Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Elegance is not Dead

It's easy to look around the world and get somewhat frustrated at the lack of mental progress in humanity. Decades pass and we have no new breakthrough schools, or news of genius students so far ahead of the norm as to appear inhuman. The same old violence, political maneuvering for gain and materialistic tripe fills the Google news page and I find myself staying up nights dreaming of completing the overshadowing shield - so that human minds are free to think as they please and are not redirected and rerouted into lower and more mundane pursuits.

A dream? Perhaps. When one has traveled off-world and into one of Earth's best futures and seen the types of accomplishments and civilizations we are capable of, it lingers as a constant reminder and daily life becomes a constant contrast to these epic cultural advances and beings whose minds are so alive, intelligent and vibrant they make humanity at this time seem almost lacking in sentience.

Skuuinja is all over the place. She has apartments in DC, London, Paris, St. Petersburg and Cairo. I don't see her as much as I'd like too. As soon as we were growing closer she suddenly drew back and decided to travel the world and experience Earth's diversity. Shayla is back on her world and she keeps moving up in rank and stature. After helping save the Earth, she was appointed as one of her world's representatives to the Galactic Council, an adjoining body of the Confederation which imparts and governs technological and material transfers between worlds. She is happy as ever, but I miss her too. Sadly, Earth isn't that attractive or exciting a location for someone like her. If Yal-hune were not here, I'd like to think that she would visit more often, but I just don't know.

I guess I'm becoming a mental bigamist. My soul is not limited to just one other, but I realize that my relationship to others, broadens my own evolutionary development. I am one way around Yal-hune, yet another around Shayla and still another around Skuunija - or Tech7 for that matter. Each of these women has brought out part of me that thrives in their presence. Yal-hune understands this. I know she cares about many others on other worlds and even here. It's her nature. I can't be jealous because I understand it.

Yal-hune is thinking of me even now as I write this and catching up with what I have transcribed. She's smiling - I can literally feel when she smiles - and she is now telling me that I better hurry or we will be late for the party.

Yes, elegance is not dead. Yal-hune is dressed to kill in a Dior gown she picked up in Paris. On her wrists and neck are jewels by Cartier. My Giorgio Armani tuxedo looks subdued, yet remains elegant enough for this affair. It even has satin lapels to match with her satin gown.

Till later...

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