Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunset with Shay-la

I hold Shay-la in my arms as we watch the sun descend over the horizon. I feel each breath she takes and it nourishes my spirit. As the clouds turn a brazen magenta hue and the sky becomes a gradient between orange and purple, the desert wind seems to arrive on cue. It carries a chill and I take off my leather jacket and place it around her. She thanks me in her mind. We have become so attuned to each the other over the past year that we seldom use our vocal cords and communicate only via thought. Describing such telepathy to a non-telepath is difficult. Her mind is a very comfy place to be and while my body rests here on a loungechair, my mind is resting within hers as hers is within mine. This is the way love is supposed to be, what it evolves into. It is far beyond mere physical contact, it is a joining of minds.

The secrets of the flame have been unlocked and our report has been classified and compartmentalized, read by the tiniest handful of individuals with such clearance. She has reported to her world as well, and there the knowledge is much more broadly distributed.


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