Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why You Do What You Do & Introducing Fofofu.

Motivational Research. Sure, you've probably heard of it in passing. It is the study of human behavior and the identification of certain psychological motivations that drive this behavior.

Once you are born on this world someone has your number.

Your parents insecurities are already well exploited by physicians, hospitals, baby-food, toy, and crib manufacturers before you are even born. This non-stop exploitation will go on till the moment you die. Folks will always be trying to sell you something or will want your voice added to their cause. This is the nature of life on this world. What's worse is that even the dead are seeking something from you - and are after your body for sensory gratification.

Humanity, as a result, constantly breeds new generations of exploited exploiters. Everybody wants something:


Each need is exploited. Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies will exploit your fear of life, death and health. They really do not care about you at all, only the dollar figures you represent as a consumer.

The tobacco industry, alcohol industry, amusement parks, pornographers and others will exploit your desire for pleasure and will use every trick in the book to turn you into an addict of one kind or another and if they're talented enough make you actually believe you chose and prefer this "lifestyle". The doctors, too, are now in the drug-addict industry in a big way. They are "pushers" and their modern styled offices are the street corners and back alleys of yesterday.

Human insecurity.

Human insecurity is a powerful thing. It dominates all aspects of human life, culture and is the most powerful drive in existence. Freud was WAY off the mark when he said sex was the strongest drive. Sex drive doesn't exist until puberty and lasts for a few decades thereafter. Insecurity exists from the moment you are born until the moment you die. The sexual drive merely masks another form of insecurity, the human need for love, belonging and acceptance. You can still see older folks maintaining their lawns, not because of any sexual drive, but because they are still concerned about others perceptions. Car detailing, custom wheels exist solely because of human insecurity. Motivational research is really the study of human insecurity in all its varied forms. Exploiting insecurities is as old as man, but the science of exploiting them was only offered commercially in a mainstream manner after the second world war.

If you look closely at your goals in life, and are honest with yourself, you will see that largely your goals are driven by your insecurities.

It would be way too much of a shock to many to live without the familiar framework of exploitation and insecurity reinforcement.

Survival, the need for food and shelter are basic human needs. But the Penthouse suite and the mansion and all the steps between them are no longer about shelter but are manifestations of insecurity. Displays of wealth are the direct result of feelings of inferiority. This is true from the simple showing off of a wedding ring to the purchase of an automobile.

Form follows function.

In life, you have real needs. The form and manifestation of these needs should ideally reflect the function of the need and nothing more. If they do not, it means you are a slave of your insecurities and feelings of inferiority. And what is the result of such slavery?

You will be exploited and will, in turn, exploit others for the rest of your life.

Billions of folks lives are lived not on the simple form follows function principle, but instead are the slaves of their parents insecurities, their friends and the folks who sell them products they don't need and justify them by exploiting their insecurity and feelings of inferiority.


What's that? Fofofu (Foh-Foh-Foo) is a new word. In the dictionary of 2024 it will be described in turns as a political movement, misinterpreted as a rebellion against capitalism and it will be redefined by those with something to gain by altering its meaning. FOFOFU will be the philosophy of life embraced by those who understand the significance and moral importance of FOrm FOllows FUnction.

When a car salesman tries to sell a couple a set of 20" aftermarket chrome wheels for their SUV, his wife will whisper "Fofofu" into her husband's ear and he will remember that these wheels will do nothing to better his life and only feed and reinforce a system of exploitation. Fofofu. He will save a bundle and be able to put that money towards useful things such as food, furniture, clothes or a college fund for his newborn. It will not mean that the couple are Marxist or anti-society, but will instead indicate they are no longer easy dupes who will be exploited from birth to death.

Fofofu will initially be hated by big business, politicians and almost everyone. At first they will see it as the enemy of suggestive selling, status symbol purchases and a whole slew of products that lose all meaning if one takes away folks feelings of inferiority or insecurity. Politicians will lose the power they have over voters by exploiting fear and will be forced to actually DO something constructive and useful for the masses rather than simply be a mouthpiece for hype.

But that is the short term. In the long term, businesses and companies will create new, useful products instead of merely revamping old ones and playing to insecurities to sell them. In short, Fofofu will free resources to build a better world. It will not be a utopia. Utopian existence is unrealistic and undesirable. What is desired is a world with less imbalance. Where the degrees of separation in education, wealth and living conditions does not breed hate, fear and more insecurities. Where wasted human effort is redirected to create a higher technocracy and build better mousetraps not merely gold plated ones.

The masses who adopt Fofofu as a philosophy will not build shrines to it, nor will they create some new status to such a philosophy. No one will adopt a Fofofu philosophy to be trendy or to fit in, because doing so would contradict it. No one will force Fofofu on others or seek Fofofu conformity from the masses because they realize that one can only live in a Fofofu way by eliminating insecurities and at this time, some folks need these things and need to learn valuable lessons from being exploited. Taking away these things from them would do them a great disservice and in the future they would not have the necessary experiences to understand and appreciate the value of certain principles and knowledge.

A man must feel hunger to know the value of food.

Likewise man must have experienced and understand the exploitation cycle to truly value Fofofu.

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