Saturday, February 19, 2005

Wetter or Wetter?

That title means more if one is bilingual.

It was an unusually stormy night in the west. The rain poured and poured and didn't let up all night in many places. The rock garden appears to be a moat and now there are many pools to choose from. On the plus side it is relieving the drought to varying degrees though largely our technology has not been set up here to take advantage of down-pours and the ample salt-free water they provide. Considering the southwest is a naturally arid desert you would think that such simple, fairly inexpensive, water catching facilities could be set up, but that is simply too intelligent. It is so much easier to charge people more for water, create laughable "water shortages" in a world which is covered mostly with water and make folks drink recycled toilet water like they do in Orange County, California. I never cease to be startled at such ignorance. Instead of progress moving ahead and making sure there is plentiful water for all, the people charged with procuring water seem stuck at the bureaucratic intelligence level. And what is that level of intelligence that is drawn to bureaucratic positions? Well, don't ask.

So countless thousands of tons of water are wasted with every good down pour.

A couple thousand of these built through out the southwest would save a lot of dollars "water crisis'" and "droughts" in the long haul and no one would have to drink recycled feces. But that's too simple isn't it? It's in Californians, Arizonians, Nevadans and New Mexicans best interests to "pool their resources" and start building these very simple facilities now. Feel free to go write your local politicians and tell them what you want. (Feel free to link to this blog or the image) "Toilet to tap" is reprehensible and could only be imagined by a bureaucrat or someone with an offal fetish and who wants to see folks die earlier. Don't let Orange County set the tone for the rest of the southwest. Let's not let ignorance be the standard bearer.

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