Monday, February 09, 2009

Watch out! The Collectivists are coming!

Watch out!

It's happening as you read these words. Your rights, your freedoms are being diminished in the name of the "good" of all. The fear of poverty is being exploited and the chosen few have taken it upon themselves to reshape the world to their liking.

It's the same old collectivist song reaching a shrill crescendo. The evil (uncooperative) rich must be looted, while the good (cooperative & heavy on political contributions) rich are rewarded with truckloads of the people's tax money.

Never before since the bad ol' days of Franklin D. Roosevelt has the nation faced such peril. Banks crashing should not frighten anyone. A bank is a bank is a bank. Failing banks are a part of a free market. The failed banks holdings go to creditors and new banks rise in size and stature to replace them. To throw money at banks or corporations whose officers and policies are failures is a form of insanity - like flushing money down the toilet.

The government has no right to spend the people's money on bailouts. The Congress and the Executive Branch are now simply illustrating to what extent they are prostituted. Yes Congress and the President are prostitutes for corporate lobbyists. They have taken their money to get elected and now they are getting the big payout. Bush, Obama left or right makes little difference - they are all bought and paid for.

You can try to make your voice heard, but don't expect them to listen to you unless you have a one million dollar donation to their re-election (and personal lifestyle) fund.

We are now living in an Ayn Rand novel. The collectivists are coming and now have taken over the government and are looting the small guys to reward their corrupt brethren. "Emergency measures" must be taken! The US Constitution (which has been specially printed on toilet paper for Congress' personal use) is ignored and conveniently forgotten. The Constitution grants Congress the right to regulate commerce with foreign nations, between the states and with the Indian tribes. It does not grant them interfering in commerce in general other than to levy taxes.

The minimum wage was unconstitutional. Quotas and quorums are unconstitutional and, yes quite obviously, bailouts are unconstitutional. The road FDR paved - breaking the US Constitution - is what has put us in this predicament. It is what caused the outsourcing of factories and labor and impoverished this nation to the level we are now inhabiting. It is GOVERNMENT that is the problem. When government messes with commerce nothing good comes of it. The nation has reached the nadir of the founding fathers intentions. Now the government of King George appears downright benevolent and entrepreneur friendly next to our own corrupt government with its obscene trillion dollar payouts to lobbied interests.

Twenty years of unchecked illegal immigration, the outsourcing of factories to China and labor to Mexico, India and elsewhere, the interference in government with commerce and wages, the permission of collusion and price fixing in gas prices has led our nation to the brink of economic collapse.

Get rid of the corrupt politicians and the illegal laws that have been added to our national burden. The land of the free is now no longer worthy of the title. We are now a nation of encumbered individuals, saddled with debt, slaves to credit ratings and participating in an economy that is no longer free or offering opportunities to each equally.

The corrupt are being rewarded with money from the honest and hardworking. We need to clean the Congress of all those who support the bailouts and the unprecedented looting of the already impoverished masses. Each bailout dollar is a dollar taken from the people. An analogy would be the teacher taking the lunch money from the kids and giving it all to the class bully who say he "lost" his lunch money. Do you blame the bully? No the bully is expected to be an idiot and a looter. It's the teacher who is to blame and who needs to be removed. Same is true with our politicians. If they weren't corrupt all the lobbyists in the world could not corrupt them. But they are corrupt. The sad, ever-declining state of our economy is the evidence of generations of corruption in Congress.

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