Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Lifting the Curtain Again

It’s time to raise the curtain yet again. Today is the first in a series exposing parts of the blogosphere for what they are - tools used by think tanks to create perception, form public opinion, raise money and control the political outcomes in elections. Some of you may know of one of the top-rated blogs named Atrios Eschaton. It has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for political candidates and its loyal members donated freely led by the blog’s founder Atrios.

Let’s lift the curtain on the blogosphere, one blog at a time. Today we shall learn about Atrios (aka Mr. Black) and the financial empire that created and uses him.

Atrios real name is Duncan Black, 32, leftist economics teacher and member of the Media Matters for America. He has spaced out the letters of the name on the bottom of his blog to read D u n c a n B l a c k so that it wont come up on search engines. Whoa! Clever Mr. Black, but why are you hiding? Oh wait. I know why you're hiding, but your readers and contributors don't.

Mr. Black writes excessively for all sorts of hard leftist internet rags -- all which are linked. Such ridiculous things as the Disinfopedia - a leftist take on the “conservative” media industry, which is meant to buy distrust in conservatives. The name is apt. Here’s how Mr. Black's resume reads:

Duncan B. Black holds a PhD in economics from Brown University. He has held teaching and research positions at the London School of Economics; the Université catholique de Louvain; the University of California, Irvine; and, recently, Bryn Mawr College. He also has been involved with grassroots political activism. Black is a Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America.

A little digging and we see that Mr. Black gave lectures. On November 16 1999 he gave a lecture, "Urban Evolution in the US". Sadly his Atrios readers missed that one. What "urban evolution" has to do with economics is of course the question until one realizes "economics" is the progressive study of choice for folks who believe in wealth redistribution and are almost devout anti-capitalists.

It says a lot and yet says nothing. Who really believes that Mr. Black, with just an economics Phd, lecturing about "urban evolution", can afford to set up all these websites and have the time to manage them? So who are these others and what other fake “populist” blogs have been set up to mislead the American public. It’s time for the “Show me the money“ tagline.

Media Matters for America lists David Brock as the President and CEO of Media Matters for America. He is the author of a number of left-wing books and is a self-labeled “Ex-conservative” though it's apparent he was just one of many wanna-be journalists who accepted any money anyone would give him and has found the biggest bucks lie on the left. David could most certainly afford to run all these things and I suppose having more left-leaning Americans will bring in more money for his books.

But that’s not it. Brock is still just another very low-level underling in an even greater agenda. He may not even be bright enough to know it, he doesn't seem to be at the level of self-awareness yet. Media Matters for America was developed by The Center for American Progress a liberal think tank founded by John Podesta, Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff. He, too, is just another underling serving a larger power.

The Center for American Progress has received over 3 million dollars from billionaire George Soros. received 5 million. These are pittances to George Soros but can fund these organizations salaries, media campaigns, anti-American rallies and what-have-you. For all intents and purposes he becomes their boss. They know he is paying their salary.

Now with Soros here is where it gets interesting and also very anti-American. Soros made money speculating against the British pound, he made 1.1 billion dollars doing so. He also messed up the Malaysian currency and is a financial market parasite, a Gordon Gekko for the 21st century. He holds some very anti-western views. He believes the financial markets benefit the west and wants to bring the west’s money to undeveloped countries. He wants to loot American and European wealth and redistribute it.

So why does Soros hate Bush and want to put Kerry in office? Probably because if he can get a weak, puppet Kerry administration in office, he wont have anyone to thwart him as he loots American’s pocketbooks and lives out his delusional fantasy of himself as a global Robin Hood.

Let me tell you the way the land lies. The Clinton administration was a joke. Clinton was totally unprepared for the Presidency and his hangers on, kids mostly, were pulled from educational institutions to staff a whole plethora of positions that really required qualified folks. Arkansas leftovers and a hodge-podge of employees were contributors whose personal interests were completely off Clinton’s radar. Security checks and background checks weren’t performed in a timely manner or at all. The result? An SEC which didn’t enforce laws, looked the other way, and permitted the largest bilking of stockholders in history. The leakiest White House since Truman needed to restore it and it also facilitated missile technology transfer to China and a huge shift in the edge America had over the rest of the world in this key technology.


Who would gain from such a thing? Lots of folks gained. The Chinese gained. Venture capitalists and folks who knew exactly how to ride IPOs for cash were making tens of millions, even hundreds of millions. A lot of unethical folks are living very comfortably today, thank you very much, due to the Clinton administrations dislike of law enforcement. Martha Stewart made a billion on her IPO and she was just as corrupt as were hundreds of thousands of others from all over the world. Folks like Soros made out even better. The banks were in on it. Everyone was greedily tapping America’s wealth -- and now after the bubble collapse -- that wealth has just up and vanished. Redistributed to folks who exploit financial markets - -like Soros.

American wealth was redistributed to the same folks who want Bush out and Kerry in.

Eye-opening isn’t it.

Bush brought in another team - an experienced team. A team which has to fight against the internationalists like Soros trying to loot America. So progressives are the foot soldiers working for folks like Soros who really wants to empty their pockets and their neighbors pockets. Soros has said removing Bush from office is the “central focus of my life”. This is because Bush and his team of qualified people are knowledgeable enough to thwart Soros and bring order back to the financial markets, stability in stock prices.

So Atrios or Mr. Black are just the lowest level foot soldiers for the progressive movement -- the progressive movement being the desire to take money out of American hands and redistribute it as George Soros and other power-hungry exploiters see fit.

Bush and those that surround him have their own backers and another integrated team of think tanks, policy people and financial experts. Some folks don’t want to see America become a third world country and want to keep America strong. These folks are other billionaires who don’t share Soros Robin Hood guilt complex. Sure, lots of them have self-motivated goals, but for Americans, those self-interests keep them in the loop.

So today several think tanks are earning their money batting both for and against Soros. The best way to battle Soros is through information. An informed public will soon see right through the “progressive” infrastructure of organizations and groups and see they are being led on a suicidal march and their own frustrations will be exploited -- and used against them and their fellow Americans!

Money buys a lot. Once you get into that billionaire zone you get power hungry. Fortune 500 ranking grubbing is a popular past-time as they struggle to give purpose to meaningless lives. Another billion here, a higher ranking next year! Other rich folk decide to play power broker filling nations governments with employees loyal to them - folks much like Podesta who are in a position to facilitate their funders wishes and climb the power and wealth ladder by grubbing to these wealthy patrons. These groups such as are just umbrellas for a whole bunch of anti-American groups funded by powerbrokers who have been eating at the pillars of American democracy for the past century. The Clinton administration and the internet have not been good to America. The wall which kept out these anti-American types has eroded and now all the out of work socialists and communists from Eastern Europe and from around the world are being used by folks like Soros to fulfill their anti-west, anti-US agendas. The UN, naturally, plays a role in attempting to diminish American influence and rally the undeveloped nations against America, when they should be encouraging them to adopt US style government and capitalism.

Well that’s the end of today’s lesson. I haven’t gone into why American wealth shouldn’t be redistributed, I’ve taken it as a given that readers here understand the value of a powerful America and the success of capitalist financial markets. If you’re still struggling with those concepts you’ll need a blog that has a lot of generally conservative folks who can explain it to you. Future curtain lifting will always occur here, so book mark the site -- so you too can see the big picture.