Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yal-hune In King Arthur's Court 1

Yal-hune is exasperated by my requests to travel in time again. Well, not exasperated...I've never seen her exasperated. Perhaps a more suitable word is accustomed. She is accustomed to my repeated attempts to get her to travel with me through time. Sure, I've seen the future(s) and I've even visited the past. past. But I have wanted to visit historical figures from the Earth's past. Every historian must dream of visiting the past. With Yal-hune, my own abilities are dwarfed and her mastery of the time-space continuum makes my skills look feeble and as unsure as a baby's first steps.

I'm going to ask her again...very nicely. At some point she will cave and then one of my childhood fantasies will come true. C'mon get your minds out of the gutter. Not that fantasy! The one where I travel back in time to King Arthur's court in Camelot. Where I meet King Arthur and see the Round Table. Where I get to visit Merlin and Morgana Le Fey.

"You wont give it a rest will you? Now you are even blogging about it?"

"Yes...I mean no, I will not give it a rest and yes, I am blogging about it. I'm sure my readers would like you to go time-traveling with me as well."

"Very well. We will go on one condition."

"Yes! Yes! Anything! What's the condition?"

"That this will be the last time you ever ask to time travel again. Acceptable."

" in... never... again...ever?"

"Yes. Those are the conditions. Take them or leave them."

"Ok. It's a deal!"

"Are you ready?"

"Hold on...let me go the the bathroom first."

Yal hune smiles and I know she is thinking what you are all thinking.

But - hey -cut me some slack. You never know when one is going to find a bathroom back in time and it seems a good idea to leave well relieved.

I return from the bathroom and Yal-hune makes a motion with her arms. In an instant I feel that strange foggy consciousness and find myself losing contact with our home and before I can even finalize my assessment of how I feel I see trees, grass and a meadow come into focus around me and Yal-hune.

The air is crisp and clean - quite brisk, probably early fall. The surroundings are quite lush and fallen leaves of many colorful hues lay at the feet of mighty trees. The smell! Rich and succulent scents of some sort reach my nostrils. Ones I've never encountered before.

I turn and gaze upon Yal-hune who is now dressed like an Arthurian era lady. She is holding the reins of two fine thoroughbred horses and I haven't a clue where she retrieved them from.

"Are you ready to go on the adventure of your lives?" she asks.


"Saddle up then!"

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