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The True Causes of Global Warming & Cooling (Part of the 'How Earth Works' series )

It's time to explain the way this planet's climate works. This time in sufficient detail to be educational for all who stumble upon this post now or in the future.

Global warming and cooling occur simultaneously and these processes are controlled by our sun.

The north pole of our magnetosphere is rapidly migrating north. The constant movement in animal migrations, plant compatibility and most importantly climate is natural.

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It has moved as much in the last 30 years as it did in the previous 150. There is no big mystery here, this has nothing to do with man, but with molten iron in the Earth which is constantly moving in our planet's core and as it moves through the sun's magnetic field, takes a charge and creates a sub-field which becomes our world's magnetosphere.

Scientific ignorance creates this hysteria and feeds the exploiters.

Understanding the significance of this magnetic pole movement, explains charged particle distribution in the atmosphere and this also directly influences temperature and the fields and cycles that act as invisible guides for all life and nature. As our magnetosphere adjusts different areas receive more influx of charged particles. The Northern and Southern Lights are the visible example of this particle bombardment into our atmosphere as it comes into contact with various gases in the upper stratosphere. Right now, the magnetosphere is moving quickly. Some believe it will make it to Siberia by 2050 - just over forty years from now. Expecting such shifts in the magnetosphere NOT to produce significant climate movements all over the world is ridiculous.

Here's how it works:

Most scientists don't even really understand this field and it's relationship to climate. All this understanding is post-space age IGY 1958 (International Geophysical Year 1958) stuff and is, even now, almost completely unknown or ignored by most practicing climatologists and "weathermen." This is cutting edge stuff, and it helps if one is more physicist than climatologist. It will be understood much more hundreds of years from now, provided man continues to progress technologically and scientifically, and those who read this blog entry will know more about the real causes of climate changes, storm formation and 'global warming' than many of the so-called 'experts' who claim man-made pollution and CO2 formation is trapping the sunlight and heating the world.

The magnetosphere is not a perfect circle. Portions of it vary significantly in depth and as the earth rotates this field morphs around it -constantly. The depth is a factor in the quantity of solar radiation that reaches any given part of the planet underneath. Look at the plasmasphere (green) and note how it bulges out and rapidly thins to almost nothing at the north and south pole. This plasmasphere bulge protects the earth and near the equator allows water vapor to exist in the atmosphere in greatest abundance without entering a frozen state and being returned to the ground as ice (as in the north and south) This water vapor in the atmosphere is heated and provides warmth to the regions where it is permitted to exist.

The poles are cold because they receive too much charged particle energy and not enough lower spectra solar radiation (due to the planet's surface angles of incidence with the solar wind) and this fast moving energy breaks down the atmosphere over the poles, including H20,and prevents lower spectra solar radiation from effectively warming the poles. If the poles get warmer it means your solar wind is reduced in intensity However, this same solar wind feeds the magnetosphere and the plasmasphere and shields it from a portion of the solar radiation spectra. So as the poles get warmer, the intensity of the magnetosphere weakens and other spots, normally shielded by an active magnetosphere, experience new high temperatures as more solar radiation reaches the surface. This is GLOBAL WARMING. The poles will warm faster than the rest because they are polarized extremes and variations in solar wind will more quickly manifest in these regions. So, contrary to expectations, a diminished solar wind can actually increase HEAT and an increase can increase COLD at the polar regions.

Note also the flow of charge particles towards this pole, such particle bombardment breaks down and creates O3 (aka ozone) into O2 & O and then they naturally recombine over time. This is the cause of the constantly fluctuating ozone holes over the poles.

In this video you will see the magnetic force lines move using historical data (from 1590 to present day) of the magnetic pole movements. The yellow line is the magnetic equator. Towards the very end you will notice the yellow line jump northward significantly over the Americas. For centuries North America was getting colder as the pole lowered over Canada and then in the past 100 years, particularly the last 30, we are getting warmer as this magnetic pole suddenly races towards Siberia. The further northern living and migration patterns of various animal and insect species noted by the Audobon Society and others, match this northern magnetosphere movement.

I smile when I see folks trying to make sense of climate variation when they have no knowledge of the magnetosphere and solar-earth field relationships. These are our world's SOLE climate control system! This movement causes some areas to get hotter and others colder - simultaneously. Global warming and global cooling are constants depending upon solar radiation and magnetosphere movement. The winds, the rains, the snow storms, the cloud movements - all are solar controlled. The migration patterns are guided by internal cycles and as the magnetic pole moves, the animals (fairly quickly) and plant life (more slowly) adjust accordingly.

The field relationships are complex. Even slight variations in the solar wind and magnetosphere movements can produce storms and heat waves. All I have explained here is only a fraction of the sophisticated system that controls temperatures and weather on Earth. The constant polarity shifts in the field, increasing and decreasing Gauss and it's relationship to solar absorption and more are a bit too complex to enter into when trying to give a broad overview of the processes.

Assuming the ozone breakdown was due to man-made fluorocarbons was ridiculous, but it certainly has helped some companies profit when hysteria reigned. Likewise, assuming man-made CO2 is driving climate change, ice shelf melting and other events blamed on 'man-made' global warming is another myth and is equally preposterous when one actually understands even a fraction of these complex Sun-Earth field interactions.

Man can ban all CFCs and the ozone hole will grow, diminish ad infinitum regardless. Manmade CO2 could be completely banned and it would not save any ice shelves or polar bears and make no measurable change in the climate changes the Earth undergoes - and has undergone since long before man was producing any CO2 at all.

Global warming and cooling is not good or evil. It is a natural process that has permitted evolution to work. Polarized extremes all have their root in the simple sine-wave of energy and these motions of energy are endless. Animal species come and go and evolve or die off - and this, too, is perfectly natural.

This is why most other planets warm when our world warms. They receive the same solar wind adjustments. Man is not responsible for Mars temperature increases or those on the Earth, mankind is still an insignificant nothing when it comes to his ability to influence climate or temperature on his world.

Those who claim the planet is experiencing 'man-made global warming' don't know what they are talking about. They don't understand the climate drivers, the field relationships or anything else. They are like very young children who don't understand the bath gets warmer because warm water is added to it from the faucet, not because they are splashing around and heating this water up.

This world-wide ignorance of how our climate works is exploited by those who want to consolidate power or profits. So bookmark this page and spread the good word: the sky is not falling.

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