Saturday, November 13, 2004


The left is enjoying what amounts to an elitist three mile island. If you're young enough not to know that reference, I'll try this one: The left is experiencing an elitist Chernobyl. Still don't get it? Just how young are you anyway? Ok, last shot: The left is experiencing their own elitist Tsuruga. (Go ahead and look it up..remember you're here to learn not just be amused!)

Yes, the left is doing the chicken dance- the one chickens do after they've lost their heads. It's not pretty. It's been going on unendingly since November 3rd. Is it so hard to believe that the conservative majority of the nation can raise it's hand and speak every once and awhile? The sleeping giant that keeps America on the straight and narrow path my have been sleeping during the Clintonian era, but it's back--and just in the nick of time! Look! Even now, the conservatives are unleashing the street patrols that will maintain discipline and xenophobia in George Bush's United Empire!

It's glorious and awe-inspiring! Sean Penn knocked on doors in New Mexico! I can just imagine how that went off:

Knock Knock. Squeak.
"Hey dude! Like, you know, this George Bush dude guy like really sucks! Like vote for this other guy Kerry, he supports us Hollywood types."

"Habla Espanol?"

"Ha blah what? What's with you dudes? Don't you even speak friggin' English?"


"Ok. Whatever dude! Vote for Bush! But remember this you non-English speaking dudes: I've been to Iraq! Ive been to Iraq...and like...saw stuff!"

Yep. Sean Penn didn't stop the conservative tide. All the stars in Hollywood came into alignment for Kerry and yet even all the munchkins in munchkin land (that's a curtain pull for another day!) were far outmatched by the average, conservative American. One has to wonder how the seriously deluded folks like Mark Millar are taking it? Turning Captain America into a leftist will you? Oh, but you're a Scot? Naturally, a Scotsman is the perfect choice to script a Captain America comic! We need Europeans parading as American's to try and distort the US mission in Iraq. Sorry Mark! You lose! America can see through the haze and the deception hasn't paid off.

All across the nation the elitist, leftist colleges are in shock! Yale students are whining. They have formed the anti-Bush bizarros bazaar. That'll do some good! Keep pushing further left! Only problem is China is now capitalistic and Putin's Russia isn't communist-friendly. Where is a self respecting, anti-establishment Yale graduate to go? Work to re-establish communist rule in Russia? Support the terrorists freedom-fighters in Iraq? Move to Brussels, home of the perfectly political viewpoint? Perhaps wait in line to apply and serve as Chirac's personal American-made toilet paper in France?

And the internet has served as the gathering point for the anti-Bush folks to have their meltdown publicly:

"This is another route to express their views. People who are younger tend to be Web-savvy. If the Internet were part of the Electoral College, it would be a blue state."

Try again. The web is predominantly the toy of the filthy rich recipients of Bush's tax cut remember? Naturally, the rich people who pay for the web service are red state and some of their rebellious kids who post incessantly on "Democratic Underground" and "the Onion" are blue.

Meltdowns? No. Just "clinical depression." The left have been egging each other on and creating anti-Bush hate sites, furthering their hysteria and delusion into the danger zone, for years. Their world is a completely fictional one: Good is evil; Evil is good; Left is right. I certainly wouldn't want to live in their apocalyptic America.

Fortunately, for all of us conservatives, we don't have the same President Bush they do.

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