Sunday, March 19, 2006

Being Human Isn't Easy.

The embrace is tender and is not the sort of embrace that comes easily back on Earth. Purity of spirit and clarity of thought combine to create an overwhelming sense of understanding.

In what seems a moment, we have caught up with each the other's various lives and activities on a number of worlds. She is presently living in a world on the other side of the galaxy. She is old there right now she informs me, though on these type of world's here one always appears to be fully matured and between 18 and 35. She's aware that at this time I'm living on Earth. "Being human isn't easy" she says with a knowing smile.

That seems to be an understatement. Those whose spirit is about balance will find Earth a tightrope walk on many levels. Fear, insecurity, hate, resentment and all the various emotions are like mines in a minefield awaiting to distort one's outlook, if one does not tread carefully through the human relationships one must deal with. Family, friends and loved ones all bring out both positive and negative experiences that must be balanced.

She recalls a past life on Earth and the wall morphs yet again. It is Egypt in the time of Pharaohs. She is about 21 years old and crying in a field. The field is her father's farm and she discovered two days earlier that her betrothed had died in a battle with the Hyksos near the lands of the upper delta. The loneliness and sadness she feels is overwhelming. Even here where such lower emotions can't be generated, the feelings reach out from the wall and the past as real as if they were just occurring. The loneliness is heart wrenching, and it explains her comment about humanity, instantaneously faster than words.

Her betrothed had been me. I had died by a spear in the abdomen. Not a very pleasant experience.

These things occur when we lose balance. When we let hate or animosity rule our mind we attract the same in return.

Traveling the multiverse we generate close ties with many souls. There are souls out there who are literally close as family to tens of thousands of individuals. Younger souls have ties to perhaps hundreds of individuals of which a dozen may be very strong ties. This woman is one whom I have repeatedly had failed circumstances with romantically. Almost connecting - but not quite. She is not my soul-mate, but one of the closer ties, experience-wise with me.

Whenever we would return to the physical together we would have to work out this failed relationship cycle we have generated. "Happily ever-after" gets harder and harder to achieve when one sets up these heavily biased experience waveforms of energy in one's energy body. Like a music CD, the same lines appear again as the laser scans over it, only the volume is increased each time one fails to cancel out the bias.

Up here, this is where we can have balance, can come up with a plan and a series of lives wherein we can work out some of these engendered imbalances. And this is what we do in what seems only a few moments. We try to set up circumstances where we can manipulate the tempest we know is coming. And as I would prefer not to have to repeat the many tragic deaths I've experienced as a result of my own imbalances, I set things up to minimize the impact and iron out those wrinkles with a series of ever lesser traumas.

Hard to believe that an impaling during wartime will be reduced to a severe knock in the breadbasket during a sports game and some other midsection traumas - but that is what working out and balancing the more violent pasts is all about.

Few know that lives can be orchestrated the way one might conduct a symphony and yet that is what one does when one understand the way the universe works. Up here one knows these things fully and one gets the benefit out of rediscovering the principles of cause and effect and balance each time one returns to a new body.

The universe will keep throwing new experiences to master after one has mastered the easier stuff. New and challenging worlds with new emotions and new understandings humanity can't yet fathom await each soul that travels the multiverse in a progressive, positive trajectory.

The wall has returned to a state of rest. And that cues me that I must now depart for my meeting in "the room".

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