Friday, February 25, 2005

How the Universe Works!

An ambitious blog entry. But blogs are just forms of communication. Those who read this particular entry will already be somewhat preconditioned. What do I mean by that? Well since every signal is transmitted upon a particular frequency and wavelength, this particular entry also expresses with such. You may access it via the world wide web, but in truth the only ones who will access it must have a certain frequency relationship with the content. 99.99%+ of internet content goes unobserved by each web surfer who has a small number of regular sites they read and other types of sites that are similar upon which they stumble upon.

This material is comparable to post-doctorate studies material for folks who aren't truly just human. With that prerequisite even the hundreds of hits coming from Google for "No, Mr. Bush I expect you to lose" will not stumble upon or be reading this particular entry. It has an invisible frequency relationship barrier.

These barriers are good things. They keep the elevated mind-set from being immersed in violence and bloodshed or perusing the dark corners of the web and the world. In the seas certain creatures are compatible with certain pressures or depths. This determines the range they travel within. Humans, too, have a range of travel and despite all appearing similar are really as disparate as the common sand crab and the deep sea angler fish.

Some are cruising the deepest depths and others are in a stage where they are evolving out of the murky waters altogether. The readership of this piece are at that point where they are already in that transitional stage and can begin to grasp these advanced concepts.

Day to day living in the world requires sustenance. We need to breathe, eat and drink. Our bodies take this raw material and transform it into our various structures, including cells and tissues. Our minds, however, feed on an entirely different form of sustenance. Our minds are comprised of thought, experience and reaction. It is entirely possible to provide the body ample sustenance while starving the mind. For those who have hungry minds here is the first part of a blog-series on How the Universe Works!

Everything is energy. All matter, all things incomprehensibly large or small are composed of energy. The universe is, quite simply, energy. This energy has an infinite range of expression. It is infinite. It can express at inconceivably high frequencies and inconceivably low frequencies:

So in this infinite universe the various dimensions themselves are infinite, in other words they are sub-infinities of a greater infinity. Yep. I know, hard to conceive and visualize. The diagram above, if animated, would show those rings expanding infinitely with no end. Each ring would be infinitely expanding and yet it would still just be a tiny fraction of ALL the rings that are expanding. And we can't even show ALL the rings because they are infinite in number. However, now you should be able to get some sort of conceptual image of an expanding, infinite universe that also contains sub-infinities.

The universe is not static. Energy is constantly in motion. This motion means you must either move forward with these expanding rings of energy or find your self in lower and lower spectra. Yes, hells do exist. Many FAR worse than any religionists have yet been capable of conceiving. Likewise there are spectra that would be interpreted as heaven and again, there are spectra which are so advanced as to make most religions' "heavens" appear as if they were the foulest of hells.

Understanding energy and how it works will be the key to your future. To travel these infinite spectra and develop your own bandwidth so you can find yourself living in these more advanced configurations of energy will require a dedicated effort to personal progress. You must cease to see your life as a material construct, filled with the shallow desires of human culture and realize that you are an infinite being composed of energy. Your future will be determined by your ability to keep choosing the constructive course of action through each moment of your life. Every single moment! Every destructive action will be like an anchor that weighs you down and tries to sink you. Every constructive action will help build your consciousness, waveform by waveform, until these advanced spectra are your normal residence.

Yes, many humans have gone on to leave the atomic spectra behind. They have new bodies in worlds that oscillate in these higher spectra. Each spectra of energy has its own reality based upon its signal expression. Lower orders become ever more limited and higher orders are many times less limited. To a being from a higher adjoining spectra coming to earth and being born in a human anatomy would be like asking you to walk into a dark box and close the lid after you. The limited range of human thought, the sensory limitations of the human physiology would all feel quite constraining and uncomfortable. In your future, if you progress and find your new homes in these higher spectra, even the bright light of the sun will seem dark. This is because you, yourself will oscillate at frequencies which make starlight appear quite low.

We must remember that all these frequencies determine perception. Relativity is at work. What appears blindingly bright now, from one spectra, appears as dismally dark from another. Yes, from many perspectives the suns and the galaxies that give birth to them are like small, dark little tide pools in a vast sea of energy. These tide pools harbor small forms of life. Humanity is one of these forms.

Yet from other perspectives, the Earth and its human life appears to be a blinding thing filled with bright light and peopled with beings of great intellect and development. Again, here we see relativity at work.

Cosmologists hunt for a big bang where there was none. They are woefully ignorant of these vast and infinite energy spectra. There is only this continual expansion of sub-infinities in an even greater infinite sum of energy.

That's it for today. Today we just tried to conceptualize an infinite universe and your place within it. In the next entry we will discuss in greater detail just how you and your consciousness function.

Till then...

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