Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shayla's Secret (Part 95)

I get into the command center and the screen wall has been subdivided into about 30 different views. The conventional military has been scrambled in response to four different incidents across the United States, It's hard to tell if Yal-hune or others from Htra-deg are responding. The US has never reached Defcon 1 before, and it was always supposed a nuclear strike would be imminent. The running top government officials have been instructed and have left for Mt. Weather and several other underground protective facilities. The DC underground super trains have been activated. When dealing with aliens who can materialize anywhere, these protective measures are less than meaningless.

Tech2 turns to me as shortly after I enter, "We are monitoring some serious intrusions in New York, DC and Los Angeles. There are indications other areas we don't have quick communications access to are also experiencing intrusions. The military has been ordered to destroy the aliens by whatever means necessary. They are keeping Obama moving on a super train, hoping the aliens will not be able to beam onto a moving train.

"No one prepared for this one, did they?"

I hear Shayla in my mind with her response.

"That's not true. We did prepare for alien invasion. Project MIMIR had more than one facility in the world. SDAI only retrieved a fraction of MIMIRS assets. You need to come with me."

I turn to Tech2, "Do what you can. I'm going to leave with Shayla and see if we can't help increase our odds."

Shayla speaks telepathically to someone in one of her world's spacecraft. I feel the teleportation begin and this time it feels a bit different. Unlike Yal-hune's mentally controlled teleportation the mechanical kind has a different effect on the nervous system and the mind. Before I can count to three I find myself besides Shayla in another warehouse somewhere. This one is much larger than the one we cleaned out in Colombia. It's at least a dozen times as large and I wonder exactly where we are. This much real estate doesn't come cheap and would be hard to hide.

"We are in New Mexico. This warehouse is a subterranean one built by MIMIR expressly for this purpose. It is shielded from all sorts of signals and no one but myself and a few others knew it was here."

"I start looking around and for a brief moment I am reminded of the treasure room discovery in the film National Treasure. Only this is real and the treasures I see are far more valuable than most alive could ever conceive."

"Are those..."

"Yes. Three dozen spaceships all of my own design. But spaceships of such a nature can't be used in violent encounters, as you well know. We are here for another reason."

She points her graceful arm behind us and to the western end of the facility.

"Those are the remaining Lemurian Spires."

"I thought one needed all of them to make them work?"

"We have all of them. These plus the one you obtained in Colombia complete the set."


"Yes. These things are made of a metal that is indestructible in this solar system. They cannot be worn down by time and space around this sun. All we need to do is to return them to their original locations."

I look at the spires and for the first time let hope build up in my breast. This might work. Earth might have a chance.

"This system not only elevated the intelligence of the native aborigines upon the Earth, but served as a protective device. The planet Lemuria was one of the first in the galaxy to be formed. It is an older world than any world in either Confederation. The technology has no moving parts, relies entirely upon the construction and placement of the spires to receive signals and work together as a resonant system."

"A resonant system?"

"Yes. When all are in place, the entire electromagnetic field structures of the Earth can be tapped for energy and manipulated. Technically the spires work in conjunction with certain nodes in the Earth's EMF field. In a way, you could say the planet itself can actually keep out intruders and those with harmful intent. The Lemurian scientists built this into the system so that the Earth could evolve without hostile interference."

"How does it manifest though? What can the spires do to protect the Earth?"

"Imagine if you will the entire weight of the Earth's electromagnetic field compressed upon a single being or object."

"Instant implosion."

"Yes. Any alien structure or being that were to appear here or in orbit with hostile intent would feel the whole weight of the Earth upon themselves and would implode."

"How does it measure the intent?"

"The spires when in their respective nodes can scan the entire EMF field of the Earth. Extraterrestrial signals are easily identified and when these signals possess subharmonics that are associated with anti-Earth intentions, the spires trigger the defense mechanism."

"What about you or Yal-hune - or Skuuinja? If one of you thought a biased thought about the Earth - would you be in danger?"

"Yes. We will be. However the spires are not primitive constructs. They have the full breadth of consciousness mapped into their structures. They can discern between a simple prejudiced thought or even a selfish one and the type of thoughts that accompany those who would seek to subvert, enslave or destroy a world."

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get these spires back where they belong!"

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