Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Decline of the World

The world is going downhill pretty fast. Culture, if one can even call it that anymore, is almost totally debased. Education has been reduced to a means for the accumulation of more money. The Youtube, Myspace, GoogleNews era is exposing the masses to the lowest common denominator of society. In a society where the masses are largely sheep-like, such media communications leads to inevitable repetition. We now see profanity everywhere. On the web, in the papers, on TV, in the schools, in the classrooms, on the streets, in the stores, on the road and at home as mom & dad curse at each other and the kids. Brother is dressed like a wanna-be rapper and big sister is dressed like a prostitute, imitating the latest pop-star fashions. The six year old already wears make up and has pierced ears. Their teacher passes out homework downloaded off the internet from sites like The kids have been raised by a combination of cable & videos/day care centers/babysitters.

Earth is a completely messed up world.

This type of thing has been seen before on a smaller scale. The fall of Rome as decadence set in is an oft-cited example of the latter days. And while today's Romans play with their Sony Playstation 3's and ipods meanwhile, the barbarians are at the gate. In America and Europe we see this quite clearly. In fact, the hordes are already streaming in and dictating how things should be run from now on. Whether it be bhurkas over every woman or Spanish translation over every word makes little difference. And for our entertainment we have Youtube, the ultimate voyeurs lounge - a place where TV, video, theatre, families exploiting their kids and the peeping Toms of the world can watch endless hours of unreal reality from their chair.

And why is materialism at an all-time high? Because spiritualism is at an all-time low. Religions, pretenders to the title of spiritual pastimes, have been caught with their pants down or encouraging bloodletting. It's hard to imagine anyone alive who doesn't realize a whole lot of Catholic priests are child predators and that something is very messed up in this church. Likewise the fundamentalist Christians with their anti-science dogma and high-profile homosexual shenanigans hardly can claim some great enlightenment or spiritual understandings. The dark side of Islam has been in the media spotlight since 9-11-2001. Yet, despite all these revelations, religion still claims BILLIONS of adherents all over the world.

These folks have picked their chosen particular brand of ignorance & hypocrisy, and more likely it was chosen for them by their parents, and their family many generations long dead before the internet, ipods, TiVo and even useful electricity. Many folks religions were chosen for them by ancestors who still believed the world was flat and the center of the universe!

Such is the plight of man and his spiritual dearth. In the absence of knowledge of what came before life and arrives after death - you have guesses and fairy tales.

So man is insecure. HUGELY insecure. Playstation 3 and the millions of gadgets that will be invented in the future will merely act as time-wasters - placebo distractions for lost minds who know only how to live for the moment. As books fall out of fashion and a strange techno-sponsored-illiteracy takes hold creating very shallow minds, we will see even fewer philosophers than there already are.

Sure we have bloggers, commentators, preachers, reviewers and columnists - but philosophy and great insight on that most important issue to every single person alive - the human condition - is sadly lacking.

There are a hundred and one false gods and in the absence of gods, money and the things it can buy becomes the default deity. In this utter lack of substance, sexuality exists almost solely as a commercial tool, the center of the exploitation universe.

So what's this 'sermon on the blog' leading up to? What do I advocate as a solution to this decline, decadence and lonelygirl15 watching? How can the world stretch it's mind, learn the secrets of the universe, learn what happens after they die and learn how to evolve off the Earth after enough reincarnation?

That's easy - read this blog.

No donations accepted - this is a public service for the planet Earth. This is my old Alma Mater and I've come back to give a few speeches, attend a few graduations and teach a few classes.

And if you have any earth-shattering questions that no one else can answer, don't forget to send them to the email address. In a future entry I will be answering some of the questions I get here. It should be both entertaining & educational.

Your friend in truth,


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