Saturday, August 26, 2006

Universal Juxtaposition to 2943

I get a few letters lately asking why I don't discuss politics as much anymore. To be quite honest, politics is somewhat boring. Left, right or in-between, the same cycles regenerate ad infinitum and participating in such is not my goal or desire.

In this world we have many clamoring voices that seek your allegiance. "-isms" of various and sundry philosophies that seek a broader power base.

There is something out there that is much bigger than the petty political ambitions of a small planet on the outskirts of the galaxy in a solar system of little accomplishment. Living life here with a political mindset is like living in a box. You board yourself up with these inflexible views, biases and animosities. You cap this box off with a very limited perspective and set of fundamental fixations.

Your progressive and personal development is the most important thing in the universe for you.

Getting trapped by identifying yourself within the narrow constructs of various "isms" will seriously sabotage your own mental development and horizons.

Be neither left nor right. Be you! We are all so much more than ideologists espousing the political philosophy of some party. Republican, Democrat, Tory, Green, Socialist or what-have-you, all these associations will not help you grow and develop or prepare for your future life - after death. They know nothing of these things and are merely emotional diversions used to distract and consume time of peoples as they live out their lives on this world.

Today I am going to pretend my readers live in the world of 2943, a point in time when the things revealed here are understood and known by all humanity and even grade schoolers have a fundamental overview of these things. This is the sort of lesson a typical 6th grader might hear in his/her classroom.

This world is officially classified as a dwarf intellect world, a hell world wherein 99.9% of the inhabitants are engaged by parasitic entities and are often completely unaware of this parasite-host relationship as they live their daily life. These energy leeches feed on their human hosts for pure energy to sustain them. It is time to explain this energy consumption, generation and consciousness parasite-host relationship. This has gone on for thousands of years, caused untold wars, crimes and suffering and only with the past several hundred years has science been able to track these external parasitic signals and begin the process of both identification and jamming.

The first thought-shield based on fundamental personal frequency identification was developed in 2247. The earliest models had a 50% success ratio but were still incapable of catching very finely matched signals that were within several thousand cycles of the users fundamental thought frequency.

The result of these devices development and incorporation into the homes and dwelling of the people resulted in a drastic drop in the crime rates and among the mentally ill.

In America, circa 1999, statistical archives tell us 54 million Americans were mentally ill each year and only 9 million sought treatment. 12 million US women were depressed each year, 6 million men were depressed, 2.5 million were classified schizophrenic, 1 million more were bipolar and untold millions had eating disorders identified at the time as bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa.

And those who did seek treatment received a prescription for one or another popular inhibitor type drugs which blocked or disrupted brain function. And the world of this really considered itself technologically advanced! At this point the world knew absolutely nothing of the true causes of mental illness, much less treatment.

Everyone on this planet will be "mentally ill" at some point in time and to one degree or another. Our thoughts are not solely our own because our minds are being used like an ancient two-party telephone call. The reason millions of folks are mentally disturbed is because they share their minds with other hostile entities - other beings that talk for them, override their mind and dominate them, leaving their still small voice tied up to a chair in the corner.

These beings do not care for any person, although they may develop a certain frequency attachment to a longtime host and actually personalize and identify with their host human. They eat, smoke, drink, have sexual relations, and more via their host body.

Schizophrenics are merely the most clear examples of this mind-possession, yet it occurs around everyone daily in small ways. Someone eats in front of you, and although you weren't the slightest bit hungry you suddenly are "hungry" or have "appetite". These are garden variety, run of the mill food-parasite-entities. They now override your mind and decide you will eat. Obesity was widespread and caused by food-parasites that satiated their material desire to eat through a host body. They could leave their host body at any time and move on to others and eat twenty meals in a row at a "fast food restaurant", and never gain a single pound - while their weak minded victims suffered from their parasitic pleasure. Fortunately the world is much slimmer now as the result of this awareness and thought monitoring.

In olden times folks would engage in sexual relations and then immediately regret it after the act was over. What was going on was the parasitic entity or entities would use them and then after they were through they would leave and move right on to other fresh victims - leaving the host alone with their own still small voice - one that was often "ashamed" and unhappy that it let itself be overridden and dominated. One of the greatest benefits of this realization has been in the more intelligent and properly matched sexual pairing of humans on this world. No more animal-like, parasite-driven relationships bringing unwanted and lower frequency children into the world.

What is the science behind the parasitic thought hijacking?

How does this work?

It's actually a very simple physics process. As you all know, every thought and nerve impulse has a frequency and a wavelength. Thoughts are just signals. Signals can be overridden and can carry piggyback waveform structures called subharmonic structures. Repeat after me class, sub-har-mon-ic struc-tures. Very good.

Subharmonics are like the trojan worms which tried to, and often successfully did, take over Microsoft windows run computers back in the 21st century. They worked undetected and most people never even realized they were there - in the background - awaiting opportunities to influence, distort and corrupt data and insert their own.

When people's bodies die their consciousness remains. No one has ever died in the conventional sense, by merely losing a physical body. Our minds live on as quantized field comprised of signals of incredibly high frequencies. Channel 2 on the ancient "tele-vision" sets broadcast at 88 million cycles per second. This is, of course, like slow motion when compared to human thoughts.

The thought process is not so much a thinking mechanism as it is a sorting mechanism. Exposure to signals generates a response which triggers memories and thoughts that respond to the original stimuli. It is not finite and there is no limit to the signals that can be shared on or near any given frequency. The conscious mind will resonate with the strongest signal, but the subharmonics of any signal will influence the thought train.

Back in the 21st century they had a huge pharmaceutical industry that profited by disrupting cell to cell signal transfer. Aspirin was the first practical product after cocaine in Coca Cola had been discovered to alter the minds of the drinkers. The bloodstream carried this cocaine to the brain cells and atrophied certain brain centers.

Many minds and bodies were destroyed by drugs, millions more were popping "happy pills" to keep them in an artificial state of euphoria or at least something besides severe depression. Naturally, these folks developed tolerances for many of these chemicals and larger and larger doses were employed. The side effects suffered by this poisoning of the body were horrendous. It was a time which can be described as a true dark age of medicine where unscrupulous companies and greedy, ignorant physicians would prescribe all sorts of toxins as temporary cures. Not much had changed since the alcohol-laced medicines that quacks would prescribe in the 19th century to dull the minds of the patient/victim.

No one understood that thoughts were electronic and not just chemical in nature. They did not understand that frequencies of signals triggered and controlled the brains chemical reaction. The brain of an individual was not angry or depressed because of chemical imbalance, but rather the chemical balance at any given moment is the byproduct of these various thought frequencies! Like the tail wagging the dog, drugs naturally did nothing to alter the causal agents - the original thought process. So, as a result, these victims would get even more depressed, even suicidal, because the chemical suppression actually strengthened the negative thought form!

Yes, it is horrifying to think people used to live that way. But I see our time is through for today. Tomorrow we will discuss the drug-prohibition act of 2345 so I expect you to read up on it with your holopods.

Till later!

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