Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crucible (Part 96)

In about as long as it takes me to think about where the locations of earth's EMF nodes are, I feel myself being teleported. As my eyes adjust to my new environment I find myself on Shayla's electromagnetic field riding craft.

"The spires have been brought aboard. We are going to deliver them." Shayla informs me.

Yal-hune's voice suddenly is strong and loud in my mind.

"Confederation shields have just been breached. Lal-atha's armada is now in Earth's orbit. They have just destroyed Earth's satellite network as well as Confederation satellites."

On Shayla's ship I can't be fearful. My isotopic rate elevated to a point that is incompatible with lower emotion. And emotional outburst would generate a field trying to lower these atoms and at such point the ship would generate resistance and explode. So even with this news I remain completely balanced. I consider the communication implications and assume that most of the worlds communication is knocked out. Very few still possess significant radio networks that used to exist half a century ago for promulgating warnings and information. Cell phones will be useless the White House teleconference ability I used back when Odin was President was dependant upon Milsat XI, which will be gone. The Secret Service will have no eyes or ears and be unable to communicate outside their own immediate vicinity. The military communication channels will also be down. The land lines will be the sole source of traffic and those will be overloaded in minutes as people panic.

I turn to look at Shayla. She motions at an holographic console in the air by her seat. She received Yal-hune's message too. Yal-hune broadcast it to every telepath in receiving distance.

In moments Lal-atha will lay waste the Earth.

"We have placed six of the spires into their locations. In some instances I had to beam out portions of structures that were blocking. Five spires to go."

She keeps moving quickly. Every second counts.

Suddenly I feel a dark presence in my mind.

"So how does it feel? Your world is about to be destroyed and you will be next. Your eternal conceit and sense of superiority will be put to an end momentarily. I wish I could see your face as you watch your world explode."

"Why? Lal-atha, supposedly we know each other from back on your home world. I don't remember any of what you mention. I just would like to know why you are doing this. What did I do to you that was so horrible it is worth the extinction of a whole world - a whole sentient species?"

"More endless lectures. That is all you are good for. You always thought you were better than me. You still do. I can feel the contempt you have for me in your words and in your very essence. You - who lectured endlessly on the equality of sentience and of all beings - you, believe none of your words and live as an archetype of someone who disdains most of the universe. You were not smart enough to prevent me from removing you from your body and position when you lived upon my world and you thought you could escape my fundamental frequency scans by being born in a primitive world of aborigines to hide among, while you plot your revenge. You picked a world that would be sympathetic - an overshadowed world where the masses would rise up against those who owned their very lives and controlled their every action.

I had to laugh as you feigned shock at being contacted by the Confederation. They knew who you were and were plotting against me all the while. You, who would have seen our world's sovereignty given over to a confederation of dictators and despots who sickeningly pose as benefactors to all galactic sentience. You and all those who opposed me who came to this tiny world to plot will be eliminated again. And wherever you reappear in this galaxy I will find you and do the same again and destroy whatever insignificant speck of a world you think will escape my attention."

Lal-atha's mania is quite intense. Even entertaining his thoughts in my mind in this state is almost painful. However, his words do trigger certain images and memories which have never had access to this current body and brain.

I lived upon his world and was on the leadership council as it then existed. He was on the council too as were the others he is now seeking to destroy - including April Britt. We all voted to join the Confederation. Before the treaty was made binding he murdered us all, disbanded the council and declared himself ruler. He has lived in fear of retaliation for his actions for half a century in earth years, but for him it has been much longer. Fear is his primary motivation. He is terribly afraid and is wise enough to know that what he has done will generate feedback. Awaiting this feedback has driven him mad.

"Spare the Earth - it's me and the rest of the council you want. The beings here have done nothing to you. They are not members of the confederation and know nothing of our conflict."

"They have served as your home and that is enough of a crime. If I have to destroy every world you appear upon - I will. I can only imagine the guilt you will feel each time you die and look at what your birth has wrought. You will be a galactic pariah and trillions upon trillions of souls will hate you and loathe you for bringing about their deaths and the end of their world."

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