Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Visitors (Part 93)

"This is some sort of big joke right? I know all about FX and make up. Making aliens with ray blasters is no big deal. Someone is going to pay for the damage to my house."

"Ms. Britt, it's all quite real. This is Shayla. She is an alien herself and has been working alongside and for the US government for a number of years. She's one of the good guys...well good gals...and she will get you up to speed."

"This isn't going to hurt or anything? You aren't going to inject me with drugs or something are you?"

"No, Shayla is a telepath. She will enter the surface of your mind and share with you all sorts of information that will help you adjust to the present situation. Your life here - right now as April Britt - is but one of many lives. And some of these other lives have been on other planets in this galaxy. An alien named Lal-atha has it out for you and some other folks."

"Ms. Britt this will be very easy and painless. Just relax and it will be like watching television in your mind. Are you ready?"

"Sure. This should be good for a laugh."

I watch as a telepathic observer as Shayla carefully shares certain information with April in neatly edited visuals with a narration. It's absolutely incredible how her mind can produce these without any preparation. Another level of depth exists in her consciousness that permits this type of thing. April's face is suddenly placid and I know she feels the warmth of Shayla's mind as she transmits her information.

My cell phone rings. It's ring identifies it as Thor.


"Yes. What's up? I'm sort of busy at the moment."

"I got a call from my operatives in the White House. They've called a National Security Meeting in the bunker and gone all the way from Defcon5 to Defcon1 in 20 minutes. The White House was attacked by god knows what and then some other folks appeared to battle them - aliens. Tell me you are on top of this."

"We're on top of it. Don't scare folks - but Earth has been targeted. Even now we're waiting an armada of alien ships to appear in orbit and start attacking. These first appearances have been by direct teleportation straight across the galaxy. Once they get some ships in orbit, and have access to more power, we are in serious trouble. Yal-hune is out stopping them right now and Shayla has arrived as well with reinforcements."

"My God - a full invasion of Earth? Is that what's going on."

"In a nutshell - yes."

"I wish I could say I know what operations are being conduct to protect us, but I don't. It's all happening so fast. Did they get the President to safety?"

"Is he safe? Not from teleporting aliens. All bets are off. All locations are insecure. Odin has been taken by his team to a 'secure' location on my prompting after the attack, but this isn't really it?"

"'s very personal. But the President and Odin are not the real targets."

"What - who - do they want?"

"Me for one. Pop star April Britt for another."

"What? Why on Earth? Some world doesn't like her music?"

"It would take too long to explain. All the targets have lived on the world that is attacking. But I've got to go...I have Ms. Britt here and Shayla is debriefing her."

"Sweet mother of are debriefing April Britt?"


"It truly must be the end of the world."

"That's not a joke. I really don't know if we'll get through this after those ships appear, even with the help we're getting. If I don't see you again it was a fun 8 year ride and I'll look forward to seeing you on some other world...and hopefully on a world that has long since done away with politics."

"Don't talk like that - you're freaking me out. I'm going to gather my family."

"Good Idea. See you Thor."

"Yes. Please keep me informed as soon as you have the time. If anything pops up, I'll ring you."

"Will do."

I close the phone and push those thoughts of global destruction out of my mind. I keep thinking of what those emissaries on Htra-deg said about telling me so that the Earth would survive. I don't really want that responsibility.

Tech2 is on the intercom.

"We have a situation here. Several beings have just materialized and I don't know who they are or where they are from. They don't look like Lal-atha's men and they don't look like Yal-hune or Shay-la either."

"Hang on. We're on our way."

"Shayla? Did you hear?"

"Yes. Let's go."

We race out of the storage level and up the hall to the elevator. I swipe my card through the console and have the elevator to take us to the command center where Tech2 is observing and directing our troops.

I've never seen our troops outright scared until today. These men laugh in the face of death are trained to combat any foe on Earth anywhere on Earth. As I look into their faces I see a new fear. They know that our weaponry isn't effective and that we - they - are completely at the mercy of intercessors. That is why they are afraid. Its like going up against an F-22 with a toy rubber band powered glider they sold at the supermarkets and drugstores back in the day. It's not combat - it's a bad joke that makes slaughter seem like an understatement.

We reach the command center and I look at the screens and the close up camera shot of one of the aliens catches my eye.

"Hold your fire."

"What? Who is it?"

"I know this alien. He's a friend of the Earth."

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