Saturday, July 17, 2004

John Kerry Panders but do Skeletons Loom Large?

Kerry has been busy pandering.  The question is is it enough to overcome the skeletons that his campaign knows are rattling so noisily in his closet and which may burst forth after he is safely secure as the Democratic nominee? 
Both of the major teachers' unions support Kerry.  He has promised them more money by taxing America more and we all know that throwing tax money at teachers and schools, after filtering it through several layers of bureaucracy and politicians is the best way to educate a child.  And the left say they don't believe in "trickle down" schemes!
Then Kerry goes and speaks to the NAACP organization which has diminished in clout and membership as its mission, ironically, becomes clearly racist in a world where racial barriers have long since been dropped.  Even more interestingly he pledged to stop the genocide in Sudan as he addressed them.  He could only have patronized them more if he had said he promised to get more cable channels in prisons and appoint judges who believe in light sentencing.

Unfortunately, this far left pandering and patronizing leaves centrists shaking their heads.  Following a Dukakis-style campaign agenda is not exactly a formula for appealing to undecided voters which generally lean conservative by default.   But since this is an SDAI blog, I promise to reveal just a bit of the less well known tidbits.  Let's look to why Kerry is following a disastrous far left approach to the Presidential Campaign in 2004 and what may threaten to destroy his bid for the Presidency.
Cameron Kerry.  He is John Kerry's brother and has a major influence on the way the campaign is run.
And Cam agreed that Cam should go over to Israel to try and woo the Jewish vote since they secretly fear that more Jews are strongly behind Bush because of all he has done in the Middle East and his unwavering support of Israel.   Cam has many business ties with Israel and so it was felt that he was a good spokesperson to assure Israel that Kerry would stand firm with Israel.   The Kerry Campaign have released a position paper, Strengthening Israel's Security and Bolstering the US-Israel Special Relationship.  It's safe to say that the Jewish vote is obviously a key concern.  And why shouldn't it be?  President Bush has removed Saddam from office - a man who was funding Palestinian suicide terror bombers targeting Israel.  Not only that, but he has let Sharon have a completely free leash as he builds the security wall and does what much of the global community has been adamantly opposed to.  There has never been a more pro-Israel President than George Bush.
Basically, the whole Kerry campaign is all about pandering. Pander to the loyal, if somewhat simple (judging from his wife's comments), Democratic base.  Pander based upon race and religion as evidenced by his efforts to attract Blacks, Mexicans and Jews.    
But what about the skeletons?  What things still await revealing after Kerry has been secured as the Democratic nominee?  His ex-wife, Julia Thorne, wrote a book which catered to the folks suffering from depression, You Are Not Alone.  If John Kerry can mess up a woman and make her so depressed she has to write a book about it - do we really want to see this man anywhere near the Presidency?  Hasn't he already done enough damage?  Julia also wrote another book about surviving divorce. 
I, for one, haven't forgotten about the intern ("Get in touch with my office. Maybe there's something you can do for the campaign") Kerry recruited in Switzerland.  The fact that it was her own friend (known to her since the tenth grade) who leaked to the press that she believed she was sleeping with Kerry is a somewhat damning detail.  Close friends seldom make mistakes of that nature.   Her tale of being falsely-accused has all the earmarks and touches of a professional speechwriter (I know quite a few) and seems like the most un-investigated story of 2004 despite all the press run in early February.  There are so many questions waiting to be unleashed after the convention and we know that the Democrats are collecting as many photos of Abu-Ghraib as possible to release and counter any new details of Kerry philandering which will likely emerge.  Has John Kerry cheated on his current wife and did he cheat on his ex-wife?  There are lots of Clinton defenders out there who say this is nobody's business.   If he were not a politician that might be true - but he is one and he is asking for trust and votes.  It's obvious that the man whom Alexandra Polier described as "flirtatious" is another Lothario like Clinton and I suspect any woman who reads his ex-wife's book probably wont trust him either.  Al Gore's wife suffered clinical depression as well.  Apparently these power-grabbing Democratic Senators leave women depressed?  Do they all cheat on their wives with twenty-something interns?  
Theresa Heinz Kerry knows Senators.  Her deceased husband was one - a Republican - Senator John Heinz III.  She married John Kerry in 1995, seven years after John Kerry's annulment to his wife of 18 years and only four years after the death of her husband.  Theresa Heinz was married to John Heinz in 1966.  In 1995 they would have celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary.   As it is she was married to a Republican for 25 years.  Does anyone besides me find it strange that one could be married to someone for 25 years and then turn around and marry someone who holds completely the opposite political views?  I find that very strange.  Theresa Heinz met John Kerry in 1990 - on Earth Day.  They met again in 1992 only a few months after her husband's death and she officially started dating Kerry in 1993. 
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Theresa Heinz Kerry didn't have much love for her former husband since her mourning period was practically non-existent.   The phrase gold-digger comes to mind but that would be too obvious and is not appropriate for someone who inherits nearly a billion dollar fortune.  The appropriate phrase is she, like Jackie Kennedy Onassis before her, merely seeks qualified husbands.  The Republicans will go soft on her because they fear she has dirt on some Republicans which she has passed on to Kerry to reveal when he gets in trouble.  She would make a very scary First Lady and I suspect she could be dubbed Hillary II - only better educated and fluent in 5 languages.  Laura Bush never looked so good.  In these days when one gets "two for the price of one" as Bill Clinton so ineloquently put it, it is important to look very closely at the wives of the candidates for President.
Do these somewhat soap-opera quality tales threaten Kerry's campaign?  Should we be concerned that Kerry is in bed with a quarter-century 'Republican' and Heinz quickly cozied up to a lifelong Democrat within months of her husband's death? Should we worry that Kerry is picking up young women and having coffee with them in Switzerland and who knows where else?  
We should, but most will not.  Very few folks know the particulars and nowadays, in every good campaign, there are folks who are hired to purge the web of embarrassing or incriminating tidbits, especially photographs.  The typical Kerry voter which Theresa has labeled "simple", has no strong compulsion to vote on marriage fidelity or family issues.  Whether they be kids, teachers or low-level government workers, they simply want gold as well.  They are the dwellers of Nottingham who await Kerry to don Peter Pan tights and rob from the rich and businesses to give to the loyal, persecuted Kerry supporters.  But since we were delicate with Theresa, we should be equally delicate with these Kerry voters -  they are not merely unintelligent gold-seekers, they are voters who select a qualified President.  

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