Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Abiotic Oil, Spying on Facebook, Myspace & Twitter


"Why do you do it?"

"Why do I do what?"

"Release classified information through your blog? Now Foxnews picked up your story and is causing us all sorts of heat."

"C'mon now...what sort of heat? Some media attention? Have you even received a call from a single Congressman or Senator? It's nothing. People don't have long attention spans. Right now they are focusing on the lives of some Chilean miners. They follow the media cues like sheep. No one will be talking about the story in a few weeks, unless the media choose to push it."

"What about your abiotic oil story? You don't call that a breach of national security?"

"C' know I'm the classifying authority on half the stuff I reveal and although maybe a few million people are now aware of the truth of abiotic oil, they are still enormously outnumbered by the billions who do not. Sector Bravo Fox came by with a report for me and said the electric and other power companies feel threatened by the oil companies having access to abiotic oil. They fear coal and shale and all the rest will run out far faster than the abiotic oil, and they are right."

"The White House revoked the drilling moratorium today, as per your suggestion. We now have several dozen companies breathing down our necks for deepwater permits in the gulf, some of these are power companies who want access to this abiotic oil, but have very little experience. Lot's of these permit requests are due to your breaking the story"

"Good. It's plentiful enough. Eventually they will recognize there are many access points for the stuff. Be happy they want to do it in our waters and pay taxes and monies to us. In a dozen years that will change. I support this interest. I would love to see more competition out there. Some of these companies have longstanding enmity and it will be good for industry when the competition kicks in."

"Zuckerberg is reportedly p-d off with the story and wants us to kill it or deny it. How do you think he would feel if he knew "we" started it - well "you" started it?"

"Who cares what he thinks? All these electronic sites are just awaiting the era of regulation, taxation and stricter controls. This is the free ride era and he knows it. He should mainly thank his lucky stars he's still able to run the site as it is. As Darth Vader said to Lando, 'I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further.'"

"His company provides a big tax base and supports a lot of lobbyists that have some clout. He could cause trouble."

"The truth is never trouble. The truth is the people who post on Facebook are being raped. Every part of their lives is permanently recorded and violated. They should know this, especially the kids."

"Sure. You're still riding the white stallion of morality I see. Give me a break. You didn't get to where you are by following all the rules."

"This isn't about me. I didn't push the story that hard. I didn't even have our boys hack the Google servers. I just let it simmer."

"Whatever. Try to keep a lid on the classified stuff okay? Save me some indigestion and memo-writing? Please?"

"Sure. Scouts honor."

"You were never a scout."

"I wasn't? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure you lousy..."

"now now...don't cuss. You never know when I'm going to post the transcripts of our conversation on my blog."

r e d a c t e d

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