Monday, April 04, 2005

What the world needs now...

The world is in transition. We have some 7 billion people living on the earth. Most of these folks are very poor. Many can't read. Many live their life in "survival" mode. The educated and rich hold positions of influence and the fate of many lies in the hands of the few.

Your community. Take a look around. You have local leaders, regional leaders and national leaders. Some of you, depending upon what nation you are reading this blog from, have a say in the affairs of your nation. Some don't.

The world has many crisis' ahead. Many of which lie completely unrecognized by the powers that be. The think tanks try and role model various problems but many are so inconceivable that even active imaginations can't conjure them up.

Many men still have not learned to see past their base carnal desires and superstitious learnings. As a result man will always be violent in his early stages of evolution. He will be selfish. He will pose a danger to himself and those around him. He will fear the unknown. He will ridicule that which he does not understand. He will live from emotion to emotion without being disturbed by rational thought. He will be pliable by others who use his lack of refinement/education to his own detriment.

This will not change in ten years or twenty thousand years. Mankind, left unattended and uneducated, forms primitive and violent communities. Education can change each individuals life. However universal compulsory education does not exist on this world, at this time.

Some believe that fostering education in some regions will pose a greater threat to other regions. Some cynical souls believe fostering homosexuality in certain cultures is an effective form of population control. Survival of the fittest has not and will not be replaced by any more civilized notions anytime soon. The result is each man and woman compete for their very survival. Jobs, salaries, food, shelter and medicine are what folks are competing for these days. Carnal drives are exploited and each man seeks survival from what he can squeeze out of the system.

The uneducated or unmotivated fall by the wayside in this rat-race, leaving the most competitive and ferocious predators controlling the wealth and power.

So what does the world need now? Does it need more schools? More farms? What is the panacea to the conflict and suffering the masses endure?

The answer is quite simple...they must get internet access and read this blog regularly.


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