Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Aftermath of Victory

Bush has won. For readers of this blog that was old news. I predicted a Bush blowout on August 1st. Now more inside dirt on Kerry is coming out, from his wife's hypochondriac tendencies to his daughters' penchant for the "F" word. And no, it's not "French." Believe it or not,many despondent Democrats are talking about leaving America for Canada. I think it might be good for them to leave, just so they see how good they have it here. The grass is always greener until you're realize that you're knee deep in manure. The mental health of many of these Democrats is in question. We see on MSNBC an article about these depressed folks. I thought it was a joke at first! A photo of depressed Democrats in Switzerland! Ah yes, the liberal elite on vacation away from America and they are crushed to realize that anti-Euro cowboy George Bush was re-elected! They may have to stay away longer and extend their vacation. Don't you feel for them? Why they may have to drown their sorrows in an espresso after venting off steam on the slopes.

What a farce.

When Bob Dole lost in 1996 or when Bush lost to Clinton in 1992 there were no such mental health problems among Republicans. If there were, the liberal media obviously didn't care about any "depressed" conservatives. This is part of the left's problem. The "!" mentality is inherently unstable. It fosters whining, delusion and then depression. Escape mechanisms such as Canada just illustrate how many of these folks can't stand it when everything doesn't go their way. The "me" mentality is not flexible and cannot adapt.

In other news Edwards' wife has breast cancer. I have a hard time believing the news reports that say she was just tested after the election and put it off. Doctors are supposed to accompany Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates as they travel. Regardless, I wish her the best of luck in having the cancer removed and her subsequent recovery. Democrats can take to heart that John Edwards can now spend the time with a wife that will need him. Indeed, the world seems to work in mysterious ways and yet in the end balance reigns and things do happen for reasons.

In the near future we will get to revisit the agenda I discussed back in August. Bush is upbeat and has been given a mandate and he intends to use the next six months to get some things accomplished.

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