Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Scorpion That Got Away

Sometimes even the most careful get outmaneuvered. This lesson is true in life and examples can be seen all around us.

An example. In Arizona out here at Shamballa there are large numbers of scorpions. They are generally harmless enough out in the desert by themselves, but I don't like it when I see one inside Shamballa or on the grounds. I spotted one near the large underground parking garage and a wall. I attempted to stomp it, but it moved quickly into a nearby crevice in the wall. It was safe inside the wall and I realized that's why it had positioned itself near it.

It's frustrating to think that a scorpion can outmaneuver you - by using your own surroundings and creations against you. No one wants to tear down a wall just to get at a scorpion. So the scorpion is safe - for now. Does it know this? Probably not, but it does have an intuitive sense of what spots are undisturbed and offer protection and it will scurry for these spots intuitively.

In society the scorpions are all around us. They are fast and know where to hide when pursued. They will use your own creations against you.

It's a lesson of which I will not quickly forget - nor should you. Always remember that your own walls provide a fertile nesting ground for those who would do you harm.

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