Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Amnesty International - a front for France Telecom

Today, it's time for some more curtain lifting on the various corrupt activities going on around the world. You have probably heard of Amnesty International - a "humanitarian" organization that helps folks all around the world. What you didn't know is that Amnesty International is just a front for French Telecom.

Amnesty International is run by an International Executive Committee (IEC) this group of a handful of members oversees Amnesty International's activities. One of the IEC is Claire Paponneau, who is from France, is a member of the IEC and is AI's International Treasurer, having been first elected to this role in 2001. She has been a member of the Board of AI France and was its Treasurer from 1995 to 2001. Previously she was a member of AI's Financial Control Committee.

Here's what AI doesn't tell you:

"Claire Paponneau is Executive Vice-President of International Carrier Services and Sales for France Telecom's carrier wholesale division that provides Open Transit® Bandwidth, Internet, Voice and Mobile services. Before taking up her current position in December 2001, Claire was Executive Vice-President of Networks and Services Operations, managing international operator services, audio and video transport services and transmission and added value switched services."

Take a look at a recent news piece where AI criticizes Google, Yahoo and other US companies:

Amnesty International Criticizes US companies

Once one knows who pulls the strings at AI we see how devious France Telecom's corporate warfare is - using a front "humanitarian organization" to damn the US competition and to get them in the door in the third world! Not surprisingly France Telecom is not on Amnesty Internationals list - even though Wanadoo, a subsidiary of France Telecom does exactly the same thing as these US companies and was criticized by European Parliament.

Third world nations don't open the door when the knocker says "Hi France Telecom! We're here to set up phone service." But they will open the door when the answer is "It's Amnesty International - we're here to help you poor victims"

It's quite ingenious.

Currently we have AI telling the world that Hezbollah are placing rockets near civilians - but not as often as the Israeli army contends. They deliberately seem to be taking sides with Hezbollah against Israel. Why? When one realizes one is hearing France Telecom's commercial interests every time AI issues a press release, we realize that Lebanon uses France Telecom. They are protecting their corporate interests and customers:

" The Lebanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications signed a contract with France Telecom for the operator to build and operate a global system for mobile (GSM) communications phone network. The contract was signed by the French operator's France Telecom Mobiles International subsidiary."

This was back in 1994.

Will this realization earn me a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism? Of course not. Only the left side of the aisle earns those. I can expect a few kicks in the teeth and knocks on the back of the head.

So when you hear Amnesty International demonize the US - you will know exactly what's going on. France Telecom is pushing itself in deeper in the third world and collecting money from the 3rd world countries.

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