Wednesday, January 02, 2008


A new year...a new world. This will be a spectacular year for many folks and especially all of my readers who will be given the secrets of life and the universe - and in plain sight, without any secret handshakes, old document reading or meditation on rice mats required.

At the close of 2007 we covered defense from the dark arts and a bit about mastership of light. We will continue on in these pursuits interrupted by the odd material focus, political pathos & satiric interjections.

The image above, was shot this very day. An unusual view of the world, for an unusual blog in which things are often revealed in a new light. The image above is merely a negative image of what we are more familiarly accustomed to seeing:

Our own position and senses determine our views. To become ever more infinite, one must learn to see in ever broader perspectives and not through the same vantage point.

I wish all my readers the very best as we begin this new year and I promise to keep lifting curtains and offering up new perspectives for your consideration and exposure.


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