Sunday, June 08, 2008

Go to Hell!

The daemons were clustered by the tens of thousands in the darkness. They were feeding on souls who were too weak or too unintelligent to extricate themselves. The realm was extremely dark and murky and the only light was cast from the souls being slowly devoured and this grew dimmer with each passing moment only to be lightened back up by new arrivals. I walk towards a group and the daemons fall back as if in horrendous pain just by being near me. The light which surrounds me lights my path as I walk forward and leaves a trail of light in my wake.

“Hello Margaret. I am here because some friends of yours asked me to help you.”

Margaret was startled and she was terrified beyond all belief.

“I knew I was going to hell! I attended church but I knew I was going to hell and here I am! Please...tell God I will do anything to go to heaven! Please!”

Some nearby daemons of immense size and equally grotesque features laughed a horrendous laugh and shouted.

“You belong here and here you will remain!”

Margaret screamed and fell to her knees.

“Margaret. Listen to me. Heaven and hell are in your mind. I can take you away from here but you must dispense with the fear that stains the surface of your consciousness. There is nothing to be afraid of. These daemons only have power over you because of your fear of them. Without your fear to feed them, they cannot harm you.”

A giant daemon hundreds of meters tall and dark as the blackest night with fiery red eyes that beam pure hatred of all existence comes near. The thunder of his bat like wings is accompanied by what sound like the shrieking of a thousand voices.

My presence here has summoned him. All action has an equal and opposite reaction.

“A bit far from home aren't we?” he booms with a voice that has destroyed the lives of billions.

“My home is everywhere. The infinite universe is my home.”

The howls of a trillion souls in agony sing horribly in the background.

“You are not welcome here. I am going to destroy you like I have destroyed so many others like you who enter my realm.”

In an instant the darkness of the realm grows yet darker. The scarlet hued paths grow more jagged and swarms of even more daemons come descending from out of the darkness.

Margaret screams in terror.

“Be not afraid my dear Margaret. There is nothing to fear, ever.”
I raise up my arm with palm stretched outward. A beam of the most pure light emerges from some distant point falls down upon me, flows up through my arm and creates a blinding halo of light around my hand and bursts forth in an explosion of light. The lesser daemons scream in agony and crawl, fly and slither back as if in terrible pain.

“You try to retrieve souls from my realm and you think this will stop me? A puny and pathetic display of light and love? Taste fear, darkness and death!”

Two beams of blackness emerge from his red eyes and with it the pain of millions of lost souls and their many fears and insecurities beat down upon me and my mind.

“You underestimated me, you insignificant nothing!”

“No, I suspect you underestimated the infinite, misguided one.”

I now raise my other hand, attune my mind to the infinite universe of lighted dimensions of the most high, filled with beings whose very essence mimics infinite existence itself and yet another beam of light appears, far more intense, and with a radiance that illumines the entire realm of darkness. The daemons, stunned and bathed in light freeze momentarily as if paralyzed by the light. Even the giant daemon is momentarily blinded and his red eyes lose their intensity.

Thousands of other nearby souls are looking around for the first time as if awakened and a number are instantly disappearing as they change the lower thoughts that had filled their consciousness and imprisoned them here. Millions of others, already too darkened to react to the influx of light favorably, still are bowed over and are almost completely oblivious to the brief change. Margaret walks up to me...

“You're an angel aren't you?”

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