Thursday, February 11, 2010

Htra-deg (Part 88)

I find myself overwhelmed with all sorts of things that demand my attention. Hardly any time to think and really try to put the past events in perspective. I understand the way energy functions, Yal-hune has helped pound those principles into my dense skull, and I need to make the time to analyze all that is occurring and find its root sources - in my past lives. It's so easy to just roll through it all and play with the emotions. I know better, but still its very hard when I leave the shielded areas.

All that has occurred, that will occur, is tied in to my pasts. All these things I interpret as negative, have their counterpart positive sides I am completely blind to. I start to dig a hole with all these biases. It makes it harder and harder to climb out. I realize that on worlds like Htra-deg they don't bias things and instantly seek and find equilibrium with all events. I know that's so much more intelligent than what we humans do, but when I'm away from the shielding I quickly succumb to the emotionalism and biases that are human traits.

Yal-hune appears before me. She is wearing an alien outfit similar to what she wore the first time I saw her. A wispy chiffon like material that defies Earth's gravity when it makes an appearance and floats through the air more gently than a dandelions seeds on a windy spring day. Her mind enters a room first and then her body. Once I see her it is like a cup of water for a man parched, wandering in an endless desert with a merciless, unrelenting sun overhead. Her upper torso is bare and every curve, line and angle broadcast their perfection like some radio signals that my eyes pick up. I need not verbalize all this, Yal-hune picks up my thoughts instantly and it would only be redundant. And for all her physical beauty, it's her mind that powers it - that shaped it - which is the real beauty.

I no longer conceal my thoughts from either Skuuinja or Yal-hune. I have abandoned thought markers when they are around. Skuuinja does not honor them most of the time anyways and brazenly reads my mind, regardless, and Yal-hune is so balanced and on equilibrium that nothing I can say or think would truly disturb her, offend her or emotionalize her. And since she has been such a healthy influence on me and my mind, I figure concealment only harms myself from an opportunity at Yal-hune's insight.

I realize I am becoming alien myself. My tastes, my choice of companions and most importantly - my mind - has absorbed and mimicked the more developed patterns of Yal-hune. Such is the destiny of everything less developed, to imitate and mold itself after those that have more development. Evolution at work. As I try to think as would a being from Htra-deg, with constant equilibrium and balance, I abandon my human heritage and its emotional lineage. Its obvious that one alien alone could shape a less developed world by visiting it. Our mythology and 'gods' probably have roots in a number of alien visitations.

"You have wanted to know what I have been doing for the past week. Well, I have been working towards the goal of protecting this world from harm and preserving this learning ground, for younger souls, from destruction. If you would care to join me, we will take a trip to my birth world of Htra-deg so you can more clearly see what we have been working on."

"I'm there!"

And with a wave of her arm I realize we are already en route. In a moment the white light which surrounds us subsides in intensity and the details of the landscape of Htra-deg are becoming clear.

"Then here we are!"

The first thing I notice is the sky. It is alive, like looking into a whirlpool or a tornado seen from straight overhead. Clouds moving quickly - far more quickly than on Earth. The sky is pink, magenta and a plethora of colors in that range which I have never seen. I am suddenly made aware the color spectrum is actually infinite! That on Earth we see only a fraction of the colors which exist in ever expanded spectra of light. The sky has an expansiveness that even makes the huge Arizona desert sky seem small. I can't help but realize I am on a huge world, a world that dwarfs my own as this maelstrom above me, curiously silently churns clouds and colors with an alien grace and shape.

The next thing I notice is that we are in some sort of parkland area, trees - or something similar, enormous, statuesque and higher than our redwoods - reach up towards this enormous sky. They glow from within as does the 'grass' here. They emit light and regenerate it in the same way the metal we recovered on Earth from the Flame Room does. The elements here are much more complex and generate their own light. Htra-deg does not get all its light from stars - rather it provides its own light and it never experiences 'night' the way Earth and the worlds in our solar system do.

Structures in the distance are crystalline and seem even brighter than the native vegetation. I am reminded of crystals I have seen that have been hit by laser light - the glow is very precise, crisp and the light shimmers with this clarity of radiance. As I turn to look at Yal-hune and I see her in this environment - I see how much she belongs here. Her beauty is magnified by this environment, it resonates with her and my eyes can barely contain themselves as they behold her. A wave of euphoria hits me. This world carries with it these very intelligent fields of energy and they have found my own fields and saturated them.

I see life in an entirely new way! I realize that my interpretation of life was like looking out of a small pinhole. Now, the obstructions are gone and I can partake of a vast and broad panorama of life! I am so overwhelmed my mind can't keep up with all that it now is struggling to perceive and absorb.

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