Sunday, February 20, 2005

Peggy Noonan's on the Stagecoach

Peggy Noonan has described aptly the frontierlands where blogs roam free. She said it warn't the wild west, so I set her straight (but don't tell her I did 'kay?)

Mornin' Ma'am,

Loved readin' your piece but you got one part wrong. It is the wild west out here. Suggestin' it's not is dangerous talk and bound ta get some fool MSM journalist hurt, like that careless feller Dan who ventured out from the big city.

My six shooter is loaded with verbiage, verbosity, vitriol, vanity, veracity and vituperation.

I'm a real loner. A bit of a wild card with a loose tongue and you wont find me in some church with fancy clothes listening to some fool preacher. But I' lead a respectable life and folks let me be. But since you're a lady of refinement I'll still take off my hat and lay down my jacket should you venture forth and visit this rough-hewn badlands where literary prostitutes offer their words on the cheap for just a drink and a mouse-click.

The drinks here are mixed with tarnation and sarsaparilla and served competently by a barman whose known by the initials, D.S.L.

I reckon' a lady such as yourself would do just fine out here in the west. I've seen some of the fancy adjectives you holster, awaiting some un-fortuitous fellow to make the mistake of crossing his eyes while looking at ya and using erroneous expletives or aimless alliteration.

Take care ma'am,


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