Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morgana's Towers

I am somewhat amazed as I reappear in Morgana Le Fey's presence. She is indeed a powerful sorceress but the ride through time and space was not as smooth as Yal-hune's or even the instrumentation controlled teleportation I have experienced. There is a dark aftertaste. I feel somewhat soiled as my senses recover.

"Ye are a long way from home aren't ye? I can sense it. Ye're thoughts, ye're language the world ye come from is much different than this one. And ye are even more different. Ye are not entirely human are ye? Ye've been to other worlds and have seen things no man has. Despite all this, ye are amazingly weak for a warlock and were able to be removed from Camelot without any trouble whatsoever."

She's a telepath and uses a crude mental intrusion. I shut her out and realize she obtained most of her information already while we were en route to her castle.

"Go ahead I already know what I needed."

I'm almost tempted to force my way into her mind to see what she's up to, but I stop myself knowing that sort of action regenerates multiplied feedback.

Morgana comes towards me.

"Do ye find me beautiful?"

She laughs. I watch as she begins to undress. Her robe drops to the floor and she stands nude before me.

"I find all men submit to me of their own free will, sooner or later. I won't need magicks to get you to serve me."

She is beautiful, but it is an evil beauty and after my experiences with Yal-hune and other beautiful, positive women, I am more than capable of resisting Morgana's charms.

"Dress yourself. What do you want from me Morgana?"

"Isn't it obvious? I want ye're secrets....and ye will share them with me."

"What secrets?"

"How you took over the dark knight's body and subdued his mind. How you came from the future into the past and of the weapons of the future."

"Power? Is that all you care about Morgana? Trust me, I know that all the power in the world does not lead to happiness. And power secured through evil only begets evil to one's person. Instead of empowering yourself, you are empowering those parasites who manipulate you from these lower astral worlds. You act as a doorway for them. You don't want to do this. True power, true godliness, comes from mastering all evil and turning it into good."

Morgana laughs.

"Laugh all you want. It's true. I've visited the hells run by the demons and overflowing with dark forces. Even the most powerful among them are servants of ever lower forces that use them. None are ever free and with each new evil act they lose that bit of infinite intelligence that is each souls birthright. They lose their individuality and become part of a dark collective. They become weaker as they devolve - not more powerful. Only those who recently fall still have some power in these planes, the rest are wisps of souls - fragments really."

"Stop! I have heard enough!"

"I don't think so. Perhaps this is why you captured me. You needed to hear this and I needed to tell you this. I love you Morgana...real love. The sort that makes me care enough to tell you the truth. I don't want to see you live in these hellholes - and would much rather see you use your mind and knowledge to work for the light."

Morgana walks up to me and hate and loathing are in her eyes. She has consorted with far too many incubi over the years to listen easily to my words. The truth is the most painful thing in the world.

"I should kill ye for ye're words. But ye would merely return to ye're owen time an I would end up killing my ally - the Dark Knight."

Ally. Yes, that would make sense. The Dark Knight was me....centuries past and who knows how many lifetimes of experience. My being with Yal-hune now might have its roots in me seeking out powerful beings to learn from. I think I know why I came here - to help reverse the damage I did to Morgana by supporting her machinations and lust for power.

"Morgana. Listen to me carefully. I apologize for my past actions and I want to free you from the burden that they imposed upon you. My own power lust has dragged many down along the way. I'm getting a chance to reverse some of these mistakes. Here."

I take Morgana's hand in mine.

"Do you feel this? This is the power of light & love."

I use the oscillation skills developed already with Shayla, Yal-hune & Skuuinja and transmit a strengthening field keyed to her fundamental frequency. I watch as her eyes change and her own motivating spirit regains some control. She looks at me and it is almost a whole new person that stares back...and Morgana suddenly becomes truly beautiful.

"Impressive. I see clearly now. You are right."

"That's just a spark...light and positive always frees souls and strengthens individuality. Darkness and negative always chains and weakens one, even though you may appear to be more powerful by usurping the horde's dark power...it is weak next to the true infinite power of good and light. I know you will become powerful Morgana ...truly powerful. However this will only be achieved by embracing the good and the light and disassociating with those who only can offer the illusion of power."

Her eyes are like clear lakes of blue. The transformation in the past minute has been amazing.

"You are beautiful Morgana. Truly beautiful. Don't let them ever take that away from you."

I kiss her forehead and embrace her. I needed to do this. This was a pivotal lifetime for her and I had helped lead her down the dark path.

"Do me a favor. When I leave the Dark Knight will return here in this body. Lead him to this new power as well. He will follow your lead and by doing so you will enable me to return here someday."

In my mind I call out, "Okay Yal-hune... you can come out of hiding...wherever you are, I'm ready to go home, now."

The dark tower of Morgana Le Fey begins to fade from my vision and my embrace of Morgana seems to soften to the point I can no longer feel her.

It is Yal-hune whose all-knowing smiling face greets me. She doesn't need to say a word or even think it. In her look is already all I need to know about this time-journey.


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