Friday, April 01, 2005

The Poster Contest Winner is...

...Kathy..whose last name is held by request.

Naturally, it must be hard to go around with such a last name. Can you imagine signing checks Ms. Kathy Held By Request? Yep, that must be pretty tedious. Seriously... congratulations Kathy. Your poster submission was very sweet. I'm sure Laura Bush may want to ask you about the content in those dreams of you and GWB.

There were some other good entries and all who entered are to be thanked for their efforts and time spent. Incidentally, for those who wrote in to Electrogirl International to keep the blog going...thanks. It was never being pulled, merely an early April Fools joke, but sometimes my humor is lost in translation.

Terri Schiavo. The Pope. There are many transitions going on in the world. Naturally there is no real death, no end to anything -- only change is constant.

In the spirit of Kathy's poster I've decided to quote a little modified Twain. This is based on one of several Mysterious Stranger manuscripts.

"And you are not you -- you have no body, no blood, no bones, you are but a thought. I myself have no corporeal existence; I am but a shadow -- in your dream, a creature of your imagination to be interpreted as your mind sees fit. In a moment you will have realized this, and in time you will banish me from your visions and I shall lose the place which you have given me...

"Our material life is perishing already -- we are failing -- we are passing away. In a little while you and I will be alone in shoreless space, to wander its limitless solitudes with friends and comrades forever -- yet we will remain thought, only pure thought, and by our nature inextinguishable, indestructible. But I, your poor servant, have revealed you to yourself and set you free.

Now my friend...dream other dreams, and better!"


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