Thursday, August 31, 2006

Smoking is Not KOOL!

Big Tobacco says never say live

Nicotine is up in cigarettes by 10% across the board over the past six years. In what amounts to a morbid attempt to addict and kill more 'customers' the tobacco industry has decided to make their products even more addictive so that folks who start can't stop. And for the kiddy market the "Kool" brand of cigarettes has jacked up nicotine levels by 20%!

You know, I'm not a religious person, but there indeed are hells for folks who do stuff like this. Survival for the tobacco industry means widescale death after painful suffering for its customers. In a world where sane folks understand what tobacco does to your lungs and other organs - smoking is a form of insanity abetted by addictive chemicals.

I'm going to go to town on this entry. This blog is read by a good number of folks and so I have both an opportunity and responsibility to make a difference. So here we go.

Smoke is poison. It is the byproduct of combustion and contains countless chemicals which when they come in contact with living tissue - kill it. When I was in school I was shown the lungs of a smoker alongside the healthy lung. It made an impact on me, but I already was convinced as my grandfather and uncle both died due to tobacco. However, for those who never did have a teacher kind enough to show you what happens - let SDAI-Tech1 be so kind as to present the side by side here:

There are 234 known poisons in cigarettes. One of these is furfurol, one of the deadliest poisons known to man. The average smoke contains twice as much carbon monoxide in his/her blood than the nonsmoker. This carbon monoxide poisons the entire body - every organ and gives a sickly pallor to the skin.

Models who smoke to stay slim age their face an extra 3 years for every five they smoke. So a 26 year old model who has smoked since 16 looks 32 and her career is basically over. Ever wonder what happened to Paulina Porizkova, Linda Evangelista et al? They destroyed their careers early with cigarettes. The smoke from cigarettes attacks and destroys the eye tissue while adding crows feet to the surrounding skin from the constant squinting a smoker must do as they smoke. Now the magazines who dare to show them must pay the re-touchers a bonus just to start on some of these former "supermodels" who have been addicted since they were kids.

Did they see the photos of the lungs when they were younger? I doubt it. You see it's not just the lungs that become that black and poisoned - it's everything. In the South Sea islands at the turn of the last century there existed some tribes of cannibals would regularly attack and eat unwary visitors. However, they would not eat the body of a smoker - as all the smokers body is poisoned throughout with chemicals that made them violently ill.

So the smokers are addicted and by increasing the nicotine levels the tobacco companies are saying "Hell yes! We are going to force these folks who we've already hooked to smoke until their last dying breath. and insure that anyone who starts will be a customer till they die!"

Cheap cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and all designed to make money while knowingly and intentionally destroying people's health.

I see kids start smoking when they are 13 and it nauseates me. Stupidity is nauseating. That their parents smoke is most likely. That their parents are stupid and/or painfully addicted is also likely. Yes, I know, it's not like me to call folks names - especially when its clear that there are forces who work hard to insure these millions of folks are addicted to nicotine and cigarettes.

I do make exceptions.

This is YOUR wake up call.

If you are reading this (and this will be a top rated entry in the search engines under smoking and nicotine as soon as it goes up) and YOU smoke it is up to YOU to stop. There are no coincidences. No chance. You read this because you were drawn unto it. You needed to read this and some of the as yet unknown information it contains.

I am not your mommy or doctor. And for all I know both your mommy and doctor smoke themselves.

We are going to create another ball of light here. It is immense and it surrounds you as you read this. It cleanses your body of lower elements and raises your fundamental frequency to such a point that for the next few minutes you will be inaccessible to lower obsessive elements. This light is linked to the most high parts of the infinite universe where beings millions of years in advance of the average human reside, work and assist others. This light will also condition and prepare you for what I am about to reveal - which requires me to insure that all who so continue reading are both preconditioned and protected.

I know a lot more about the addiction and the obsession entities that smoke through folks so addicted. Here I will describe what merges with smokers as they smoke.

A smoker never smokes alone. He/she is always a host. Addiction is stronger than just nicotine because the possessive smoking obsessions develop a repetitive thought pattern with which they almost literally control your mind. Every smoker who dies and goes out in limbo often become temporal parasites in the astral planes. They hover and are drawn to things they know.

They know sex.
They know eating.
They know smoking.
They know drinking.

By far and large the four categories above have the most obsessions and hybrid entities in the astral plane. Yes, many of these entities merge so that they can gain power. One mind is weak and cannot easily overpower another, but several merged minds have greater success in using living humans as puppets. Smoking and drinking obsessions are often found merged. These weak willed folks were so addicted in life that they became smoking and drinking parasites on others after their death. They loiter in the bars and the places where alcohol or drug laced minds make them much easier to possess.

There are healing wards for these folks on higher planes of existence where their mutated and distorted psychic bodies are merged and growing into one amalgamated being with its sole repetitive desire to smoke and drink. I saw one of these obsessions and it looked like some deformed Hindu god with literally hundreds of arms and mouths and a cigarette or drink in each hand constantly feeding one of these many merged mouths. It was quite distressing.

In these centers the various original people are separated and sorted out. What's left of their mind is reintegrated with a separate psychic anatomy and they are nurtured until such a time as they can come back to the earth, or a similar world, and show they have mastered their addiction and mental weakness. They must be tempted and resist. They must also help others to make amends for their horrible actions between physical lives as an invisible but very real parasite.

Separating these hybrids is often complicated and delicate work. Often up to 15 or twenty different people can be found that have merged and become a very powerful and single-minded smoking obsession. Horrifyingly, they often add to their ranks after their existing host dies. The healing wards often change shifts as working on these folks is found to be a major task and stressful even on these higher levels where lower emotions do not reside.

Yes, smoking destroys your body - but this is the least of your longterm worries. It is what allowing these entities access to your mind and your consciousness that is the real danger to your future existence and evolution.

So take it from SDAI-Tech1 - don't let others smoke you. Because that is exactly what is going on.

Put this post to your favorites and re-read it every time you want to light up. Embedded within this post is a signal. It is sort of like a reverse virus. It is a healing signal and as you read this post it will penetrate your mind and your energy body. It will make it much harder for these obsessions to smoke through you because this signal is like a poison to them.

They will likely fight and kick and be very angry that you read this at all. They will be irritated to no end. But this is the information you polarized between lives and asked to be reminded about when you were back in the physical. Now you have been reminded. The battles ahead will be yours to fight, but you will have this new knowledge and this signal to assist you.

Smoking's not KOOL. And now unlike almost all folks anywhere on earth...YOU really know why.

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