna attitudes and glossing over misfortune does not resolve things. If you are on the receiving end of a negatively biased signal it is part of the learning process. Your consciousness is, ideally, raising its signal strength and reaching new and higher fundamental frequencies. Much like a video game with multiple levels, each new level comes with its own challenges to master and overcome. When one meets an obstacle one can't master, one is forced to repeat the conflict again and again. For humanity, life is all about emotional and mental development. Nature has provided us with the tools to learn and assimilate these new ideas. The family, the city, the county, state and nation all represent groups to which we interface with and reciprocate. We learn the laws of our nation, the values of our community and the morals our families try to maintain. We receive and give from our community. Our minds orchestrate this score. Until something the majority find better comes along, we will see our offspring and the next generations repeat this pattern following molds laid many years before they, or we, were born.

Each person, each community, each state and nation have a mean - a fundamental average to which each resonates and resides. This mean will dictate and influence all within the region, but it will not prevent all crimes or keep all at the same moral and intellectual bar. There is no barrier the mind cannot overcome in achieving balance with its own internal structures, thoughts and actions which have formed a rudimentary matrix of intelligence and understanding.

The infinite universe exists and can be reached in the comfort of the chair you sit in. As all is energy and energy is all around us and of what we are composed, there comes a point when the scientific mind realizes that all this energy is just signals. Data. Bits of intelligence streaming back and forth in a cosmic dance. The higher dimensions are linked to the lower and can transmit intelligence via these demodulated signals. Like a cosmic ray cutting through our atmosphere and going completely unrecognized without the proper equipment, your home or workplace in which you read this, or wherever you may find yourself - is always being broadcast to by these higher spectra or dimensions. This intelligence and wisdom that far surpasses human development is there awaiting our recognition and discovery. Our machines have helped us to become aware of dimensions that had gone unnoticed and yet still at this moment no one knows what goes on fifty miles beneath your feet, much less at the center of the earth.

Our technocracy must be accompanied by a fundamental growth in the mean intelligence of man. One only need observe the militant murderers blowing up people and shooting them in the name of Islam to see how technocracy passed on to those who could not themselves invent something becomes quite dangerous. Whether it be nuclear power in the hands of the North Koreans or Iranians or the pyrotechnic products of chemists, these technologies become harmful in the hands of the less intelligent. Indeed, history has borne out this maxim and yet we still do not see these nations rushing to educate their masses or increase their morality, we only witness the same old grab for weaponry and the perceived power these who grab at it believe it represents.

True power is the awareness of the workings of the universe and realizing that there are no limitations to growth and development. Too many fear death and believe all their efforts must be manipulated to provide the maximum enjoyment and satisfaction they can out of X number of years. This shortsighted perspective only leads to further insecurity, less satisfaction with life and a cyclic pattern which, when it regenerates, will lead to further discontent and unhappiness. Fear betrays the purpose of the mind. It subverts it and corrupts it. One cannot fear death and not realize that this fear will translate into a fear of life. One must live not merely for the moment, but for the long-haul. One makes no decisions which one can solely justify by the temporal limitations on human life, such as is done by those who mistreat their body with the built in line "Hey! We're all gonna die sometime!"

All these actions regenerate. Smoking, drinking to excess, overindulgence in food or any other material escape mechanism will not just have to dealt with in this body, but in future ones. Much as a nations laws and culture is formed by the previous residents, so are your future lives shaped by the actions you take now. When one really comes to accept this, suicidal actions not only can no longer be justified, but their damaging long-term influences will soon be understood.

However as bad as drugs, smoking or alcohol are, the negative and hateful thought is even more destructive and has equally long-lasting repercussions. The target of your contempt and hatred will be harmonically drawn unto you in future times until you discard these practices and balance old thought signals with new wisdom.

Your children, your family, your friends...all those that surround you now in a positive manner have not necessarily always been so. Many times they are your dire enemies drawn unto you. The divorce rate, murder rate and abortion rate all serve as mute testimony to how individuals are drawn unto us by negative attractions as often as by positive ones.

Realizing these things does not mean one has to reinforce them or justify the various negative emotions. Rather these concepts should ideally make it easier to work out and balance these past disparities and replace hate with friendship and even love.

The power of the mind is the power that will serve you well if you use it properly. No, it will not provide you a Maybach and three homes, but it will provide you with much more important things and is the key to man's ever sought after desire - true immortality. Once you realize that your body is the outward expression of your mind, you will find it easier to catch over-indulgence, prejudice, hatred, jealousy, etcetera and simultaneously strengthen those aspects of yourself you most wish to comprise; virtue, strength, wisdom and perhaps.... even wit.

But this blog entry already omits too much of that last valued commodity and is drier than the Arizona desert in August. So for now....

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