Friday, February 05, 2010

Skuuinja (Part 87)

The salty sweat stings my eyes and I polish the final panel on the Lincoln. Exercising clears the mind and gets those endorphins flowing through the blood stream. I like my exercise to be functional and productive. Whether detailing cars, gardening or similar pursuits that achieve a goal besides simply the goal of exercising. I am back at the house and for the first time in a week, I truly feel myself. Perspectives one can't seem to attain without shielding permit me to soar above the material troubles and conflicts and remove myself from the turmoil.

Here the garages are air conditioned, and the air is also filtered for toxins. Yal-hune incorporated some rather advanced alien designed chemical filtration elements into a modified conventional system. The result clears fumes and chemicals from the air - even in the garage. Which is good. The petroleum distillates in waxes and polishes are nasty stuff and are toxic to many organs and act as neurotoxin. I'll have to see what they use in the future or on Htra-deg to polish or clean surfaces, I'm sure it involves no toxins, whatsoever.

The car done, I enter the advanced shower system and refresh my body and wash away the sweat and dirt. As the shower system dries me off and decontaminates me with a fast UV bath, I think about the Chief's dreams again. Particularly about the moon coming down and refusing to go up. Did it deal with Obama's pulling the manned moon program? As I recall, the sun was arguing with the moon and the moon was struggling to rise but could not. So many possibilities enter my consciousness, from astronomical movements to simple symbolism, it is hard to know the true meaning.

Yal-hune greets me after I dress, but shortly thereafter disappears again. She is working on something with her brother and she hasn't yet told me what exactly it is she is working on. My curiosity is tempered, here anyways, but as soon as I leave the house it bothers me more. Well, I should say the overshadowers want it to bother me more. I'm sure she will tell me if I need to know or it helps things by my knowing.

"Are you still worrying about what Yal-hune is doing?"

Skuuinja is direct and has no moral blocks about reading my mind, brazenly.

"Not worried, merely thinking about it."

"Trust me, she knows what she is doing. And if you want to know so badly - simply ask her to let you in on it."

Skuuinja laughs. She delights in my conflicts. It's not a malicious laugh, rather she sees them as ridiculous and they amuse her. If I couldn't feel her mind and her love for me I could easily misunderstand her laughter and it would feed any one of a thousand and one insecurity complexes we humans possess in regards to how we are perceived by others.

"Thanks for your concern Skuuinja. How's Earth treating you?"

She becomes quite serious.

"I am learning a great deal. Seeing firsthand the results of overshadowing and the arrested cultural development here on Earth, has opened my eyes completely. I have a new compassion for humans. Their lot is a tough one. Constantly having their minds compromised - and worst of all not even recognizing it. I realize the unintelligent course I have traveled and see now that I will have great efforts ahead in reversing my past acts - including the time I spent overshadowing you."

"It sounds like coming to Earth has been an epiphany for you."

"Yes. In many ways it has. Just as humans have played video games and feel no remorse or connection with the characters, so do other worlds see the humans they overshadow as somewhat unreal constructs designed for their own entertainment. It seems like deranged attitude from this perspective on Earth, but quite a valid point of view from another world light years away. It is quite real to say that many beings on other worlds look at Earth like a video game - an entertaining toy. To be here and experience its reality is a shocking counter-perspective."

Skuuinja walks over and hugs me. Tears are on her cheeks and I feel her remorse and love like a giant wave that washes over me. I wrap my arms around her and hug her tightly.

"It will be okay. You are already reversing those past acts. Here you will be able to do much good, not only for yourself but for a world that is sleep walking through life."

Skuuinja kisses me on the cheek. It is an exquisite kiss and gentle as a soft breeze. Her own unique mental signature is in it and my body reacts. After years of kissing and being kissed by humans, I never imagined that there could be such a disparity between sentient species and their kisses. While kissing is uniquely a human activity and display of affection, when other sentience partake of it - it is not just kissing. It is much more mental than physical. It is very hard to explain.

I forget about trying to explain it and simply kiss her back, giving as much of my mind as I can to her. She's reading my thoughts and my mind as we kiss. I feel her inside me and looking at my thoughts with her own perspective.

"You know you over-reacted with Encyclopedia and Isis."


"You must realize how they were overshadowed from the get-go."

"Yes. I just don't know how I can trust them if they are so compromised."

"It's your choice, but if I were you - I would want to protect them - not cast them to the wolves."

She's right. I've let my biases and emotions cloud my better judgment. They need understanding more than punishment and they need to know what they are up against in their own minds. An idea hits me.

"Wait...what are you thinking."

I smile and let her pull it from my mind.

"You want me to teach a class at Shamballa? You want me to teach humans how to protect their minds and recognize overshadowing thoughts from their own?"

"Who would be better? And what could be a better way of reversing your past actions?"

I feel her peruse the notion and I know she sees the logic behind it.

"Very well. I will teach the Techs how to identify overshadowing and resist it. But if I do this, you must also do me a favor."

"Name it."

"You must go shopping with me today. I will need more outfits and it might not hurt if you buy me my own car as well."

"It's a deal."

Skuuinja races out of the room, "Hold on...I'll just be a minute." Her excitement is palpable and for someone older than everyone on Earth, she still has the enthusiasm and energy of a human teenager. I realize it's contagious as I feel the excitement build up in me. Suddenly, I feel the way she does, and every little event in life is exciting...and wonderful.

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