Friday, August 13, 2010

The Long Awaited Stupendous Film ( aka The Incredibles Sequel )

Here’s a sneak peak at STUPENDOUS 2 (aka The Incredibles Sequel ;-)

PAN DOWN: Overview suburbia (circa 1960) lots of homes with perfectly maintained yards, rose bushes and mid-century cues. We see Mr. & Mrs. Stupendous holding hands and looking at their home and children. Mrs. Stupendous has her toddler's hand as well.

Mr. Stupendous looks at his wife, Stretchgirl with the hint of a smile. They look at their new home, a split-level with Eckbo landscaping in baby blue with soft pink trim, and know that they are finally home. Their children, ForceGirl and Kid Speedy are teasing each the other as they walk up the front walk. They are carrying grocery bags and have returned from a trip to the market. The bags says "Rocket-Market Our prices are so low they're outta this world!"

FORCEGIRL: “I saw your girlfriend the other day…”

KID SPEEDY: “She is NOT my girlfriend!”

FORCEGIRL: “She follows you around school all day and tells everyone she is your girlfriend. And you hang out with her. That makes her your GIRL FRIEND.”

KID SPEEDY: “She is NOT my girlfriend!”

FORCEGIRL: “Whatever. I’ve seen the lovey-dovey notes you’ve written her.”

KID SPEEDY: (indignant) “What…you READ my PRIVATE notes!”

FORCEGIRL: “Being invisible has certain advantages…”


Stretchgirl walks on over to where her kids are and is in ‘mom mode’. She is holding the hand of her youngest - now a toddler. She simply has to glare at them both and they stop talking and look at her.

STRETCHGIRL: “Aren’t you two ashamed of yourselves? You squabble like a bunch of …a bunch of…”

FORCEGIRL: “adults?”

STRETCHGIRL: “I was thinking more of five year olds. But you two got along better when you were 5.”

KID SPEEDY: “It’s HER fault, she broke the rules and used her powers to SPY on me!”

FORCEGIRL: “You are such a crybaby tattletale!”

STRETCHGIRL: “Is this true? Did you break our covenant?”

FORCEGIRL: “I peeked over his shoulder as he was writing a letter…”

A car pulls up, that looks something like a cross between a Lincoln and a Cadillac convertible, very low with front fenders and fins that resemble a 1957 Dodge. The family stops what they are doing and look over at the car that has pulled in front of their home. Out pops Cold Man in civilian threads.

COLD MAN: “How do you like my NEW CAR is she a BEAUTY or what!”

STRETCHGIRL: (to her children) “We’ll continue this discussion later.”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “It’s beautiful. That’s a sweet ride!”

COLD MAN: “Ever since the government WARMED up to me again…I thought it was time for a new ride. I call it the COOL-MOBILE!”

KID SPEEDY: “Awesome! Can we go for a ride!”

COLD MAN: “Sure - if it’s all right with your folks?”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “I think we all want to take a spin. It looks like you got space for everyone.”

COLD MAN: “I do now that you’ve lost those extra pounds…”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “Ooh that was COLD!”

COLD MAN: “Don’t I know it!”

Stretchgirl laughs and Cold Man presses his tie clip (which is really a remote controller for the vehicle) and the two long doors pop open and the top goes down. The kids pile in the back and acres of chrome adorn the dash and are dotted liberally through the interior. A classic-style red telephone handset fits into the dash and one sees that there are little placards which identify certain special controls. Cold Man starts the engine by pushing a button and two small flames emerge from chrome outlets near the back of the car and the engine has a throaty roar as Cold Man accelerates away from the curb.

The wind blows through ForceGirl’s jet black hair.

FORCEGIRL: “Wheeeee!”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “So how much did this baby set you back?”

COLD MAN: “Enough. But that was cheap next to what it cost to have MARRIS customize it.”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “ MARRIS is back and customizing vehicles? I thought he retired for good over a decade ago?”

COLD MAN: “His services are in demand again. Lots of folks with…er…special needs…want a MARRIS custom. Check this out.”

Cold Man depresses a button and pulls a T-lever. A police band radio appears from behind the normal radio. The voices of a police dispatcher can be heard.

DISPATCHER: “We have a 211S on 235 Grand near main all units please respond Code 2”

KID SPEEDY: “Wow! A silent alarm and…”

FORCEGIRL: “Officers urged to approach without lights or siren.”

MR. STUPENDOUS: “When did you kids learn police codes?”

FORCEGIRL: “Just a hobby…”

KID SPEEDY: “Yeah…it’s better than - blech! - talk radio.”

That’s my beginning to a new Stupendous flick (aka INCREDIBLES 2) My Japanese syndicate and their team of lawyers say I shouldn’t post any more before signing a contract. So if Brad Bird or Pixar get on the horn, and we ink a deal, the world can have a STUPENDOUS 2, sooner than later. There is so much more to tell, not just about superheroes, but about mid-century families. It's a cakewalk to write a script like that - it practically writes itself. ;-)

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