Monday, November 13, 2006

The Awakening! Part I

I feel like a new person. I am mentally exhausted and yet invigorated simultaneously. The history of Earth now lies in my mind and I can access it just as easily as I would access events of the American Revolution or World War II. It is marvelous! Shayla is busy processing all this data too. The thought suddenly occurs to me that we now know more about this world than any human ever has - and as I feel her thoughts process Earth's history in a larger context - that of the evolution of the galaxy, and I realize that Shayla knows a hundred times as much as I do and such a thought is staggering and deflating.

"You don't realize it, but your mind constantly engages in comparisons. And then you personalize this and bias it. It's a package deal. knowledge is important but you can't bias those who have it positively and those who don't have it negatively. You will end up biasing all you meet in an imbalanced manner."

I realize she is unlocking my mind and many of my relationships with people. I have always surrounded myself with those who have greater knowledge and information. My role as the Director of Shamballa has always put an emphasis on intelligence and information. I realize that power and position are often totally interlinked with these two factors.

"Yes. You understand somewhat. All these things you have made your life's work exist in your mind with a positive overbias. You have yet to realize the negative aspects of such knowledge, or have failed to let these aspects balance the positive overbias. On my world there are many who have much knowledge, many have more knowledge than I could hope to attain in this lifetime, and yet I do not engage in comparisons or allow this to upset me."

She is right. All too often, being the one with the most knowledge in any setting is a very lonely place to be. I suddenly become aware that my attraction to Shayla is based not just upon beauty, or her kindness, or even her sense of humor - but on the depth of her knowledge and wisdom. For the first time in a long while I get to be the village idiot. I am torn between shielding these thoughts from her, but I am way too late in the thought process to do so and feel her mind already answering my concerns.

"Relationships on my world are based on total honesty. We don't conceal aspects of ourselves with the ones we care about like folks do on Earth with abandon, and we let these thoughts out, so that they can be analyzed and shared. Marriage and divorce on my world do not exist. We have no rituals based in religions, but spend our time with those we are most compatible with and with whom we can benefit. On your world folks get married and hardly even know eachother. You already know me better in this short period, because of our mental joining, than most married folks do after 10 or 20 years. You see the way my mind works. The way each thought leads to the next, you feel my concerns as I feel yours. On a world with total transparency one does not have millions of poorly conceived joinings and our offspring bear the result of these intelligent and compatible unions."

I find myself agreeing with her completely. As a matter of fact, I have found she is agreeable on almost every level. Suddenly it occurs to me we may have known eachother in previous lives, and that is why we can function in tandem so easily now. In an instant I see a huge laboratory built on a cliff face that extends out over the ocean. It is magnificent. A huge opening in the center of the lab opens to the ocean hundreds of feet below. The salty mist from the raging sea fills the air with crisp moistness and above a translucent, crystalline dome exposes the moon and many stars. The dome is easily two hundred feet above and the architecture is unlike any I have ever seen on Earth and yet that is our moon. Besides me stands a woman who looks amazingly like Shayla, only her hair is concealed in a silver headpiece that exposes only her delicate features. I am wearing a robe like affair, but it, too, is metallic in nature and yet is so light I hardly notice it.

"Ah good! You are beginning to remember! I wondered how long it would take before our joining in this way would awaken these memories. Take a look here."

In one of the mental folders lies the history of Atlantis, its origins, its development and at its peak its relationships with several other galactic worlds. The laboratory I see was one of the Atlantean research facilities that was also home to a teleportation center - the means by which folks from other planets within the galaxy traveled to Earth! The facility was equipped with craft that could travese the planet as quickly as Shayla's craft does, based on much the same technology. Shayla was a visiting scientist who helped transfer alien technology to Earth.

"So you have been visiting Earth for some time now, it would appear. Our relationship is not new really either. We knew each other quite well then too."

"Yes. We worked together you and I, for the benefit of the people of Earth. That was true then and it is true now. That is why this is at all possible. If we had not you would be, very likely, in throes of a mental breakdown after the experiences of the past day."

As she speaks, more images pass through my mind. Scenes of great beauty, majesty and wonder. I am standing upon her world with her, she is showing me the cities from a distance, and they look like jewels. The cities have amazingly intricate geometric patterns and I sense each has a specific purpose and yet also beauty in its design. I see spaceports and centers of learning and everywhere a lush vegetation that does not resemble Earth's in any manner. It seems like I have seen it before and with her mind alongside mine, I have. Each building has meaning - each plant a name as does each city. It is beautiful beyond compare and suddenly ,without warning, I compare these to Earth and our world's cities appear like junk yards and so very temporal. Our world is hundreds of thousands of years behind her world, and yet now I know there was a time when Earth was not quite as backward as it is now. We had space travel, teleportation, relations with other worlds and much more technological development. We could grow buildings out of crystal with directed energy and an incomparable knowledge of molecular and isotopic relationships. Its color could be controlled, clarity, strength, etcetera. Diamond like strength with ruby like beauty all grown in minutes. Wood, concrete, glass and metal are just slightly better than the cave man era. Earth had no incurable illnesses, as directed energy was also applied to cancellation of all viral & bacteriological infections, cancer cells, dystrophic conditions, etcetera.

You begin to understand the bigger picture now. This world has atrophied. It is very sick and has reverted in its evolutionary progression. You and I have a job to do and it is much bigger than the Agency or any governmental body. We have a responsibility to the denizens of Earth to help disperse this knowledge, in a gentle way, to the masses.

I do understand. This is bigger than Odin, Shamballa, Valhalla or project MIMIR. The Travelers flame and Shayla's constant presence in my mind has awakened a part of me long since forgotten. It's like waking up from a deep sleep. I feel parts of my brain tingle, that I have not felt before as if at long last parts of the brain that were already designed for usage now get a long overdue workout.

"Yes, the human brain has much more potential for data capacity than anyone on Earth now understands. Since we have been in contact telepathically, a portion of your brain, we call the Ashuma, has been activated from near dormancy. This portion allows for two or more thought people to share thoughts and acts somewhat as a memory buffer in a computer. The flame has increased your synaptic centers' frequency bandwidth and thoughts of more refined and intelligent nature can be produced, leaving the more emotional, imbalanced thoughts behind."

I stand up and realize we have been communicating here in the flame room almost completely unaware of our surroundings and of our bodies. In this isotopic state our bodies seem to take a backseat to the mind. Shayla is looking at me and she is smiling a beautiful smile. Her eyes are sparkling and her gaze penetrates my soul. I feel my body shudder, almost like a shivering, and I realize it is responding to her projected mental energy. I try, as best as I can to return the positive signal and I can't help but smile as I do so.

"Welcome back, SDAI-Tech1" she thinks.

"Thank you Shayla, Thank you so much - it is good to be back. We have so, so much to do!"

"Yes, we do, but it will be great fun."

And as I look at her, and feel her presence within, I couldn't agree more.

(To be continued!)

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