Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swimming with Skuuinja

Skuuinja takes a deep breath and disappears under the water. The sun beats down upon my skin mercilessly and I can feel the first accelerated ions of the solar storm that is pounding the Earth, indicating the solar maximum cycle is starting. We have Geiger counters here at Shamballa and every day the count increases as gamma rays pierce our atmosphere and rain down upon the Earth, nothing stopping them.

The desert is a quiet place and the intense heat and lack of moisture in the air actually interferes with sound waves passage, making everything just a bit more muffled. This is pleasant sometimes, at other times it makes one feel isolated and detached from the world. The heat will break in a week or two and the region will drop below the century temperature mark.

Skuuinja surfaces, the water glistening off her skin in the sunlight. She is in my mind, listening to my dialogue and watching me key this entry into my blog. She is aware that Earth is still a captive audience and as her mind races alongside my own I can feel her think about the overshadowing and the average life humans lead. She now lives as humans do - only with this greater awareness and a total focus on her thoughts and actions. She's not immune from all the influences here on Earth - which are legion - she merely is more conscious of external influences and can recognize her own voice amongst the other clamoring voices that try to influence consciousness.

"Your blog is one of the very few outlets for this information and yet even it is suppressed by those who profit at the expense of human ignorance. Humanity has little chance of shaking off the overshadowing on its own, even though Yal-hune and others believe this is the only way for humanity to develop and strengthen its sentience."

Skuuinja emerges from the pool, grabs a towel and lies down on a lounge chair next to me. A large transparent shield mounted twenty feet over the pool and yard filters out the sun's worst rays and makes lounging here possible without burning or damaging tissue, even in September. She is with my mind and interjecting some of her own viewpoints and perspectives.

"Yes, I am. And I have often wanted to address the people of Earth in a direct way. Even though I live here and appear human, I am not. I live here on your world and see the pain, suffering, insecurity, hatred and violence. It serves as a backdrop for existence here. Every action, every goal a measured reaction to these extremely limited perspectives. I know with time some will free themselves from the mental molasses they are ensnared within, and I look forward to this day of revelation and personal emancipation. Others will live these shadow-lives, repeatedly, until such time their mental faculties become more discerning and they can objectively analyze their life, goals and evolutionary trajectory. Yes, evolutionary trajectory. This is one of the most absent things from human education. None are taught of their immortality. None are taught of the importance of their actions and consequences, besides the most fundamental interpretation of right and wrong via some sort of religion. As a result none can put their life in a proper perspective and use it to attain new levels of development and likewise evolve off the Earth to other worlds far in advance of it."

My mind gently cautions her against appearing too preachy or pessimistic, but she counters that no one that is not ready to hear this will read this blog entry anyway. And she is correct. She takes my hand in hers and rests it on her chest.

"Do you feel that? That is my heart beating. It beats almost twice as fast as your heart at rest. It cares just as much as a human heart about humanity."

I realize a throwaway thought that had passed my consciousness that because she was not human she could not quite have the same understanding of the human plight. This is what she is responding to.

I feel her heart beat and with it I feel her love, not just for me, but for all humanity. It transcends me and I close my eyes and relax even further. Skuuinja knows i did not intend to insult her or doubt her capacity for compassion, but at the same time she could not let my errant thought pass without demonstrating just how much she does care.

Holding her like this, with my hand on her heart and her hand on mine, I feel her give of herself this core essence - her soul. I realize how lucky I am to know her now and her fiercely intellectual mind helps spur my own mental ambitions.

"When one is overshadowed one grows mentally flaccid. The overshadower interjects the thoughts and the recipient becomes an interested observer. Higher ambitions such as the desire to become more knowledgeable as an end in itself are displaced. Even in the universities, students seldom seek knowledge out for its own sake but place this acquisition in new context: the passing of a class, the acquiring of a degree, the ability to earn more, to marry better, to own and possess more things. As a result, as soon as they have their degree the overshadowers justify shutting down the quest for new knowledge and focus on material acquisitions, personal pleasure and these more mundane pursuits, robbing them of the true joy and ladder of life - ceaseless learning."

Her hand on mine is warm and her wet swimsuit is quickly drying in the heat. As hot as it is, being near her is soothing and refreshing. She kisses me on the cheek - mentally - and I have to open my eyes to see if she actually did so physically as well, because it felt so complete and so gentle.

She looks at the laptop and takes it from me to type something.

I love you...don't ever forget it.

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