Thursday, March 23, 2006

On the way up...

I enter the great hall of the tallest building of all the worlds. It serves as a sort of lobby for interplanetary travelers from many worlds. The ceiling soars so far above one it is almost out of sight, if it weren't for the walls one might think one were still outside. Millions of beings are coming and going and no one bumps into another. This is because the coherency here is unparalleled. Some folks are teleporting from spot to spot, others float above the ground yet still use "intermediary" movement.

Intermediary movement is related to time and the fundamental rate of vibration of the visitor and his/her world. Most folks from Earth walk when here. But to be honest there aren't that many humans here when compared to the vast numbers of beings from other parts of the galaxy. Humanity is still catching up. I usually walk or teleport from point to point. The floating bit reminds me too much of escalators and moving sidewalks back home and I always like to have something solid under my feet.

As if to remind me that my thoughts are being broadcast, a nine foot tall being floating nearby with very pale blue skin and a shimmering gown that looks like a rainbow after a storm turns a rather large head in my direction. Not hostile, mind you, because hostility can't happen here - rather curiosity. This being (gender unknown to me) would like clarification of what an "escalator" or "moving sidewalk" look like on my world. I envision it in my mind, scenes I've witnessed where folks look around as the escalator carries them up and down between floors. For the moving sidewalk, I recalled some of the airport moving sidewalks back on Earth.

In return I received a very startling image of this beings world - where everyone floats linearly from point to point, in a perfect standing position. Up, down, diagonally almost mechanically, yet no mechanisms are involved. The image is crystal clear and the worlds sky is an intense pink, they orbit a red star and it looks like our sun at sunset when the light waves pass through more atmosphere and change color. The buildings all have balconies and each floor has entrances that folks ascend or descend to as they travel about.

The being departs with a bit more information on the Earth, and a positive departing thought and yet I am also left with the clear understanding of this beings perspective on the Earth's development - or lack thereof - as it broadcasts its thoughts about a world that still needs escalators and contrivances to move the populace from place to place. Not prejudiced in any way, merely a perspective.

I had wanted to look around the lobby, as it is always educational. One simply can't find a spot like this on many lower spectra worlds. There are probably visitors from 100,000 different sentient worlds and each can express here normally without fear of atmospheric, gravitational or chemical disparities. Folks looking for "ET" back home would give their back molars for a chance to see and experience this place. Sentient life in our galaxy takes all manner of forms. Duality or polarity of expression is universal and so certain features do dominate. Pairs and sets of limbs, organs, etcetera prevail in the anatomical development process on most worlds. You see beings that do not look human, but unlike sci-fi back home, they do not look animal like either. None of them resemble animals. Something about sentient beings means that no matter how they are shaped or formed - they never look or remind you of animals. Some beings are so large you notice them only when you look way up high. Suddenly you realize there are worlds where "giant" beings do live.

Other beings here are like clouds of light, halos, multi-hued balls of energy, groups of sparkles - these are generally the more advanced beings here. They have outgrown the need for limbs at all and are more suited to these type of higher spectra worlds. When they pass near one, one feels quickened and uplifted. It's hard to describe exactly but their very being has that effect on one.

I've looked around enough though now and so I pause and teleport to the room.

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