Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Reincarnation Primer

How many habitable planets with sentient beings are out there? How many humans alive have lived on other worlds either more advanced or less advanced than earth?

In an infinite universe there has to be an infinite number of souls. The mechanism for reincarnation, the relationship of bodies to consciousness, etc. also needs to be understood.

Before getting into that though, first of all, the time factor needs to be understood. All souls that have ever been or ever will be are alive right NOW. That is because time is relative. The universe operates via frequency relationship of all its various components. All the physical laws are all properties of these frequency relationships of energy. Magnetism, gravity, conservation of energy, etcetera, all adhere to these laws of energy motion.

While we live and interpret time in a minute by minute expression due to the perception abilities of our consciousness - this does NOT mean time really is fixed and moving with our clocks here on earth.

We have proven that when we accelerate an object that time decreases. The old story about the man in the rocket who returns after a near light journey only to find his friends old while he is young applies here.

What does this mean? This means that ALL atomic structures MOVING at faster rates of speed experience less time. This also means that things oscillating slower experience MORE time. We need to really get a handle on what the difference is between an object moving fast and an object moving slow. The difference is in the RATE OF VIBRATION or OSCILLATION of these atomic structures. A fast object's atom's are conducting more energy. This energy is transferred to all the particles, the nucleus and all these wave form packets which make up the atom.

We preserve things by COOLING them. What are we really doing? We are SLOWING down the movement of these particle/wave packets. We are lowering their rate of oscillation and the amount of energy conducted through them.

So try to understand that we live in a universe wherein some structures are oscillating infinitely slow and other objects infinitely fast.

This immediately means that TIME will now have an INFINITE spectrum to play with! Do you see?

This is why I always talk of spectra. One has to understand the universe isn't just galaxies, stars, planets and the space between them! It is really just energy and needs to be viewed as energy in different spectra - oscillating at different speeds.

And then when we understand that time is relative, how can we ever truly measure speed? We constantly engage in frame of reference comparisons.

We measure the speed of objects next to our "time". And what is our time? Our time is based on the oscillation and vibration of our periodic elements. This begs the question, "How many elements are out their and what are their various rates of vibration?"

Do you remember the old Star Trek episode where Scalosians buzz like mosquitoes because they oscillate so much faster than the Enterprise and her crew? This was an inspired episode. Many worlds and beings are in exactly that position when dealing with the earth! They are completely invisible to us, and what's more, unlike the show, they actually CAN'T interface with us at all, because they pass right through us like a cosmic ray or a radio wave!

You see, the universe operates on an infinite number of levels and 99.99999999+ percent of these operate outside our visual spectra! The galaxies, stars and planets are the tiniest fraction of the universe and they are spawned by flows of energy that can't be seen by our eyes.

Beings don't need to just exist in carbon based forms - that's preposterous. Sentient life merely means you have a field of energy developed enough to start taking a part in its own growth and development. All life does this. Sentient life does it with a consciousness, and this consciousness is really another field of energy spawned by much previous automatic learning/recording of experience.

So when folks die, they don't really die they just lose their body. They pop into this other spectra. This spectra for most is like a limbo. They can't interface with things and much of this spectra is unusable to them. They know only the physical and they seek to return to this physical life they understand and relate to. Yet, they are oscillating energy and can't interface with all they know. Through frequency relationship their field of energy will be drawn again to a sperm and ovum in the process of conception and physical life will begin. It's a magnetics equation. Gestation period is the repolarizing of all this data from both parents (via DNA) and the newborn's quantized field of energy. If this soul is advanced it may look nothing like the parents. It's own structures will dominate and override the DNA signals of the parents. Or it may be a spitting image of the parents and its shape will be completely determined by the two genetic codes it paired off in its formation.

The parents will not be random but will more likely than not have a past relationship with this child. The child may be their father, grandfather or great grandfather. They may be an enemy who killed them or a past love from ages past. All these past ties act as a magnetic homing device for the field and the folks with the strongest ties will "compete for conception".

The more developed souls don't need to compete. They can choose their parents with the same matter of fact determination that folks here choose where they live. This is because they already have developed a better interface with this other spectra and can manipulate energy better.

What is a being? What is life? Life is about manipulating energy intelligently. Sure, here, we see it as working, playing, learning, experiencing emotions and loving - but the bottom line is this is the ever more complex and refined manipulation of energy.

We learn to manipulate atomic forms of energy and then we learn to manipulate non-atomic forms as well. Soon we see physical bodies as just the tool used to learn how to manipulate atomic structures of energy. It has no other purpose! It is quite useless in the 99.99999%+ other spectra that compose the rest of the universe!

We create NEW bodies for these spectra. Each world, plane or spectra needs to be interfaced with at a certain rate of vibration. Human bodies are for atomic spectra, and even here, we are uniquely designed for our own home world and periodic table of elements.

And here is where we get even more complex:

Once one has developed a quantized field capable of engineering conception, it can also support more than one body at a time. So it would be possible to have three bodies here on earth, several on other planets and even a body or two in various other spectra! All could be compared to a network of sensors or probes that record and utilize data! Consciousness would be distributed between these structures as needed. Each probe or body would need not necessarily be aware of these other structures and would be compartmentalized so as to avoid the inevitable confusion of disparate data types. This data would be accumulated at another level of consciousness wherein all memories and experiences would be so recorded.

But how could we experience part of this consciousness only here? We would have to LIVE in these other bodies and if they are occurring simultaneously - but we don't know it...we are being ripped off of this experience...right?

No. Here we must return to this TIME relativity again! We HAVE & WILL experience these other structures - because they oscillate at different rates of vibration and each have their own TIME attached.

Indeed, this life you are living could be lived in between the time it takes for you to DREAM in another life! And that life could be fit in the time you sleep in yet another life...

You see how infinity and relativity make for a much vaster universe than you, or I, can possibly imagine.

(Note: This entry was first published in another form elsewhere)

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