Friday, February 13, 2009

The Choice

I have been summoned to "the Room" again. My boss, the angel of infinitely exquisite beauty and virtue awaits my arrival. Upon seeing her, all earthly desires vanish.

"Welcome. I called for you because you needed extra strength and fortification to handle the events now unfolding on the world you oversee. There are a number of possible futures unfolding and each decision and choice you make will have enormous ramifications. Behold!"

She extends an arm in a gesture of infinite grace, her golden hair frames a face of purity and unimaginable kindness, with eyes of luminous blue that pierce my being and are a link to wisdom unimaginable. The bright white floors and walls transform, as if all part of a giant screen and I see the Earth in space. It draws closer and focuses on the sunlit side, and starts to magnify the North American continent. The United States is vivid as I have never seen it.

"Your nation is in great turmoil. The people are frightened and insecure. They are angry, resentful and focused largely on material security. Millions are regenerating these negative biases and strengthening the difficulties they now are experiencing. Very few can look into the face of adversity and the opposites of ones desires - and view these happenings with infinite intelligence which would permit them to balance and alleviate these difficulties in record pace."

In the blink of an eye the lives and emotions of millions are revealed to me and here in the room the emotions are two dimensional, like shadows unable to naturally exist in this room with its tremendously high level of fundamental vibrations. Even those nearest to me are revealed and their struggles and choices evidence the difficulty they have had in maintaining equilibrium while encountering these many and various cycles.

My boss approaches me and her piercing eyes radiate into my soul as I return her steadfast gaze. I feel her mind in mine, her goodness so incredible it casts the universe in a million times more wonderful light than I normally behold it. Her consciousness fully reaches me and I catch brief glimpses of the millions of lives she has had in all sorts of worlds, in all sorts of spectra, and even her existence as a causal force - a being who helps shape part of the universe and adds to its infinite diversity.

"You must make a choice. The masses need your efforts, perhaps more than ever. You must find a way to counter the natural degenerate tendencies and the unbridled materialism that is growing in strength with each passing instant. You are my representative. I have taught you much and in your love for all things I see my own love reflected back. You have learned what love truly is - not a physical act of using the reproductive organs - but so much more."

I look at her and any man on Earth would see the most beautiful woman they have ever beheld - or hope to ever behold. Her every component more refined and exquisite than the human form can begin to express. Her face, her limbs and torso would be the vision to inspire a million works of art - and indeed over the many centuries they have. She has served as a model for all those who could glimpse her in her travels and sought out a way to remind themselves of her radiance and beauty.

And yet what is it that shapes her body? What is it that molds her every feature? In The Room, no genetics are at work at all. Her form is created by her mind. Each and every thought. Her eyes, nose, lips, arms and legs and everything I see are merely transpositions of thought - refined and elevated thought.

That is what being an angel is all about, refined thought. That is what makes one woman attractive and another more unattractive - thoughts. Each negative thought, each uncaring thought, each lower and base thought will find shape in the body. Purity of mind translates to purity of the body. People are attracted to people who are "good looking" - and yet what exactly is it that makes someone good looking? Beauty is nebulous. Dimensions and curves are only part of the picture. No set measurements define beauty. Beauty is the sum of a person's essence, a combination of who they are, their values, past experiences and self-esteem. Beautiful thoughts shape beautiful bodies.

I have been in love with my boss for over millions of years. She knows this and she loves me even more than I love her. She has an intense and pure love for me that I cant even fathom yet, and I strive to better myself and refine myself so that I may be more able to return this infinite love. We have developed a very strong polarity relationship and I reside among her 333 closest polarities. While 333
may seem like a very large number, but when one takes millions of lifetimes and billions upon billions of souls met and encountered, this means I have had many, many positive lifetimes with her and we share much the same wisdom, love, interests, goals and experiences.

"Yes, you must now make tough choices. You must redouble your efforts to interject positive energy into this world of darkness. You must carry my love, which is the love of infinity, to each and every single person you meet. You, and those around you, are undergoing a great trial here and you will either master it or let it master you. I hope this brief visit to "The Room" here with me is enough to strengthen your various character traits and mental attributes, and that you can then go forth and use these to speed your personal evolution by functioning as an active component of infinite intelligence. Your biocentric is among these 332 others and she is as perfectly suited to you as you are to her. She wanted me to speak to you first, but she awaits in the adjoining antechamber to speak with you."

Chills run through my being - even here. I have not spoken to my biocentric since before being born into the Earth. We had agreed that she would remain "upstairs" while I descended and be born into the Earth world. My boss steps closer and kisses me.

Words are too inadequate.

When in an energy body, as one is must express in while in the room, such an action literally realigns my cell structures here and my physical body back on Earth. Each cell is energized with a new intelligence, a new love and more wisdom. The cells become more health and function more perfectly. New data is actually encoded into the DNA strands to replace lost data. Far more powerful than any Earthly physical contact, far more powerful than any reproductive release or earthly orgasm is this small, simple gesture. My thoughts become clearer, each breath seems to be easier and I feel my countenance expanding and becoming more refined.

I walk into the antechamber and behold my biocentric. The woman who is closer to me than any other in all things. Our minds are almost as one and she has just returned from her laboratory where she invents new and wonderful things to assist sentient beings in many various worlds. Inventions, which will be brought in via inspiration and shown to visitors who arrive while they are sleeping.

She looks at me and at once I am at peace. Her hair frames her benevolent features and her smile, to me, seems to be the smile of life itself. She lifts her hand to touch me and I meet her thought simultaneously with my own. Our hands touch exactly halfway between us, our hands seamlessly join as if guided by invisible strings. No awkward motions, bumps or misses. Each finger instantly held its counterpart and even each cell and nerve seems to work in unfathomable harmony. This is far beyond "heaven" and with even the slightest thought together we experience more pleasure and happiness than could be had in a million wanton orgies on Earth.

Our minds are a perfect fit. Our goals are in perfect harmony. We share the same development and the phrase "match made in heaven" seems wholly insufficient to even begin to explain how incomprehensibly wonderful it feels. If I could pity humanity from this level I would - but pity does not exist here. Only understanding. If others knew of their biocentric, they would never settle for anything less. They could not hurt their counterpart by poisoning themselves with mere material lusts. They could never be satisfied with someone who did not share their understandings knowing that true and complete oneness would never be theirs.

"My beloved. It has been a long time since we last met this way and yet it seems as if it was just a moment ago. I have been alongside you every minute of every day and I have tried to help you as you overcame your pasts and completed this important mission."

Then she smiles and I realize I will soon be awake on Earth.

"Choices" she whispers. "Make the right ones."

"I will. I promise." are on my lips as I awaken.

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