Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Room...Once Again.

The tallest building in all the worlds is a statuesque structure with much majesty. It glows with a radiance like billions of diamonds adorn it's surface and play with the light from whatever angle one happens to be looking at it. The gardens which surround the building are as lusciously landscaped as one could conceive. Vivid colors which spread across a wider spectrum than the human eye is capable of perceiving are found in exotic flora and fauna. The scents in the air are delectable and at this moment I am breathing deeply near a huge grouping of purple flowers whose blossoms are at least a foot wide. The air is saturated with their succulent scent and these flowers have been chosen for their unique side effect of making one feel alive and alert. Like a cup of coffee on Earth, here one need only smell the air and one feels refreshed and very clear headed.

I have another appointment with my superiors. I decided to arrive early so I could enjoy this very beautiful world. 15 minutes here is, quite literally, like a 6 month vacation back on Earth. The beauty and refinement of everything one sees makes this world a solace for one's spirit. There is a huge fountain visible from here and it is filled with water which is impossibly clear and crystalline. It sparkles like it is somehow alive and pulsating. The formations of this water as it is sprayed into the air are wonderful to watch. Like a living flame the water moves in sheets that vary from 30 to 100 feet in height and crashes down creating only amazingly melodic whispers. I can feel the finest mist from the fountain in the air and it adds to the richness of the air here.

There is no ugliness here. All one sees is beautiful beyond belief. This is because this world is a very advanced world and the people who live and work here all have many, many lifetimes of development under their belt so to speak. They have left behind all the lower emotions and replaced them with new emotions. Yes, whenever I visit here I am reawakened to these new emotions. One of which can best be described as infinite ambition. It is not related to selfish ambition or a desire for personal gain, but instead is an amazingly deep concern and excitement that is felt when thinking about the vast multiverse and the beings and places in it. It is a desire to grow, learn and encompass whole new thought paradigms and vistas of consciousness. It is coupled with a love for all things and a deep and fundamental understanding of the special and unique place all people have in this infinite universe.

One of the amazing features here is a time wall. The gardens here have many wonderful works of art interspersed with the foliage and the fountains. One of these wonders is a time wall that is morphing constantly. The atoms of the wall are displaying scenes from various world's histories. Depending upon who comes near the wall, the wall actually scans the person's fundamental frequency and portrays scenes of importance and interest to their own past history.

It is fun to sit at a distance and watch folks from a plethora of other worlds stand by the wall and see how the wall responds. The wall appears to be made of gold or some similar shiny, metallic substance when at rest, but when it is morphing it is capable of portraying an amazing variety of colors.

I am alone here right now and so I approach the wall.

It is astounding.

I see ancient Greece and a beautiful priestess in Apollo's oracle. She is beautiful and has on the special costume of one gifted with the ability to foretell the future. A special wreath adorns her head and her long brown hair fall in silky rivulets on one side of her head. She stands by a small pedestal in deep concentration and a small dish of incense burns upon the top of this pedestal. I recognize her immediately. She is someone I knew many lifetimes time ago and we parted ways in somewhat tragic circumstances.

I wonder why the wall is showing me this replay from out of ancient Earth history.


I turn to my right and sitting nearby on a translucent gem-like, orange-hued bench is this same woman. Her hair is different and her features are slightly more refined, but there is no doubt it is her. She is watching me and smiling. Oh! How I have missed that smile! It is an unscheduled reunion. I see now that the wall was reading both our frequencies and naturally this past life combined the two. I walk over to her and she stands up. We embrace, no words spoken and yet I am a overcome with joy.

To be continued...

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